8 Stylish Mens Haircuts that 98% of Women Love

Most women will love having this look on you. Try to sport it on and see for yourself:

Planning on changing your look or getting a new haircut that will be popular with the ladies? Check out our gallery of the most stylish men’s haircuts that are a sure hit with the ladies.

Stylish Mens Haircuts that Women Love Style # 1

stylish-mens-haircut (1)

Women are very particular when it comes to men’s haircuts. They can pretty much tell what kind of human being you are just by the kind of haircut you’re wearing. So it’s extremely important that you get the haircut right. Otherwise, you’ll be brozoned or friendzoned forever.

If you want to impress the ladies and win a date, get a haircut like this. It’s guaranteed to elevate your looks, as well as keep your looks relevant. Get your barber to do a fade on your sides and back, and then leave the top hair long and thick.

You can do side part just off the middle. Apply some pomade for easy styling, and start brushing up your hair to the volume and the height that you prefer.

Stylish Mens Haircuts that Women Love Style # 2

stylish-mens-haircut (2)

Women also love men who look elegant and stylish, while looking powerful and important. A great haircut can achieve that for you, especially one that looks a lot like this.

Like any good haircut, the sides and the back are short, while the top is slightly longer. There’s no magic trick or special procedure to get a haircut as good-looking as this. You only need to apply a little pomade or hairstyling wax, comb it to the side with a fine-toothed comb, and let the style set.

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If you want more hold that will last throughout the day, you can also spray on some hairspray with a light to medium hold.

Stylish Mens Haircuts that Women Love Style # 3

stylish-mens-haircut (3)

If you must know, women love to run their fingers through their men’s hair. They love the feel of each strand against their fingers, and they just want to touch, and smell, and play with it. That’s why this next haircut is the perfect haircut for you.

It’s just the kind of haircut that invites cuddles, kisses, romance, and a whole lot more. You just need to grow your hair long, and keep it soft and smooth. If you can get the curls to look soft and curly, do that as well. Women love manly and masculine men with just a hint of softness.

Stylish Mens Haircuts that Women Love Style # 4

stylish-mens-haircut (4)

Women love haircuts that have great volume and great shape. They love haircuts that bring out all the nice features of the face. They’re big fans of haircuts that give them a clean and unobstructed view of their guy’s face.

This a kind of haircut that keeps the face open, and has the shape and the height that truly stand out. It’s very clean and textured, and gives the face a flattering shape. It’s best styled tall and spikey, just like the hair on this guy.

Use pomade or hairstyling wax and build up a height with your fingers. Make it smoother and more polished with a fine-toothed comb. Lock the style in place with hairspray.

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Stylish Mens Haircuts that Women Love Style # 5

stylish-mens-haircut (5)

When it comes to men’s haircuts, women also love them short, clean, and classic. They like hair that looks clean and stylish whenever, wherever. Much like this close-cropped haircut right here. It frames the face just nicely, and does not look busy, or messy, or over styled.

This is a classic haircut that will look awesome on just about any man. It’s a good haircut for men with fine hair or thinning hair. It’s a perfect haircut for men who have wavy, or curly, or thick hair. It’s short on the sides and the back, and the top is short and textured. Best way to control frizzy or unmanageable hair.

Stylish Mens Haircuts that Women Love Style # 6

stylish-mens-haircut (6)

Women love anything romantic. Romantic movies, romantic songs, romantic dates, romantic men, and even romantic hair. This next haircut certainly looks soft and romantic, but also sexy and sophisticated. Definitely a haircut that the ladies will be falling in love with.

This kind of haircut will work perfectly on men who have naturally curly or wavy hair. There’s not a lot of hairstyling involved here. Just apply some pomade or hairstyling wax, and comb the hair to create a slick back hairstyle.

You can choose to have a high gloss or high shine finish, or you can also wear it soft and natural, with a dry matte finish. You just have to use more pomade or hair wax to achieve the desired shine. If you want to make sure that the hairstyle will stay in place for a long time, you also add a little hairspray.

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Stylish Mens Haircuts that Women Love Style # 7

stylish-mens-haircut (7)

Women like good haircuts on men that can transform how they look. From rugged and scruffy to elegant and sophisticated. From casual and relaxed to high powered and important. All those looks with just one haircut, really.

The trick is to get the right kind of haircut that can be styled in many different ways. This haircut is a great example. It’s short on the sides and back, and a little long at the top. This gives you more hair to work with when it comes to styling. Wear it up or down, you will always look sensational, and the women will have to agree.

Stylish Mens Haircuts that Women Love Style # 8

stylish-mens-haircut (8)

When a haircut is this long, soft, and sexy, how can a woman say no? This is the haircut that sets their hearts aflutter, and the butterflies in their stomach crazy. It’s just the kind of masculine haircut that still succeeds in looking gentle and warm and romantic. If you must change your look, go for this kind of hair!

These are just some of the haircuts that women go crazy for. There are still a ton of different styles out there, but these eight are the most tried and tested. We highly recommend all of them.

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