8 Traditional Gentleman Haircuts with a Modern Twist

Another classic hairstyle added some modern twist to keep your hair good-looking:

We only just used to see it on TV and in movies. But now, the gentleman haircut is worn by almost all men who care about their looks and their hair. It’s a classic kind of haircut that appeals to the young and the not so young, the fashion forward and the regular jeans-and-shirt kind of guys. Here we have picked out 8 of our most favorite modern gentleman haircuts. Pick your favorite and start wearing it soon!

Gentleman Haircut # 1

gentleman-haircut (1)

This haircut has well-trimmed sides and back, and longer hair on top that allows versatility for a lot of different styles. The top hair is styled into a glossy and perfectly arranged pompadour, and the full set of beard provides a perfect addition to this gentleman style haircut.

The whole look is elegant and sophisticated, just like what a gentleman haircut should look like. It’s a classic cut that any man can rock regardless of personal style. All it takes is a perfectly styled haircut and some quality styling products to help you achieve the full-bodied texture and glossy finish.

Gentleman Haircut # 2

 gentleman-haircut (2)

This is a gentleman haircut with a modern take on the James Dean hair that was so popular in that era. Like all gentleman haircuts, it starts with closely cropped side and back, which grows thicker and longer towards the top.

The hair is brushed up and styled to look taller, softer, and fuller. You need to apply some styling mousse on your hair and start blow drying. Brush it with a volumizing brush. How full and how thick the hair depends on your brush strokes. When you have achieved the height that you want, you can lock the style in by using hair spray.

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Gentleman Haircut # 3

gentleman-haircut (3)

It’s neat and polished, with plenty of gloss and body. It’s a classic example of a gentleman’s haircut with short sides, but tall and long hair at the top. In this case, the top hair is flawlessly combed back with some pomade and fine-toothed comb.

There’s a nice side part going there, which gives the face a flattering shape. It’s the kind of fashionable and sophisticated hairstyle that you can achieve in minutes, which you can also wear to the office, to formal events and gatherings, and even out on dates with the honey. There are so many ways you can wear this kind of gentleman haircut. All of them are very easy to achieve and style. 

Gentleman Haircut # 4

gentleman-haircut (4)

This is a combination of a fade haircut with a nice-looking brush up. The sides are strongly buzzed around the temple area and gradually grows thicker as it goes up. The top hair is a lot longer in length, which makes it easier to style and manage.

With the help of some styling gel or styling wax, you can copy this look by applying it on your hair from roots to tips. Massage it onto your hair, making sure that you’ve got everything covered.

Start styling the top hair with your fingers by doing a brush up. Once you’re satisfied with how it looks, simply put on some hair spray to make sure that the hair will hold.

Gentleman Haircut # 5

gentleman-haircut (5)

A gentleman’s haircut is such a good-looking haircut. When you wear one, it’s hard not to feel like a million bucks. Or a movie star. Or a movie star with a million bucks.

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The gentleman is strong with this haircut, indeed. There’s a well-trimmed side and back, as well as long, tall, and perfectly combed over hair from the side part. It looks like he’s all set to go to a company formal event, or a big wedding, or an important business meeting. Whatever it is, he sure does look the part of a powerful and sophisticated man who’s about to make things happen.


Gentleman Haircut # 6

gentleman-haircut (6)

Gentleman haircuts need not be too polished and serious all the time. Mr. Beckham here sure knows how to rock a gentleman haircut in just a white shirt and a pair of dark glasses. Thanks to his great haircut with really thin sides and back, wearing the perfect hairstyle is as easy as combing all the hair back in one smooth combover.

Of course, the short stubble added a few more points for style. But overall, it just proves that gentleman haircuts are one of the most versatile and easy to wear hairstyles there is. More guys should be able to wear it and totally rock in it.

Gentleman Haircut # 7

gentleman-haircut (7)

Yes, a gentleman haircut can be pretty badass, too. Especially if you wear the top hair long and tall in textured streaks. You can wear it as unpolished or as disheveled as you want, and that still won’t make it any less cooler.

If you have a gentleman haircut such as this, you can actually make any kind of hair happen. You can wear it flat and natural. You can comb it over to the sides, or comb it over to the back and tie it in a little knot. Or you can also wear it brushed up in soft and light strands.

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Gentleman Haircut # 8

gentleman-haircut (8)

Every guy can rock the gentleman’s haircut. You don’t need to love hipster fashion in order to rock the hairstyle, either. It’s a pretty fashionable haircut that doesn’t need too much styling. It can be a wash and wear kind of hair, definitely.

To always get the maximum results, always keep your top hair long and thick, and keep the sides and the back short and tight. From there, you can do any style you want for your top hair. You can let your personality shine through with each new hairstyle.

Change your look often, because this is what the gentleman haircut wants you to do. Find a good barber that can give you the best haircut, and use only quality hair styling products. Be adventurous and bold about your hair!

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