8 High Taper Fade Hairstyles that Rock

We had rounded up some high taper face hairstyles that you might want to sport to make you cooler:

A typical taper fade haircut starts long at the top and gradually becomes shorter and shorter, until it completely fades at the base of the head or at the temple. The top hair need not be tapered or faded, though. You can wear it any way you want and at any length you prefer, as long as the hair at the sides and at the back fades or tapers towards the hairline.

Here are some great examples of this particular hairstyle that truly rock.

High Taper Fade Hairstyle # 1


A beautifully done high taper fade is a sight to behold. When you see one, it’s hard not to stare and admire the lines, the definition, and the contrast. A good taper fade clearly shows where one portion of hair ends and where one begins, in a clear and seamless fade.

It’s one of the most fashionable and most masculine haircuts that you can wear. It’s also one of the most versatile when it comes to styling and length. You can keep the top long and do a taper fade with the rest of the hair. The result is a lot of hairstyling possibilities.

High Taper Fade Hairstyle # 2


A high taper fade need not be severely cropped or buzzed. You can wear this kind of high taper fade and enjoy the stylish and hipster look. There is a side part, and the top hair is combed to the side in a neat combover.

The hair is held in place with the help of some medium hold pomade and hairspray. Further volume is created by using a volumizing brush, or just a rake of your fingers through the hair. It’s a very preppy and Ivy League look that will fit in perfectly in the classroom or in the boardroom.

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High Taper Fade Hairstyle # 3


Keep your high taper fade hairstyle interesting by creating volume on your top hair. The sides and back are already impressive enough. It’s time to bring the party to the top hair.

There are so many ways to style it. Most of the time, a fine-toothed comb will come in handy. Other times, just finger combing it is enough. Make sure to use some hair wax or some hair clay, depending whether you want a glossy or dry matte finish. You can lock in the hairstyle by applying a little hairspray. Not too much, though, or it will look too stiff and heavy.

High Taper Fade Hairstyle # 4


A high taper fade haircut always goes well with a really fancy top hair. You can basically do anything you want with it. Take this hairstyle for example. The sides are nicely tapered, and the top hair is long and styled into a pompadour.

If you feel like a pompadour is too fancy or too flashy, you can do a simple brush-up to wear to the office or to a business meeting. A simple sweep to the side can also change the look completely. It’s one haircut that you can wear in so many different ways.

High Taper Fade Hairstyle # 5


Look at all the fading and tapering going on with this haircut. Just looking at it makes you want to inch closer and touch it with your fingers. You can see that the hair at the top is thicker and longer to allow more styling and more drama.

It’s also the kind of hairstyle that requires little to no maintenance. Just wash, style, and wear, and you’re all set! You can wear it to anywhere, too. Make this your go-to hairstyle for special occasions, or even regular days when you feel like looking extra special.

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High Taper Fade Hairstyle # 6


If you want a haircut that rocks, this one is it. The style levels on this one are insane. Taper fade, check. Kickass combover, check. Awesome beard, check. Everything about this look rocks.

You’d think it’s a look that’s difficult to achieve. That’s where you’re wrong. If you get the haircut, styling is easy peasy. So make sure to let your stylist or barber know the kind of haircut you want to avoid ending up with an awful one.

Once you have the haircut, you can do a simple combover from front to back with a fine-toothed comb and end up with a hairstyle that looks something like this.

High Taper Fade Hairstyle # 7


Did somebody say hairstyles that rock? This high taper fade definitely makes the cut. You can clearly see the fade and the taper, and you have to be blind not to notice that elaborate pompadour / Mohawk at the top of the head.

It will probably take more than one person to do this hairstyle, but you have to admit, it’s really a stunner. People will see your hair before they see you, and that doesn’t sound so bad.

If you want to achieve this kind of hairstyle, the top hair should be really long. Long enough for you to style it like a bun resting on your head. You also need some strong hold pomade or styling wax to keep it in place. And a little blow drying and hairspray for added hold.

High Taper Fade Hairstyle # 8


With a high taper fade, you can style or cut your top hair in any way you want.  You can grow out your bangs and cut it in layers, so that they fall just over your eyes in a soft and wispy fashion.

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The sides and back are tapered and textured, creating an ultra hip and trendy hairstyle, which will look perfect on the more fashion forward gentlemen.

It’s a no-nonsense hairstyle. What you see is what you get. You can brush it or comb it. You can even rake your fingers through it and it will still look stylish. What more can you possibly want in a haircut?

There is no general rule when it comes to high taper fade hairstyles. But one thing that fans of this kind of haircut will agree on is that it’s one of the easiest and most versatile hairstyles to keep. Be inspired by these hairstyles and try sporting one now!

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