7 Wavy Haircuts that are Super Stylish

These wavy haircuts are super stylish that you just can't resist sporting them. Try these looks:

Do you often get stuck with the same wavy haircuts? Do you want to try other wavy haircuts but feel scared they might look ridiculous on you? Say good-bye to plain and boring hair, and say hello to sexy, stylish wavy hair! Check out our gallery here for the coolest hair inspirations.

Stylish Wavy Haircuts for Men Inspiration # 1

stylish-wavy-haircuts (1)

When you have wavy hair, you truly have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the perks of having a not so straight, but less than curly kind of hair. You are naturally blessed with volume and curls that so many men wish to have and spend so much time trying to achieve.

This is a haircut that will look good on straight hair, but will definitely look even better with wavy hair. The sides and the back are cut really short, and the top hair is long and thick. A quiff is just the perfect way to complement this kind of hairstyle, too.

The key is to keep the soft waves at the top looking light and soft. You can achieve that by having a good haircare regimen in place. Make sure that you use a shampoo that will help control the frizz and the volume. Shampoo once or twice a week only, but don’t scrimp on the conditioner.

Stylish Wavy Haircuts for Men Inspiration # 2

stylish-wavy-haircuts (2)

Wavy hair can be really striking and dramatic hair, given just the right kind of haircut. You can make it look sharp and edgy, or soft and wispy, just like this haircut. It’s not polished and smooth, but just a little messy to make it look sexy and romantic.

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Get this haircut by growing your hair at least four inches long at the top. You can keep the length at the sides and at the back, or you can cut it short as well. Do a side part and just comb the hair all the way to the other side. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look neat. It’s not supposed to. It should like you just rolled out of bed, but in a nice and seductive kind of way. Got it? Good.

Stylish Wavy Haircuts for Men Inspiration # 3

stylish-wavy-haircuts (3)

If you like the conservative look and the classic kind of haircuts, say hello to your soon-to-be haircut. It’s the perfect way to rock the wavy hair without your hair looking too plain or too wild. Plus it’s something that you can wear to work or to school without making anybody uncomfortable.

Your barber will know how to do this kind of haircut. Just keep the sides and the back short, and you can leave the top hair a little bit longer. This way, you’ll have more length to work with. You can still do a short pompadour, or a side combover, or even a slick back.

It’s nice to give your hair a soft and natural shine as well. You can apply a little pomade or hairstyling wax with a soft hold on your hair. This will make your hair look glossier and it will also give it a much firmer hold, so the style will remain in place the whole day.

Stylish Wavy Haircuts for Men Inspiration # 4

stylish-wavy-haircuts (4)

You can also keep the waves short and softly framing your face. It’s a pretty relaxed and laidback hairstyle for guys who like to look nice but are not too keen to wear the latest hair trends.

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You just need to grow your hair long and style it by following the natural direction of the hair. You can comb it down so that it naturally falls over the forehead and the ears. You can also keep it away from the eyes by combing it to the sides.

But the most important thing you need to do is to keep the hair shiny and moisturized. Go for a shampoo and conditioner that’s meant for wavy to curly hair. Also use an anti-frizz serum to keep the hair tamed and manageable.

Stylish Wavy Haircuts for Men Inspiration # 5

stylish-wavy-haircuts (5)

Tall and spiky haircuts also work great with wavy hair. They keep the hair nicely shaped, and they can keep the frizz away. Not to mention they look really stylish and sexy.

Get this haircut by keeping the sides and back short, while keeping the top long. Apply pomade that has medium to strong hold so that the top hair will look tall and spiky. It’s best to style the hair with your fingers to get as much texture as possible. You want the top hair to look thick and textured, and just a little messy, which you won’t get from using a comb. Lock the style in by applying a little hairspray.

Stylish Wavy Haircuts for Men Inspiration # 6

stylish-wavy-haircuts (6)

Wavy haircuts can be styled easily and quickly, especially if you already have a good haircut going. Don’t keep it too short if you enjoy changing your look a lot. Keep it at medium length like this so that you can experiment with different hairstyles.

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This type of wavy haircut can be styled in a pompadour, or a slick back, or a side combover. It’s a flexible and versatile haircut that you can wear for every day. Nice and neat enough for the office or for school, and stylish and elegant enough for fancy parties and formal events.

Stylish Wavy Haircuts for Men Inspiration # 7

stylish-wavy-haircuts (7)

But if you’ll ask us, the best kind of haircut for wavy hair is one that will allow it to breathe and flow loosely. Just like this haircut right here. It’s short but stylish, and will look flattering on just about any guy.

Keep the hair soft and relaxed with a good anti-frizz serum or a leave-in conditioner. Dry hair does not look appealing, especially dry wavy hair. You can get a short on sides long on top haircut to further manage the volume and keep the nice and trendy look.

Wavy haircuts are great haircuts, especially if you know which style will look flattering on you. Take your pick from these seven great wavy haircuts, and you will have boring wavy hair no more!

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