8 Cool Buzz Haircuts that look Badass

Want to put a badass touch to your look? Try the buzz haircut and put a twist to your hair!

There are no surprises with buzz cuts. What you see is what you get, basically. It’s a simple and no nonsense haircut that you just wash and wear every day, with no need to brush or comb, or apply styling products to. It’s the kind of haircut that suits guys who don’t want a lot of maintenance but still want to look sexy and stylish.

A buzz cut does not need to be closely buzzed or shaved to the skin. It may all look the same to you, but buzz cuts do come in different lengths. There are buzz cuts that are shaved close to the skin, which you normally see on military men. And then there are buzz cuts that are shorter on the sides and slightly thicker on top.

Because a buzz cut requires a lot of hair to be shaved off, not all guys are big fans of it. Buzz cuts also require a certain shape of head and face to be considered flattering. If you have an oddly shaped head or an elongated face, a buzz cut may not be the best choice of hairstyle. But take a look at these eight buzz haircuts and pick one that you think will look best on you.

Badass Buzz Cuts Style # 1


If you want a buzz cut, you want this one. It’s short and tight, but does not look severely buzzed. It also looks flattering on his face and head shape, which is kind of an oblong shape. (Shorter hair can draw the eyes away from the length of the face.)

Like with most buzz cuts, there’s no need to brush or comb. There’s no need to worry about bedheads, knots, snags, and tangles. There’s no need to apply any styling product. It’s as easy and straightforward as that. Now who wouldn’t want to wear hair as fuss-free as this?

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Badass Buzz Cuts Style # 2


Even ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik was convinced to wear his hair in a buzz cut, and we all know just how much he loved his black tresses.

Maybe it was to give his hair a break from all the styling heat and all those styling products. Maybe he just woke up one day and got bored with his hair. Maybe he just wanted something uncomplicatedand simple. Maybe we will never know the reason, but we can all just agree to disagree that it looks mighty fine on him. With hair or without hair, this is one lucky dude who really enjoys the best of both worlds.

Badass Buzz Cuts Style # 3


When Adam Levine appeared on TV with all of his hair shaved off, it broke the internet. Fans all over the world mourned the sexy and rock star ‘do, and did not hesitate to tell the Maroon 5 frontrunner exactly how they felt about the buzz cut.

But now that the hair is starting to grow, people are falling in love again with the man, and the hair. The stubble didn’t hurt the look, either.

That’s just how it is with buzz cuts. You have to see how close you should have your hair buzzed in order to find out which looks good and flattering.

Instead of shaving it all off close to the skin, try a light buzz first and see how you like it. If you want it shorter, you can always have another go with the trimmer.

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Badass Buzz Cuts Style # 4


Buzz cuts are one of the manliest haircuts you can ever wear. We know guys who have been wearing buzz cuts for years, and they are perfectly happy with this kind of hair. We truly get it if growing out their hair again is no longer an option.

With a buzz cut, you no longer have to care for your hair. Instead, you need to start taking care of your scalp. You still need to shampoo and condition your scalp to keep it moisturized and avoid scalp problems related to dryness (dandruff, itchiness, etc.).

You also need to exfoliate your scalp to avoid razor bumps and burns, or ingrown hairs, which can be caused by frequent shaving.

Badass Buzz Cuts Style # 5


If you want a hairstyle that will be less fussy, or less time consuming, a buzz cut is your best bet. It’s also an effective way to tame hot curls or thick hair.

When someone wears a buzz cut, you really can’t tell whether they have naturally straight or curly hair. That’s what’s great about buzz cuts. They can handle any kind of hair situation, and they can completely transform how you look.

Badass Buzz Cuts Style # 6


Buzz cuts are also the answer to receding hairlines, fading hair, and balding heads. How many guys have you seen with thinning hair who suddenly became hotter just by shaving it all off? No hair is oftentimes more attractive than holding on to the few strands of hair left on your scalp.

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So before you start wearing that combover, or before you purchase that toupee online, think about getting a buzz cut, and how better looking you’ll become by simply embracing the inevitable.

Badass Buzz Cuts Style # 7


Buzz cuts need not be shaved closely, with military precision. You can wear it long or tapered and still enjoy the benefits of a buzz cut.

It’s the perfect buzz cut for guys who are not yet completely sold to the idea of a shaved head but want to start wearing a shaved hairstyle.

Badass Buzz Cuts Style # 8


You can still style a buzz cut. If you leave the top hair slightly longer, with the sides and back shaved closely, you can have more room for styling. You can still do a combover or a combdown, and even a side sweep or a pompadour!

Wearing a buzz cut doesn’t mean you’re no longer interested in being stylish. It’s a stylish yet functional haircut that’s perfect for everyday wear, and one that’s here to stay. You may also try other options such as the Caesar cut!

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