8 Funky Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Here are some funky hairstyles inspiration for guys with medium length hair:

Most people think medium length hair is hard to style, because it’s too short to be considered long, and too long to be considered short. We have eight awesome and funky hairstyles here that will prove you wrong. Check them out and pick the next hairstyle that you’ll be wearing.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair # 1

funky-medium-hairstyles (1)

Anything is possible when you have medium hair. You get to enjoy the perks of having both long and short hair. You have more hair to style with, while you still get to enjoy the neat look of a short haircut. Medium length hair also lets you wear a haircut that’s this long and wavy. With a bonus quiff, too.

The sides and the back are long, the top hair even longer. The quiff falls long and wavy over the eyes, and it has never looked cooler. It’s just the kind of haircut that will look great on guys who have thick and wavy hair. The natural curls will make the quiff look even more impressive without having to apply too much hairstyling products.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair # 2

funky-medium-hairstyles (2)

If you like drama and flair, this is just the kind of funky hairstyle that you can do on your medium length hair. Keep the top hair long, thick, and curly, and the sides short and cropped, and you can get this kind of look, too.

It doesn’t take much to style this kind of hair. With the help of some pomade with extra hold, just bring the hair forward with your fingers and start styling it to look thick and full. Make sure that the tips look soft and wispy, and that they fall just delicately over the eye.

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Hairstyles for Medium Hair # 3

funky-medium-hairstyles (3)

Medium length hair can be fun and sexy, too. Especially when the top hair is long and wavy, and just falls over your eyes in the most seductive way possible. To keep the haircut relevant, you can fade or taper the sides and the back, or simply crop it short if you’re not a fan of those.

This hairstyle is better with a natural and dry matte finish. You can use a pomade or hairstyling wax. You can also use hair clay if you don’t want any kind of sheen on the hair. Keep the style loose and relaxed, so it’s perfectly okay if looks just a little bit messy.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair # 4

funky-medium-hairstyles (4)

If you have medium length hair, you can also wear this funky hairstyle. It’s long and shaggy, and the quiff is textured and spiky. It looks like a mess, but a really fashionable and sexy mess. We certainly won’t mind if our hair will look this messy every single day.

You can comb the hair to the side and lock the style in place with some hairstyling gel or hairspray. If you don’t like the shaggy and spiky hair, you can tone it down a bit with a regular comb over. It’s a pretty flexible and versatile hairstyle, and it can be worn by just about anybody, anytime, anywhere.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair # 5

funky-medium-hairstyles (5)

Medium length hair is also a great opportunity to wear smooth and sexy side comb overs. Just look at this awesome comb over on an undercut haircut. It looks soft and silky, with just the right amount of shine and hold. It sits perfectly on top of the hair, complemented by the really cool shaved sides.

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It’s not a difficult hairstyle to achieve. Just get a haircut that’s short on the sides and long at the top, like an undercut, and then style the top hair as you please. It’s just the type of haircut that can give you a completely different look just by the direction that you comb your hair. And that’s very, very cool in our books.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair # 6

funky-medium-hairstyles (6)

Medium length hair is also the perfect length to wear any kind of undercut haircut. There’s just something so dramatic and striking with long hair falling on shaved hair, don’t you think?

This silky slick back hairstyle is no exception, either. To get the look, grow out your hair, and then shave off the sides and the back. Comb the top hair all the way to the back. You can make it look as slick and glossy as you want, or you can also wear it all silky and natural. However way you wear it will look awesome and kickass.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair # 7

funky-medium-hairstyles (7)

Medium length hair can give you a certain sexy and masculine appeal. It can make you look manlier than ever, and it’s all because of the hair. You can do without the big and fashionable hairstyles and stick with the basic, but still look well put together.

This medium length hairstyle works well on guys who have more conservative and classic tastes. You can allow the sides and the back to look shaggy and thick, and keep the top hair thick and full. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, the tips should look curly and wispy, too.

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Hairstyles for Medium Hair # 8

funky-medium-hairstyles (8)

You can also keep the sides and the back short, but the top hair should be longer, so you can style it in this kind of hairstyle. It’s simple and understated, but packs a lot of punch when it comes to style and looks.

To keep the volume controlled and the hair manageable, you can use a good pomade that has a nice sheen and a strong hold. If you want to make sure that the hair will stay in place the whole day, you can also apply hairspray. Nothing dramatic or too fancy, though. Just honest to goodness gorgeous hair.

There are so many awesome hairstyles that you can do with your medium length hair. Pick one that suits your personality, your lifestyle, and the kind of hair that you have. You can wear it slick or natural, or with a shaved or faded haircut. Just get creative!

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