8 Barber Haircuts that are Timeless

Looking for another classic haircut that will suit most men? Then you should check out the barber haircut:

For the men who appreciate elegant style and classic good looks, timeless haircuts always trump the flashy and fashionable ones. It will be hard to keep up with the latest hair trends, especially when you’re really busy and there’s a lot of styling or maintaining involved. More often than not, you will still find yourself opting to wear the classic good haircuts that have certainly stood the test of time. Here are eight timeless barber haircuts that will inspire you to ditch the flashy hair and stick to the classic one.

Barber Haircuts Style # 1


You simply can’t put a good haircut down. Good haircuts are timeless and will look great no matter which era you time travel to, if time travel were even possible. Much like this gentleman’s haircut that looks flawless and fashionable, with clothes or even without.

It gives the face a very nice balance. It also creates the illusion of more height, so guys who want to look taller should definitely get this type of barber haircut. It’s short on the sides and long at the top, which means plenty of room for styling and experimenting. You can wear it short and slick, or you can also wear it tall and long. Both looks are equally gorgeous.

Barber Haircuts Style # 2


Good barber haircuts are stylish even without a lot of styling. It has a flawless and polished look that you just cannot get anywhere else. You can change it up a bit here and there, but the overall look never changes. You can mix the classic with the modern and still get a look that’s handsome and fashionable.

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A good way to combine the classic with the new is by getting a fade haircut with a short pompadour. You can make the fade as high as you want to go, and then top it with a slick and soft pomp at the top. It’s stylish without being too flashy, and elegant without being too dressy.

Barber Haircuts Style # 3


Barber haircuts are timeless haircuts because they look good. Simple as that. When a haircut is good-looking and sexy, it does have a great effect on the person wearing the haircut, too. This particular haircut is simple as it is sexy, emphasizing all the great qualities of the man’s face (strong jaw, gorgeous cheekbones, and beautiful eyes).

The haircut can remove years off your face as effectively as a face lift, and can effectively give you a boost in your sex appeal. If you want to feel good about yourself, and if you want to change your look the easy way, get a haircut from your favorite barber.

Barber Haircuts Style # 4


They may be called by different names, but the look somehow stays the same. You may change a little length here and a little height there, but it’s still the same haircut that your grandpa used to wear when he was a much younger man.

There are so many ways that your hair can be styled, and that’s what’s great about timeless barber haircuts. You’re not stuck with just one look, or with one chunk of hair, like a Mohawk. You can change the comb that you use and you can get a different hairstyle. You can change the part of your hair, or the direction of your hair, and you will always get a different look.

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Barber Haircuts Style # 5


It looked great then, it still looks great now. There’s a reason why shaved sides and pompadours still remain popular up to this day. It’s because they’re very easy to style and very easy to take care of. Not to mention they look sensational, too.

A pompadour looks awesome on a short on sides long on top haircut. Keep the top hair long and thick to be able to create a pompadour that looks tall and full. You can use a comb or a volume brush to create more volume. Lock the style in place by applying some hairspray.

Barber Haircuts Style # 6


Short and neat hairstyles will never go out of style. Such is the case with this short and closely cropped hairstyle. It’s the haircut of the fun and adventurous college student, the young and hardworking professional, and the distinguished gentleman.

It’s the go-to hairstyle for men on the go who live very busy lives and lead very active lifestyles. Very little styling is involved, but the haircut can rise up to the challenge when the occasion calls for it. It’s a great short haircut which you will need to trim every month or so, depending on how short and closely cropped you want it. But other than that, it’s just a walk in the park.

Barber Haircuts Style # 7


When all else fails, wear it slick and shiny. Get a good haircut that’s closely cropped at the sides and slightly longer at the top. Apply your favorite kind of pomade all over your hair. With a fine-toothed comb, comb your hair all the way to the back starting from your side part. If you want extra strong hold, you can also apply hairspray so that the hair will remain in place for the rest of the day.

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Lovers of hipster fashion and anything vintage are big fans of this haircut. With a haircut like this, you don’t need to worry too much about being overdressed or underdressed.

Barber Haircuts Style # 8


The Caesar haircut is also another example of a timeless barber haircut that’s here to stay. It’s short and simple, and it’s fashionable and functional. Whether you’re cruising the halls of the university or the office, this haircut can look flattering on everyone. Especially men who have receding hairlines, thinning hair, or thick and curly hair.

The best way to style this kind of haircut is to simply just let it be. It’s really a wash and wear kind of hair that doesn’t need a lot of styling. The haircut varies in length. Some are cut really close to the skin, while others are quite on the long side. In that case, a little pomade or hair wax should do the trick.

When your hair looks good, the rest will just follow. Invest in a good and timeless haircut to save you the embarrassment of an ill-fitting or awkward one. Hopefully, you’ve found just the one that you’re looking for from this list!

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