8 Cool Dread Hairstyles for Black Men

We'll show you our favorite dread hairstyles that most black men sport these days:

When you say dread hairstyles for men, the only thing that will come to mind is that they’re gorgeous. We have not come across a dread hairstyle that looks awful. Maybe regular or messy, but never awful. Here are our favorite dread hairstyles, in no particular order.

Dread Hairstyles for Men Style Inspiration # 1

dread-hairstyles (1)

If this awesome dread hairstyle alone does not impress you, make it stand out from the crowd even more with a splash of color. Mix some chocolate brown color into your head of black hair to stir things up a bit (as if a dread hairstyle needs any more stirring up!). This will certainly give your twisted dreads a more interesting spin.

Get the colored dreads to blend in with the black dreads. Make sure that they’re not just all in one part of the hair, too. Get it on top, at the sides, and at the back. If you want a louder and more eye catching color, you can go ahead and get as creative as you want! (We’re talking red or blue or yellow here!)

Dread Hairstyles for Men Style Inspiration # 2

dread-hairstyles (2)

If this is not a cool dread hairstyle for men, we don’t know what is. This is definitely one gorgeous piece of hair that we can only dream of having. The closest we can come to wearing a hair like this is if we find an equally gorgeous wig online.

Long and thick braids with dreads — yes, that’s what we’re talking about. Just looking at all those thick and long dreads, topped by an equally impressive braid, is enough to give us serious hair envy. Imagine all the work that has been put to it to keep it looking beautiful and just perfect. It’s one hairstyle that’s truly for the hair committed.

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Dread Hairstyles for Men Style Inspiration # 3

dread-hairstyles (3)

You’ve got the braids, and then you’ve got the dreads. Now you’re ready to rule the world. You can basically achieve anything with this kind of hairstyle. Braids and dreads on a man signify patience and commitment, which are always good traits for leaders to have.

Your hairstyle is more than just a hairstyle. It’s an indication of how you value yourself and how you want the world to look at you. If you have something as striking and as impressive as this dread hairstyle, you have nothing to worry about. People will definitely like what they see. It’s completely up to you to live up to the expectations, and even go the extra mile.

Dread Hairstyles for Men Style Inspiration # 4

dread-hairstyles (4)

We have always wondered what a top knot on dreads would look like. So now, we wonder no more. It’s definitely one kickass hairstyle that we will like to wear someday. If not in this life, then maybe in the next.

The combination of dreads and a top knot is sure to make any person’s toes curl with excitement. It’s double the style and double the sexiness. Sigh, some men just have all the luck.

When you don’t feel like wearing your dreads loose around your shoulders, you can gather up all that gorgeous hair and tie them back in a knot on top of your head. Quick fix for bad hair days. But seriously, how can anyone still have bad hair days when they already have a dread hairstyle this awesome?

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Dread Hairstyles for Men Style Inspiration # 5

dread-hairstyles (5)

A dread hairstyle doesn’t require long and heavy hair all the time. Sometimes, a dread hairstyle is short and tight, and even comes with a quiff made of dreads. For this particular dread hairstyle, it’s cut rather short at the sides and at the back. The top hair is long and full, which is actually the hairstyle’s focal point.

We just love how everything looks so gorgeous and well put together. It’s actually a great hairstyle to have for guys who want to cut off the hair for more breathing room, but still keep the dreads in place. It’s certainly a lot lighter compared to other full-length dread hairstyles, but definitely not less stylish or awesome.

Dread Hairstyles for Men Style Inspiration # 6

dread-hairstyles (6)

When your dreads are long and thick, you have to wear them loud and proud. Let them loose around your shoulders and allow them to breathe. You will look all the more gorgeous for it. Trust us.

What’s great about this dread hairstyle is that it also gives the hair a nice and layered shape. The dreads are long and thick, but they don’t look like they’re raring to fly off from the top of your head. They actually frame the face in a very attractive and flattering way. They look natural and symmetrical, and do not look at all like an ugly wig you can easily buy from eBay.

Dread Hairstyles for Men Style Inspiration # 7

dread-hairstyles (7)

Of course a dread hairstyle with a man bun will look sensational. All that thick and curly glory resting majestically on top of your head? It’s so perfect it looks out of this world. Once again, we can’t help but feel severe hair envy, especially because we just don’t have the patience to wear such awesome hairstyles. For now, all we can do is just sit and stare and wish hairstyles were like phone apps that you can download and install on your heads, and they will fit just perfectly…

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Dread Hairstyles for Men Style Inspiration # 8

dread-hairstyles (8)

From afar, it looks like his hair is wrapped with a thick fabric or something. But no, that’s his hair wrapping his hair. Can dread hairstyles just please stop amazing us? We don’t know how much more amazingness we can take. Awesome braids, awesome thick dreads, awesome hair wrap / ponytail — our heads are still reeling.

These are just some of the amazing hairstyles that you can do with dreads! There are so much more out there that are even more amazing. We’re not sure if we can still handle all the awesomeness these hairstyles have to offer. So excuse us while we scour the internet for the best-looking dread wig because we can’t grow dreads.

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