8 Cool Short Sides Long Top Haircuts for Men

Have you decided to style your hair with the short sides long top haircut? We've got some examples for inspiration here:

The short sides long top haircut is one of the hottest men’s haircuts today, and the reasons why are as clear as the sunny skies. It packs a lot of style while requiring little to zero effort. Check out eight cool examples on how to rock this kind of haircut 24/7.

Short Sides Long Top Haircut Style # 1


Having long hair at the top provides you with a lot of room for styling tall and dramatic hairstyles. Just like this tall and sexy hairstyle that adds more height to this guy, as well as creating the volume of thick hair. The sides and the back are neatly trimmed, but not too close to the skin, like with a buzz or a fade haircut.

To achieve the tall hair, you must apply a medium to strong hold pomade or hairstyling wax all over the top hair. Make sure that you get most of the hair, and apply it from roots to tips. When you’re done with that, work the hair to the height that you want using a round volume brush and a blow dryer.

Short Sides Long Top Haircut Style # 2


A flat top may be so 1990s, but with a modern and hipster twist, it can actually look very stylish and really cool. The top hair on this one does not look like a bunch of pencils stacked neatly in a pencil box. Instead, it’s slightly combed over to the side, and you can see a lot of texture in the cut. The sides and the back are shaved close to the skin, which also provide a nice contrast to the top hair.

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The hair looks like a square, but you can easily give it a softer or rounder edge by applying some hair pomade or hair wax. However, if you dig the hard edges and the stiff hair, you can always use hair gel on it.

Short Sides Long Top Haircut Style # 3


If tall hairstyles don’t impress you, then you will definitely see yourself wearing a hairstyle much like this next one. The back and sides are neatly tapered, while the top hair falls across the forehead in layered and textured tendrils. It’s a controlled bedhead of sorts, which is easier to achieve because all the styling is focused at the top.

To get the soft, sexy, just-got-out-of-bed look, skip the shampoo and stick with the conditioner. You want to keep the natural oils intact that will help keep and lock the hairstyle. Apply your hairstyling product of choice on damp hair and begin styling it with your fingers. Make sure that the hair doesn’t look too flat or polished, and recreate the hair that you wake up with in the morning. Only sexier and more stylish.

Short Sides Long Top Haircut Style # 4


Most guys get the short sides long top haircut because they want to wear this particular hairstyle. It’s edgy. It’s fashionable. It’s simple. And it’s very easy to style.

The key is to grow the top hair really long, and get the sides and back faded just near the top. If you have straight and fine hair, the hair will look perfectly polished and slicked back. If you have wavy and thick hair, you can work with more volume or height and make the hair look taller. Or you can simply just comb it back in a high gloss and flat finish.

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Short Sides Long Top Haircut Style # 5


There’s just something very appealing with tall hairstyles. They can instantly shave off a few years from your face and give you a fun and youthful appearance. They can also give you an instant stylish and trendy makeover.

This can be your go-to hairstyle on your short sides long top haircut. A little hairstyling gel or wax can give you this hairstyle in less than a minute. Make it as tall and as sexy messy as you want, but keep the sides and the back neat. It’s the perfect hairstyle for fancy occasions and even casual fun days.

Short Sides Long Top Haircut Style # 6


When you have a short sides long top haircut, how can you possibly say no to a slick and handsome pompadour? It’s a great and fairly simple hairstyle that will take your look up a notch. It’s stylish and elegant enough for black tie events and fancy dinner parties. It’s also relaxed and casual enough for a night out with friends or weekends with the family.

You only need two things to achieve this kind of hairstyle: hair pomade and a fine-toothed comb. Just apply and style according to your desired pompadour look. For something so spiffy and cool, it actually takes just a few minutes to achieve.

Short Sides Long Top Haircut Style # 7


We totally approve of this wavy slick back on top of an undercut. It’s stylish without being too stylish, and it just has enough character to satisfy guys who like drama or quirkiness in their hairstyles.

The sides are nicely tapered off, and the back is also cut really short. There is no side part, and all the hair just sits at the top of the head. It’s styled in a neat and simple combover that looks soft and natural, which you can switch to something more high shine on other days. If you like all things hipster, this is a great hairstyle to wear on a daily basis.

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Short Sides Long Top Haircut Style # 8


Did you say badass, kickass short sides long top haircut? Does this look badass and kickass enough for you? We think so, too! We’re crazy about this haircut and we are constantly on the lookout for awesome ways to style and wear it, and this hairstyle is definitely how it should be done.

Short sides, check. Long and textured top hair, check. Oozing sex appeal, check. Effortless style, check. Let’s all give this hairstyle a round of applause.

Sexy, gorgeous hair can really give you that cool and sexy factor you just can’t get from anywhere else. If you must change your haircut, make it one of these awesome short sides long top haircuts. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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