8 Unusual but Effective Tips for Dealing with a Bad Hairline

Bad hairline? Don't fret! We can help you deal with that through this guide:

If you’re a guy who hasn’t been blessed with a great hairline, we understand your distress. It burns even more if you’re not even in your thirties and already you look like you’re pushing forty.

Your hairstyle impacts your whole look a great deal, and if you have less than perfect hair, it can pose a real challenge. But every dark cloud has a silver lining. Even if you have a bad hairlines, you can still rock a good haircut, and you can still look like a million dollars

Bad Hairline Tip # 1: Shave your head.

bad-hairline (1)

Seriously, how many guys with bad and receding hairlines suddenly looked more attractive when they decided to shave off their hair altogether? It’s perfectly alright to hold on to the little or diminishing hair that you’ve got, but if it hurts your look more than it makes it better, just do away with it!

The natural tendency is to wear long hair to cover up the bad hairline, but that’s actually making the hairline more noticeable. If you shave off your hair completely, the bad hairline will just appear normal and blend in naturally with the forehead and the rest of the face.

Bad Hairline Tip # 2: Cut your hair.

bad-hairline (2)

If you’re not ready to part with all of your hair just yet, we totally understand. Why not change your hairstyle instead?

Pick a hairstyle with fringe, layers, and volume. These take the eyes away from the hairline and draw them to the hair instead. You can get some hair inspiration from this picture.

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The top hair should be short and closely cropped, or you can leave it long and tall while you keep the sides and the back short and faded.

Avoid long and stringy hair, or wearing your hair slicked back or a combed over. This actually makes your hair appear thinner, thus, emphasizing the bad hairline.

Bad Hairline Tip # 3: Wear a hat.

bad-hairline (3)

If you’re running out of ideas how to wear your hair that will successfully hide the bad hairline, you can always go for the quick solution of wearing a hat.

You can wear a hat much like this one on Mr. Law for the more formal or dressier events, or you can wear a beanie or a baseball cap for the more relaxed and casual days.

If coverage is what you’re looking for, this does the trick. Of course, you will have to invest on a lot of hats if you plan to wear them every time you’ll go out and face people.

Bad Hairline Tip # 4:  Let it grow out.

bad-hairline (4)


If you have a bad hairline, but a really full and thick head of hair, you can just let your hair grow out and then style it to cover your problem areas.

Long hair can help you cover thin, balding, or receding spots on your head by changing the part of your hair, or how you comb and style your hair.

If your bad hairline is on both sides of your forehead, you can part your hair in the center instead of at the sides. The hair will just fall gracefully over the hairline, and you can just focus your energies on being cool and fabulous.

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Bad Hairline Tip # 5: Grow a beard.

bad-hairline (5)

Another thing you can do to deal with a bad hairline is to grow a beard. Growing a beard will take people’s eyes away from your hairline. It also creates the illusion that you have a lot of hair.

It can completely change the way you look. You bring attention to the beard and not the bad hairline.

Now, instead of just being the guy with the tall hairline, you’re now the cool guy with the cool beard and tall hairline.

The beard adds character and sex appeal where the hairline does not. It’s a pretty cool transformation, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to make it happen!

Bad Hairline Tip # 6: Create volume.

bad-hairline (6)

If you create a lot of busyness on top of your head, the bad hairline will be less noticeable. If you bring more volume to the hair, you create the illusion of more hair.

With the help of some hairstyling gel or wax, brush the hair until it’s tall and thick. When you have achieved the height and the texture that you want, blow dry for a few seconds.

If you don’t like tall hairstyles, you can also fluff your hair and bring it forward to cover the bad hairline. Put on some hairspray to lock in the style and hold it in place.

Bad Hairline Tip # 7: Choose your styling products wisely.

Avoid using styling products that leave a shiny and sticky finish. These products cause hair to clump together, creating the impression of thin hair, and thus, making the bad hairline more conspicuous.

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Always opt for hairstyles with a dry matte finish. They look natural and clean, and they don’t look top heavy, even if styled elaborately on top of your head. Your hair should always look relaxed and natural, even when styling products are applied. It should not look stiff and uncomfortable.

Bad Hairline Tip # 8: Wear a wig.

When all else fails, wear a wig. You can also explore hair extensions. However, this should be your last option. There are seven other options here that may still work on your bad hairline, so don’t lose hope just yet. There are a lot of great-looking wigs that look natural when worn, but nothing beats real and natural hair.

The hairline will recede sooner or later. It’s just a part of life. It may happen sooner for others, but everybody will have a bad hairline in the next ten or twenty years. So take some comfort in that.

Instead of focusing on how bad it looks, focus on how you can make it work for you. A shift in perspective can do a lot. At the end of the day, it’s actually your sense of confidence that will make or break your look, not your bad hairline.

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