8 Viking Hairstyles for Guys with a Modern Twist

Take your viking hairstyle into a wonderfully made modern twist with these inspirations:

If you’re a big fan of the hit series Vikings over on the History Channel, it surely must have crossed your mind to wear all of those exquisitely badass hairstyles and channel the fearless warrior in you.

Viking hairstyles can best be described as a combination of long and short hair, shaved and thick hair, or shaved and long hair, or just all of the above. You take your pick.

We’ve handpicked eight of our favorite Viking hairstyles with a modern twist on the basis of sheer badassery and probability of wearing them in the future. Check them out, and just toss that battle axe aside for now.

Viking Hairstyles Inspiration # 1


So you have the length at the top and the shaved hair at the sides. There’s also a mean and dangerous beard and a mustache growing right there. Simply put, you can time travel to 800 A.D. Scandinavia and fit totally right in (but ditch the cigarette first).

This Viking hairstyle is not for the timid and the traditional. If you wear this kind of hairstyle, you also must have the attitude of a real-life Viking, but perhaps a lot less wild and brutish. If you lead a very exciting and unpredictable kind of lifestyle, this is the hairstyle that will rise up (pun intended) to the challenge.

Viking Hairstyles Inspiration # 2


If you love the look but still prefer a tamer and more manageable Viking kind of hairstyle, check this next hair inspiration.

The top hair is long and flowing, while the temples are shaved close to the skin. The hair at the back is shorter than the top, but still longer than the sides. What’s more, there is a long and full beard happening at the bottom, which gives the overall look a nice and modern Viking touch.

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It’s wild enough for a night out, and casual enough for regular work days. Either way, expect some admiring looks from men and women alike when you wear this Viking inspired hairstyle.

Viking Hairstyles Inspiration # 3


Here’s another example of a toned down version of the Viking hairstyle with a modern twist. If you want to wear this hair, first grow the hair. You need to get at least four inches at the top (longer is definitely better). Longer hair makes for a more dramatic hairstyle, but if you think the length is long enough, you may proceed.

Get your barber to do an undercut, or a fade, on the sides and at the back. Keep it as close to the skin as possible. Keep the length at the top as is.

Start styling the hair by applying pomade or hair wax. Comb the hair all the way to the back and tie it in a small knot. If you can make the tail look curly or wispy, the better.

Viking Hairstyles Inspiration # 4


Are you ready to rock this kickass Viking hairstyle? It looks like a lot of work at first. However, if you have the right length of hair and the right thickness of beard, it can be a wash and wear kind of hair, really.

You need to get your barber to buzz or shave one temple. Which one depends on where you part your hair. If you part it off the center on the left side, get a good fade going on that temple, gradually getting thicker at the back. You can then start styling the top hair to look just your right kind of badass.

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Viking Hairstyles Inspiration # 5


Viking hairstyles are manly and tough. If you can’t handle the manliness and the toughness, you can move on and set your sights on a different hairstyle.

You need to achieve the appropriate length of hair that you can cut and texture to look like a thick and hard Mohawk. Get a high fade on the sides, and a medium fade at the back.

If you can match all that hair with a full beard, you’re all set to rock. If you like a high gloss finish, you can just style it with pomade or hair wax. If you want to look less shiny, a little hairspray is your best bet.

Viking Hairstyles Inspiration # 6


Take the Viking in you everywhere you go, anytime, with this simple but awesome hairstyle. Once again, hair length is key. And like all Viking hairstyles, this one fuses together length, texture, and attitude in one impressive package.

To really rock this hairstyle, grow a beard as well. Keep the hair thick and full, in a length that you prefer. Once you have that settled, shave off your hair at the temples, at the sides, and at the back. Comb the top hair all the way to the back in a neat little knot (Viking hair pin optional). Secure the style in place by applying a little hairspray.

Viking Hairstyles Inspiration # 7


If you have the attitude and the commitment, you can always wear the kickass Ragnar Lothbrok hair. It may look like you’re always dressed to attend a costume party, but that’s the allure of this kind of hairstyle.

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It poses quite a challenge on hair length alone. You must have really, really long hair to even look close to Ragnar hair. You also must have the long and messy beard to go with it.

But if you already have the hair, all you need is the shaved haircut underneath, and you can start wreaking havoc on your enemies. Kidding, just kidding.

Viking Hairstyles Inspiration # 8


If you want Viking hair right here, right now, don’t fret. You can still wear it with no problem just like this impressive hairstyle. You can opt for the short Mohawk and awesome beard and still channel your inner Viking. It’s a very easy hairstyle that will require regular shaving at the sides and trimming of the beard. But other than that, this is one stylish and fuss-free baby.

Viking hairstyles are possible with any length of hair. You just need to get the right kind of cut and the right kind of attitude. Get creative and be daring. Get rocking with these kickass Viking hairstyles with a twist.You may also check out the disconnected haircut if you want a bit of a variation!

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