8 of the Best Long Hair Cuts for Business Men

Time to change your haircut with these long hair cuts for business men that are definitely classy!

Prep your luscious locks, for we have eight of the best long hair cuts that you can rock at the office or at your business meetings. Business men need not look plain and boring with plain and boring hair. Check out these styles that you can try ASAP.

Long Hair Cut Style # 1


A long hair cut does not mean looking like a slob who never washes or brushes his hair. You can keep a long hair cut and still look polished and professional, much like this long hairstyle.

This long hair cut does not look wild and messy. Instead, it looks soft, stylish, and presentable. It exudes a certain confidence and sophistication, which you will need to impress your colleagues. It sends the message across that you’re here to do business, and you can do it exceptionally well.

To achieve this kind of long hair cut, you must grow out your hair long enough to touch the collar of your shirt. Naturally wavy hair tends to curl at the tips, adding to its soft and wispy look. If you have straight hair, you can easily add in volume and body to your hair with the help of a good shampoo and conditioner, as well as a hair cream which you can apply as needed.

Long Hair Cut Style # 2


Another way to style a long hair cut is to simply wear it long and loose! Think of it as the tidy and more decent bedhead which you can wear to board meetings and client presentations.

It looks business-like and professional enough to be taken seriously. Yet, it shows that you have a fun and adventurous streak in you, as well.

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Like most curly hairstyles, the shape of the haircut relies on the natural growth and direction of the hair. You will want to keep it thin and short at the sides and at the back, so that all the volume and weight can be kept at the top for easier styling.

Long Hair Cut Style # 3


A long hair cut also looks impressive when worn in this manner. The sides are thinner and shorter than the top and the back. The hair is also long enough to touch the collar of your shirt.

The top hair is brushed back in a slightly messy combover, with a dry and matte finish. You can use a fine-toothed comb for a cleaner combover, or you can also use just your fingers for a more obvious and natural-looking texture.

This is actually the perfect length for a long hair cut. It gives you the ease of styling shorter hair, and the flexibility of styling longer hair.

Long Hair Cut Style # 4


Yes, a long hair cut does not mean problem employee and unprofessional business ethics. It means a young urban professional who’s not afraid to show the world just what he’s made of, and just how gorgeous his long tresses are.

When it comes to business negotiations or closing deals, a long hair cut can prove to be quite a powerful ally. Your long hair cut can make you look more intimidating and more aggressive. It can make you look a lot more confident and convincing, which is actually a good thing if you want to drive your business.

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You can keep your long hair cut looking clean and manageable by tying it back in a low ponytail, or even in a top knot. Match that with your lucky power suit, and just go for the kill!

Long Hair Cut Style # 5


If you don’t want your hair tied back, you can also just let it fall around your shoulders in all its splendid glory. Especially if you have a really nice haircut going.

For long hair, it’s best to cut it in layers to keep it from looking like Hagrid hair. Even without styling, a layered and long hair cut can look stylish and dressy enough.

Keep your long hair cut tamed with a good amount of hair wax or styling mousse. Use a comb to iron out the kinks, and rub in some leave-in conditioner for a quick retouch, especially on dry and humid days.

Long Hair Cut Style # 6


A long hair cut also works perfectly with soft and natural curls. The curls are really made even more attractive if they hang loose around your shoulders and frame your face softly.

It does not make you look bedraggled or sloppy, but it does make you look quirky and interesting. Perfect if you want to be seen or noticed in big meetings, or if you want to make a lasting impression.

Hair wax or hair clay is your best bet for soft, shiny, and behaved curls. Make sure that you condition your hair daily, and leave the shampooing every two or three days.

Long Hair Cut Style # 7


Nothing looks more powerful than a man who knows how to dress for success. And that includes how you dress up your tresses.

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This is another long hair cut that will look good on businessmen, young and not so young. It’s simple, sexy, and sophisticated. It will not be frowned upon inside the boardroom, and definitely not in your lunchtime meeting.

A simple run of a comb or a rake of your fingers can get you looking like a million dollars, so how can you say no to a long hair cut such as this one?

Long Hair Cut Style # 8


Let’s face it. A curly and long hair cut can make you look pretty with little to no effort. A little toss here, a little flip there, and you’ve already gotten their attention.

Make this hairstyle work for you in business and charm the socks off your customers. Keep your curls looking soft and shiny, because that reflects your sense of commitment to looking good. And we all know how commitment plays a very huge part in conducting business, don’t we?

A long hair cut is always a good-looking hair cut, especially if you know how to take care of it and how to style it. It can be just what you need to add a bit of fun to an all too serious business suit, or an even more serious face. Try some of these hair inspirations now and change your look!

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