8 Epic Examples of Sexy Modern Pompadours

Want to sport a sexy pompadour but don't know how to? We'll give you some examples for that:

If you have no idea what a pompadour looks like, do a quick Google search and look up Elvis Presley or James Dean. The hairstyle they wore is called the pompadour, and boy did they rock it.

A pompadour is usually worn with the sides and the back cut short, and the hair at the top swept back or brushed up. These days, you can see more modern versions of the pompadour on the gentlemen, and we think they’re absolutely awesome.

Anyone can rock a pompadour. You just need to know the right way to do it. Here are eight examples of cool and sexy modern pompadours and how you can achieve the look.

Modern Pompadour Style # 1


For the longest time, David Beckham has been rocking the pompadour, even before it started looking cool again. This particular pompadour looks soft, light, and fluffy, with a side part. (Pompadours will look awesome on a side part or with no part, but never with a middle part.)

This modern pompadour will work great with thin, medium, or thick hair. It must also be longer than the rest of the hair on your head, so you can make the pompadour taller, fuller, and more dramatic looking.

Apply some pomade with light to medium hold, and just rake it through your hair. If you want more volume and texture, just finger combing it will do. But it you want something that looks a little more polished, you can always style it with a fine-toothed comb.

Modern Pompadour Style # 2


This next modern pompadour hairstyle is a little on the messy side, but still a cool and casual pompadour that’s perfect for everyday wear. Like all base haircuts for modern pompadours, the sides and back are cut short, and the top hair is thicker and longer.

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You want to build more drama for this pompadour, so brush it up using a thick round brush, or a volumizing brush, and apply a little heat. You can bring the quiff a little forward, or you can push it back. Both styles look great. Lock the style in by putting on a little hairspray, and you’re officially ready to party.

Modern Pompadour Style # 3


If you want a sleek and sexy pompadour, try this next hairstyle. It’s a pompadour combover that screams sexiness and sophistication. All the hair is combed back in a neat little number, with a fuller and bigger pomp at the front.

The sides and back are short, which give this tall and sleek pompadour a nice shape and a good height. You may have to use a pomade with medium to strong hold for this, depending on how long you want your pompadour to last.

Modern Pompadour Style # 4


For the guy who has thick and wavy or curly hair, this is one way to rock the modern pompadour. Short sides and back, long top. Just follow the direction of the hair and style it accordingly. You will notice that there’s no hair part, because all the hair at the top has been brushed up.

Just gather up all the hair, apply some pomade or hair wax with extra hold, and just guide it to the style that you desire. No need to create volume as the hair is thick and big enough. It’s an easy pompadour that you can create in less than five minutes.

Modern Pompadour Style # 5


For guys who like their pompadours clean and classic, here’s another hair inspiration for you. This hair is tall and square and perfectly coiffed. It’s the perfect hair to wear on special occasions, or for days when you just feel like dressing up.

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Prep the hair for easier styling. It’s easier to style hair that has not been shampooed and only conditioned. If you want to wear a pompadour, skip the shampoo and just do some deep conditioning. Squeeze out the excess water and pat dry with a towel until your hair is damp.

Apply some extra hold pomade all over your hair, making sure that you get the roots and the tips. With a comb and a round brush, bring the hair to the height that you desire. Keep the style in place by putting on some hairspray.

Modern Pompadour Style # 6


For the guy with curly and wavy hair, you are destined to wear a pompadour. You can wear it slick and shiny, or you can wear it in a dry matte finish. How your pompadour looks will depend on the amount of hair you have. The longer the hair, the nicer the pompadour.

Apply some hair clay all over your hair and just work at building the height on top. Keep the sides and back flat and slicked back. Use a round brush for the pompadour and lock the style in with a little blow dry and hairspray.

Modern Pompadour Style # 7


This is another modern pompadour hairstyle with a hard part, and hair combed over to the side. This hairstyle is great for guys with fine to medium thick hair, or guys who have wavy to curly hair. Because the sides and the back are short and tapered, it’s easier to control.

To achieve this pompadour, get out your pomade and apply. With a fine-toothed comb, comb your hair to the side, beginning from your hard part. Create the pomp by combing up a little hair at the front. Style as desired.

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Modern Pompadour Style # 8


Get this sexy pompadour by combing your hair over to the sides, beginning from your hair part, and making the pomp fuller and thicker at the front. Keep the sides and the back flat and sleek. You can use pomade or hair wax if you want a shinier and glossier finish, or some hair clay if you want a natural dry matte finish.

Pompadours are fun and stylish as they are slick and sophisticated. It’s definitely one of the hairstyles that you should try if you want a timeless and stylish look for every occasion.

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