8 Long Hair Cuts for Men that Most Women Really Love

Long hair cuts for men are undeniably sexy, and most women really love that!

Long hair cuts on men have been around for the longest time. All throughout history, men have worn their hair long as a symbol of strength and power. Not much has changed since then. Most men nowadays would love the chance to sport a long hair cut, and style it into either a top knot or dreads. But most of the time, the wait to grow out the hair to the desired length is just too long, and they just lose the will or the patience to see it through.

But if we tell you now that women love a man with a long hair cut, will you be more committed to grow it? While you ponder on the answer, here are eight great long hair cuts that women absolutely love.

# 1


When the movie came out, the women of the world went crazy over Thor and his luscious long curls. Next thing we know, every blond guy with long hair wanted to channel their inner Thor. It’s not just because of his ravishingly good looks, though. It’s also because of his hair that looks too good to eat.

If you’re lucky enough to be born with fine golden locks, you’re lucky enough to wear long hair cuts, and look good in them, too. To achieve gorgeous Chris Hemsworth hair, just grow it out to the length that you desire.  Shampoo, condition, dry, and style. That’s it. Easy, sexy hair!

# 2


One length hair and long hair cuts also fit together. It will look nice at any length, but if you can grow it past your shoulders, so much the better. You can wear this style dry, and you can wear it wet. You can let it loose, or you can tie it back. You get a totally different look each time.

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It’s one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain that still manage to be popular with the ladies. You don’t even need to style it in a particular way. It gives you that bad boy charm without even trying. Truly fuss-free!

# 3


Most women love men with long hair cuts that they tie up in a ponytail or a man bun. The more hair, the better. So if you’re also sporting a beard, you can’t expect yourself to be single for long.

This guy has big and long hair to begin with. Plus a pretty impressive beard there, too. When days are hectic and there’s no time to look pretty in the mirror, the man bun is the go-to hairstyle for gents who have long hair cuts. It’s quick and functional, not to mention stylish and masculine. Who would’ve thought man buns can look so naturally attractive?

# 4


Wavy to curly hair looks great on long hair cuts, too. The trick is to let it grow, and just let it flow. A nice trim can help manage the frizz or the volume during harsh weather. But other than that, you can let your curls loose and just let them frame your face.

If you have naturally boyish features, you can add a stubble, or even a beard to make you look more your age or even older. Holding the curls together and making them stay there can be a bit of a challenge, but if you have some extra-hold styling gel or wax, things can still be under control.

# 5


Women love soft and tight curls as much as they love long hair cuts. If you have all of those, count yourself a very lucky guy. This hair cut is perfect for naturally thick and curly hair. You can shape it to follow the curve of your face, or you can let it grow out and just enjoy the volume.

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Wash your hair and make sure that you deep condition. If you must put on your styling aids, apply them while your hair is still wet. This way, it will lock in the moisture and keep your curls looking fresh and soft.

# 6


Women love long hair cuts. Period. No matter what style, guys with long hair cuts are checked out more often by women. Blame it on romance paperback novels and Hollywood.

Even if your ordinary self sports this classic long haircut, you will still get looks from women and men alike. There’s just something visually arresting about a man who wears his hair long.

To achieve this hairstyle, you just need to grow your hair and keep it soft and glossy. Long hair cuts make women think of rock stars and actors and poets and writers. But even if you aren’t, you can still definitely rock this hair cut.

# 7


Women love long hair cuts on guys, especially if they have long and wild curls. Women just love to touch and run their fingers through their man’s hair. The more hair they can touch, the better. It won’t hurt if you have a pretty cool hairstyle to match that beautiful hair, too.

This is another version of the man bun on a long and curly haircut. The bun looks flawless, and the hair looks well-groomed and shiny. Guys don’t just wake up like that, though. It takes a little effort to shampoo, condition, style, and cut hair. But that’s what man buns are for. They’re the perfect cover-up for bad hair days.

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# 8


Long hair cuts and soft romantic curls also make women’s knees turn to slush. This kind of hair cut instantly gives your face a gentle and soft aura, just like Mr. Kit Harington here. It also gives your face more appeal and character, and makes you look relaxed and laidback. Not to mention sexy and mysterious.

How curly your hair gets and how thick your hair grows can affect the overall result. You may have to trim and cut the hair to get the shape that you are aiming for. In terms of softness, shine, and manageability, there are tons of hair care and styling aids available. You just need to find the one that works best for your hair.

If only sporting long hair cuts were as easy as slipping on a wig, long-haired guys will greatly outnumber guys with short hair. For now, relax and wait it out. Your hair will grow. Just give it time and a little space. Soon you will have long enough hair to copy the looks from this list.

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