9 Long Haircuts for Men that are Easy to Grow and Maintain

Long cuts for men are absolutely sexy. Here are some men who sport this hairstyle and looking like a beast!

Almost every guy in the world, including the biggest Hollywood celebrities, go through their own phase of long haircuts. Mainly because a movie role calls for it, or simply because they just like how scruffy and sexy the overall look is. Long haircuts for men are easy to grow and maintain, contrary to what you might think about having a lot of hair. Plus, women might actually adore this kind of hairstyle. Here are nine long haircuts which you can try.

The No-Nonsense Big Star Hair


The No-Nonsense Big Star hair remains a hot favorite when it comes to long haircuts for men, simply because it’s easy to style and packs a lot of style and personality without even trying! If you have naturally straight or wavy hair, this can instantly transform your look from plain and simple to rugged and sexy.

To achieve this haircut, you have to grow out your hair in just one length, including the bangs. Let it reach your shoulders and cut the tips to add texture and layer. What’s great about long haircuts for men like this is that you can wash, shampoo, and condition, and that’s it! You can wear it wet or dry. Looks fantastic both ways.

The Sexy Finger-Brushed Hair


If you love long haircuts, you will love this next haircut. It’s not too short, nor is it too long. It doesn’t need to be overly styled. Just a run through of your fingers can give you the volume and texture you need. This will look perfect on guys who have medium to thick hair, and any hair color.

Your hair must be long enough to reach your nape or touch the collar of your shirt. You don’t need to apply any styling agents on a haircut like this. You want to go for a clean and soft look, not slick and greasy.

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Bold Beachy Waves


Fans of long haircuts will also love this next one. It’s much like the No-Nonsense Big Star hair, only with a few waves, and only a little messier. If you have naturally wavy hair, you will achieve the Bold, Beachy Waves with no hassle. It will work with medium to long, and all colors of hair.

You only need to wash, condition, and style with your fingers, and you’re good to go. You can wear it loose or you can wear it in a messy ponytail, too, depending on what look you’re aiming for. Soulful musician, laidback hipster, or cool geek, this haircut has got it down pat.

Long and Sleek Locks


Slept through the alarm and scrambling your way to dress up and head out the door? How you’ll wear or style your hair is one less thing to worry about if you wear your hair long and sleek. Let it flow loose and polished. You also have the advantage to just tie it back or wear a cap or a beanie.Just a little application of hair wax or hair gel, and a quick run through with a fine-toothed comb, and you’re looking dashing and dapper. No more embarrassing bedheads that can kill your look and mess up your style.

Thick, Wavy, and Mysterious


Another one of the long haircuts that you can try is this next one. Your style and hotness levels will be off the charts! It’s really a wash-and-wear kind of haircut that you can wear all day, every day. It’s stylish enough for important social events, and sharp enough for a day out with friends or the honey.

Grow out your hair long enough to curl at the back of your neck. Your bangs should grow past your eyes, too, for that sexy covering-one-eye look, or that slow brushback when playing ball, showing off your parkour moves, or hitting the dance floor. This haircut looks best without any gel, wax, or oil. You want to make your hair look soft and smell good.

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The Trusty Afro


Afros are as easy to grow and maintain, especially if you know how. You have to grow your curls long enough to reach medium length. Take care of your trusty afro andkeep it looking tall and tantalizing by deep conditioning. Shampoo only when necessary, like once every week, or even two weeks. Shampooing your afro too often makes it lose its moisture and other essential nutrients.

A dry afro does not look very nice. Lock in the moisture while you sleep by using a satin cap. It may look weird on a guy, but everybody who loves his afro does this to lock in the moisture and make it easy to style the following morning. Comb using only wide-toothed combs. Otherwise, your hair will break. Also use oils like jojoba or coconut to keep it soft and manageable.

Long and Flowing Hair


Nothing can be more fuss-free and easy to maintain than long, flowing hair. You just grow it long and wear it as it is. No fanfare, no agenda. All you need is to comb, shampoo, and condition. Long hair instantly makes you look mysterious and more interesting. You can even take the sexy factor up a notch by wearing your hair in braids, in a low ponytail, or pulling it up in a top bun.

To achieve this, you have to be patient and resist the temptation to chop it all off. For this length of hair, you will have to grow it for at least a year. Don’t worry, though. A year is nothing compared to all the things you can do with your awesome long locks!

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Ruggedly Handsome Hair


Long haircuts like this one can also be considered the I Woke Up Like This hair.It’s scruffy and messy, and it really does look like you just rolled out of bed and never bothered to look in the mirror. But it actually works on certain looks and certain faces, especially those who sport goaties or full beards.

Long haircuts such as this don’t require a lot of maintenance, not even a lot of washing. Keep it long and away from the face and you’re good to go. Volume and texture will vary, depending on how thin or thick, and how oily or dry your hair is. For best results, wash and shampoo every week to keep it looking glossy and smelling good.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome Hair


The taller the hair, the better. Long haircuts like this are perfect for guys who like their hair long and short. To achieve this, you have to grow out your hair on top, and keep the back short and neatly trimmed. Part it way off center. Go crazy and style your top however way you want. There’s nothing that a drop of styling gel and your fingers can’t do. This one right here also creates the illusion of extra height. It surely makes him look taller, and the slightly ruffled locks really look great, too. That’s easy and good-looking hair right there.

All these nine long haircuts look great and are very easy to maintain and achieve. Remember that more than how great it looks on you, you must feel comfortable with it, too. Even if you wear the coolest haircut in the planet, if you feel ill at ease, the effect will not be as amazing.

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