8 Examples of a Topknot for Men

A topknot hairstyle is just the right touch of sexy and artsy. Here are some examples:

A guy wearing a topknot instantly transforms his looks from drab to fab. It’s interesting how a small knot of hair sitting on top of his head can make him look hip and stylish just like that. Here are eight examples of how a topknot can change a guy’s looks just by how he wears it.

Topknot Hairstyle # 1


If you’re strongly against the topknot, perhaps this topknot inspiration can help change your mind. It’s beautiful where it needs to be, and masculine in all the right places. It’s the perfect topknot hairstyle that will tame even the most stubborn hair. It’s the go-to hairstyle in less than a minute for thick and long hair. Yes, your prayers have been answered.

A topknot is not complicated to achieve. That’s the beauty of it. You just pull all the hair back as high as you can go, and tie it in a nice little bun at the top of your head with an elastic. It really doesn’t get easier than that.

Topknot Hairstyle # 2


An undercut is also the perfect companion to a top knot. The more shaved the sides and back are, the more attractive the topknot becomes. All the top hair is slicked back and tied into a little knot at the top. It’s effortlessly cool and trendy it makes an ordinary black and white suit look fashionable.

The short beard didn’t hurt, either. But you don’t have to be as drop dead gorgeous as Colin Farrell to look awesome in a topknot. A topknot can add a more dangerous and sexier appeal to your whole look more than a tattoo or a facial piercing, minus the pain of the needle. Why not sport a topknot first before getting that kickass tatt?

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Topknot Hairstyle # 3


Perhaps the topknot became so popular and trendy because of handsome men who make it look so damn hot. Even the manliest men can’t help but admire just how the whole look works with just a topknot.

A topknot should be glossy and messy. It should not look too perfect or too polished. The hair should just be the right length, so it doesn’t look too droopy or heavy resting on top of your head.

Your topknot will have an even more breathtaking impact if you will pair it with your full beard. (This kind of topknot hairstyle always goes so well with a full facial beard.)

Topknot Hairstyle # 4

Who says only long haired guys can rock the topknot? You can have longish hair and still look cool sporting one. Of course, it won’t be as majestic as the other topknots. But some topknots are meant to be worn short and small.

You don’t have to get all of your hair into one tight little knot, though. Just gather all the hair that you can on top of your head, and then tie it back in a knot. The result should resemble a messy half ponytail.

It’s the perfect hairstyle to wear on your hair when you’re growing it out and it has reached the awkward length.

Topknot Hairstyle # 5


This is another style of a topknot that can work on guys who are not yet ready to fully embrace the topknot but want to give it a shot anyway.

It’s a top knot on long and straight hair, with the other half of the hair flowing long and softly around the shoulders.

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Like most topknots, this one doesn’t need to be perfect and clean. The messy topknot is actually what makes it sexier and what gives the hair more character.

It’s just the type of topknot that can work with long and straight hair, or thick and wavy hair, or long and curly hair.

Topknot Hairstyle # 6


Same goes with short, thick, and curly hair. Don’t let the length, the texture, and the curliness stop you from wearing a topknot. If this guy can cajole all that glorious hair into a topknot, so can you!

The trick is to not wash your hair. Day old hair is always the most manageable. You can style your hair pretty much the way you want it, and it will stay in place.

If you want to make it even more manageable, you can always apply some leave-in conditioner on your hair. Not only does it help in styling, it also makes it look and smell fresher.

Topknot Hairstyle # 7


Of course, if your hair’s got the volume and the length, there’s no reason for you not to wear a topknot that’s long, tall, and curly. In fact, if it looks this good, you should wear it to anywhere, doing anything.

Like having your morning cup of coffee. Or reading the paper. Or washing the dishes. Or walking the dog. Or sleeping. Anything, really.

The length of your hair can give your topknot the roundness and the fullness it needs, so the longer the hair, the better.

Topknot Hairstyle # 8


You can also rock a topknot, especially if you have a fade haircut. A low fade or a high fade will work just as nicely as a lightly cropped sides and back.

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The trick is to do a quick slick back. It doesn’t need to be perfectly smooth and polished, though. Make room for some kinks and creases, but make it look as neat as possible. Try to use a little pomade or hair wax, depending on the type of finish you want (shiny or dry matte).

Keep things more interesting by wearing some facial hair. It makes even manly men look a lot manlier. Trust us.

Not everyone will love the topknot, but who cares if you look sensational in it and women think it’s hot? If you feel good about yourself wearing it, and it makes you feel comfortable, there’s no reason for you to stop wearing it. So go ahead and have fun with your topknot! Wear it as often as you can while it’s still hot and fashionable.

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