7 Side Part Hairstyles that Suit Guys with Round Faces

This hairstyle is perfect for guys who want to improve their round-shaped appearance. Don't fret anymore, we've rounded up the side part hairstyles that fit you:

Round faces are not a bad face shape. But compared to oval faces, there are definitely less hairstyles to choose from. However, this doesn’t mean that you have live the rest of your days wearing awful hair that does nothing to improve your appearance. We have rounded up seven of the nicest and most good-looking side part hairstyles that will suit guys with round faces. Take a look and see which ones you like best.

Side Part Hairstyles # 1


The goal is to make the face appear longer, or more angular. When choosing side part hairstyles, make sure to keep it short on the sides and long on top. Create as much volume as you can at the top to draw the eyes away from the shape of the face.

From your side part, bring the hair up with the help of some strong hold pomade and round volume brush, until you get the desired fullness and softness. Lock the style in place with hairspray.

If you can, try to avoid having undercuts that are shaved too close to the skin, because this kind of haircut makes the cheeks and the jawlines look more pronounced.

Side Part Hairstyles # 2


Keep the top hair busy and nice to draw the eyes away from the roundness of the face. This sexy and long wavy hairstyle does just that. The hair at the top is thick and full, while the sides are neatly trimmed to give the overall hairstyle a good and balanced shape.

It’s a great hairstyle to wear on a daily basis and doesn’t require too much styling. It’s flattering on almost anyone, and can be worn every day to school or to the office. It can also be jazzed up to wear to special occasions and formal functions.

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Side Part Hairstyles # 3


Another great hairstyle that will look great on guys with round faces is this short pompadour hairstyle with a side part. A pompadour provides lots of volume and texture, not to mention sophistication and style. When you rock a pompadour this handsome, who needs to check out anything else?

The side part is just off the middle, and the sides are nicely and softly trimmed. The pompadour also looks soft and smooth, thanks to some good old pomade with a soft hold. This kind of hairstyle is less dramatic and more suitable at the office. Compared to the really tall and stylish pompadours, this one looks tame and appropriate but not the least bit mediocre.

Side Part Hairstyles # 4


Side part hairstyles like this side combover look awesome on guys with round faces. The top is perfectly styled and textured to look thick and long. It also creates height at the top of the head, making the face appear longer and slimmer. It’s the first thing you notice, definitely, and this is what your hairstyle should achieve if you have a round and full face.

It’s a short on sides long on top hairstyle. The side part can also make receding hairlines or thinning hair less noticeable. The textured top hair makes it look thicker, and can definitely do a good job of covering any thinning or balding patch.

Style your hair with some soft hold pomade or hairstyling wax. Don’t apply too much because it may look heavy and sticky. Try to keep it as natural as possible.

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Side Part Hairstyles # 5


Another side part hairstyle that will look flattering on guys with round faces is this faux hawk hairstyle. The spiked hair builds more height, making the face appear more elongated, and creating more angles to the face. The hair is also thick and long, adding more volume on top of the head. The hairstyle makes the soft and round cheeks and jawline more square or angular.

You will need to get some extra hold hairstyling wax to achieve this kind of fashionable hairstyle. You want to get it on all of your hair, working your hair from roots to tips. As much as possible, style your hair with your fingers for that naturally messy and disheveled look.

Side Part Hairstyles # 6


When it comes to choosing the best hairstyle for round faces, you want to keep the hair tall and big at the top, and short and trimmed at the sides. Try to avoid shaving or fading the sides, because this actually keeps the cheeks and the jawline open and exposed (unless of course you’re sporting a full beard). The key is to keep it short, textured, and full of volume.

Get a good side part going and just comb the hair to the side. You want to have a dry matte finish for this hairstyle. For more texture, you can use your fingers and just rake it through the hair until you get the desired look.

Side Part Hairstyles # 7


This is another flattering hairstyle for guys with round faces. It’s sexy. It’s long and wispy. It’s soft and short. It’s a shaggy hairstyle that can be worn anywhere, anytime. It’s a pretty flexible hairstyle that you can style in many ways to make it look more formal or more casual, depending on the occasion.

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There’s length and volume at the top of the head, while the hair at the sides are short and softly framing the face. It’s just the kind of messy hairstyle with plenty of soft edges and strong definition that can make the face look longer or slimmer.

You can add in a full beard for good measure. It will provide a nice finish to an already awesome hairstyle. It will definitely boost your sexiness and manliness levels.

These hairstyles are timeless. They complement any kind of outfit. They’re versatile and can be styled up or down, depending on how you’re feeling at the moment.

Don’t let the shape of your face stop you from wearing a hairstyle that rocks. The trick is in picking the most flattering hairstyle, and styling it uniquely and beautifully so that it truly stands out. Try out some of these hairstyles and pick a favorite now!

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