9 of the Coolest Men’s Haircuts

Check out the coolest men's haircuts that will definitely want you to style your hail all over again:

If you’re shopping for a new haircut that’s high on style and low on maintenance, check out our gallery of some of the coolest men’s haircuts. There’s one for every personality or lifestyle, so start bookmarking your favorites!

Cool Men’s Haircuts Style # 1


This long and messy fade haircut with a slick top makes our list of cool men’s haircuts. There are different lengths and textures going on with this haircut, but they all work together to make a cool and sexy look.

The sides are nicely tapered, while the top is long and wavy. It’s the perfect combination of edgy and sexy that will look perfect on guys who like their hair to look different and adventurous.

A little hairstyling wax, and a little hairspray there, you can get your hair to look and behave a certain way. Keep the top hair just a little messy or rumpled to achieve that natural appeal.

Cool Men’s Haircuts Style # 2


Of course, the classic pompadour also makes the cut. The pompadour is all about cool, and it’s hard not to look cool when you’re wearing such an iconic and timeless hairstyle.

To achieve a really awesome pompadour, you must have the right kind of haircut. Go for one that’s short on the sides and long on top. In fact, keep it very long at the top, because you need all the length that you can get to style it into a tall and full pompadour.

Your pompadour can look soft and smooth, or slick and tight, and it all depends on which styling product you will apply on your hair.

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Cool Men’s Haircuts Style # 3


When we talk about the coolest men’s haircuts, we mean elegant, sophisticated, and timeless haircuts. That’s why we have included this short and classic haircut to the list.

It’s the perfect haircut for the distinguished gentlemen, the hardworking young professionals, and the busy businessmen. The hair is cropped short on all sides and is neatly combed towards one side. It’s also textured and thick, and looks slick and shiny.

It’s the kind of haircut that will go well with business suits and casual outfits. No matter how you style it, it will always look effortlessly elegant.

Cool Men’s Haircuts Style # 4


Sometimes even no hair can be a sexy haircut, just like this simple and functional buzz cut. There’s just something so incredibly appealing and manly about guys with shaved hairstyles. It doesn’t need styling and only requires little maintenance, and yet it’s one of the most fashionable haircuts you can ever wear.

Before you decide to shave it all off, make sure that you have a nicely shaped head. You don’t want to end up with no hair, and a totally exposed, awkward-looking head. Also look out for scars and bumps. They can look pretty unflattering when you wear a shaved haircut.

Cool Men’s Haircuts Style # 5


Can we talk about cool men’s haircuts without talking about this kickass Mohawk that takes no BS from anyone? This haircut takes cool to a whole different level, and not everyone can pull the look off, or can even be worthy to wear one. Only the truly daring and adventurous can rock the hairstyle.

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For a haircut that has a very small amount of hair on the head, this haircut requires a lot of upkeep. You need to make sure that the sides are shaved and that the Mohawk is standing tall and proud all the time.

Cool Men’s Haircuts Style # 6


The modern gentleman haircut is also a cool men’s haircut, for the simple reason that it’s stylish and functional, and looks flattering on just about everybody.

It doesn’t require a lot to achieve a haircut like this. All you need to do is get a haircut and have the sides shaved or buzzed while keeping the length at the top.

From there, you can style it depending on your taste. You can do a simple side sweep, or a short pompadour, even a slickback.

Make sure that you use a good pomade with light to medium hold. Keep the hair smooth by using a fine-toothed comb.

Cool Men’s Haircuts Style # 7


A disconnected haircut is always cool haircut, just like this high fade and combover combination. We just love the striking difference in length, and the clear contrast in texture. The height of the top hair is pretty impressive, too.

But for something so stylish and fashionable, it’s actually very easy to style, because you already have a good haircut in place. All you need to do is style the hair to achieve more drama.

On this particular haircut, a soft and simple combover all the way to the back is done. The style is locked in place by using pomade or hair wax, and a little hairspray.

Cool Men’s Haircuts Style # 8


Natural curls are cool, and so is this cool curly haircut. We are always in awe of men who can get wild natural curls to look well-behaved and ridiculously attractive. So this definitely makes the list.

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Picture perfect curls don’t happen magically. You have to have a good haircare regimen to keep the curls curly, soft, and shiny. One way to do that is by using a really good shampoo and conditioner. Also by controlling the frizz using an anti-frizz serum. You must also get a haircut that will give the hair a natural shape so that it doesn’t grow big and wild.

Cool Men’s Haircuts Style # 9


Last but not the least is the low top fade. It joins the ranks of haircuts that are stylish and sexy with zero effort and no maintenance. Don’t you just wish all haircuts were as easy as that? It’s the kind of haircut that you just wash and wear and still make you look great. Nothing can be better than that!

These are just nine of the coolest men’s haircuts, but there are plenty more which you can try in the future. Have you picked out your favorite yet?

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