7 Sexy Hair Ideas for Longer Hair on Guys

Men with long hair are generally sexy. Here are some sexy hair ideas you might want to try on:

When you have longer hair, you have more hair to work with and create different awesome hairstyles with. You also have more hair to deal with, sure, but this means more opportunities to change your looks each time. If you’re feeling uninspired with your current hairstyle, check out these seven hair ideas that will look perfect on guys with longer hair.

Hair Ideas for Longer Hair Inspiration # 1

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When you’re not sure what style to do with your long hair, it’s so easy to just tie all the hair up in a little knot on your head and not be bothered by it again. But did you know that even something as simple as a top knot can look sensational when styled properly?

Just look at the top knot on this guy. Nothing fancy or complicated. Just long and glorious hair all pulled back in a somewhat messy knot. How can a simple hairstyle that looks common on women look extraordinarily sexy on men? Our minds are still boggled. It’s not even difficult to achieve. Just gather all the hair up and tie it with a hairband. That’s it! Perfect solution for unwashed hair, or bedheads, or plain bad hair days.

Hair Ideas for Longer Hair Inspiration # 2

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When you have long hair, you can always wear it loose around your shoulders. Let the hair softly frame your face. Let it swing from side to side as you move your head. Nothing can be sexier.

Of course, you want to make sure that your hair is soft and shiny. Make the ladies want to run their fingers through it, and make it look glossy every time the lights hit it. You can achieve that by using a good set of shampoo and conditioner. Look for one that can reduce frizz and promote body and shine. You may want to get a haircut with a nice shape, too, so that the hair falls naturally and gracefully.

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Hair Ideas for Longer Hair Inspiration # 3

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What can be sexier than long and curly hair? This is just the kind of hairstyle that should be worn loose and long, because it’s meant to be worn loose and long.You are doing this kind of hairstyle an injustice if you keep it short or tied back. Oh, what horror.

Keep those lovely beach curls stylish all year long by having a good haircare regimen in place. Invest in a really good shampoo that will not strip your hair of its nutrients. Also use conditioner every day to keep the curls soft and tangle-free. This will also help keep the hair looking shiny and healthy. Hair this gorgeous does not happen magically. You have to care for your hair so that it will always look this awesome.

Hair Ideas for Longer Hair Inspiration # 4

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Sexy long hair can also be worn to the office and not just the bedroom. You can wear it when meeting business clients, potential customers, or important bosses. Don’t worry. You won’t get a memo, nor will it be frowned upon. Especially when it looks as handsome as the hair on this guy right here.

It’s short and sophisticated. It’s neat and presentable, and does not make you look like an exhausted rock star taking a break from his concert tour. Style it with some soft hold hair wax using a big brush to create loose and soft curls. Keep the style in place by applying hairspray. You can use an extra hold hairspray so that the style will hold all throughout the day.

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Hair Ideas for Longer Hair Inspiration # 5

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Long hair usually means ponytails. Nowadays, men can also wear a beautiful ponytail. Sometimes even better than their female counterparts. There’s no special trick or clever technique involved. It’s just long hair and a simple hair band. And maybe just a lot more swagger.

The ponytail will look different for each guy, depending on the length of the hair and the texture of the hair. Guys who have straight hair will not have the same kind of ponytail that a guy with wavy hair has. However, rest assured that your own ponytail will look awesome and uniquely your own. You can make it as slick and as polished as you want, or you can also go for the slightly loose and messy for a more casual and relaxed feel.

Hair Ideas for Longer Hair Inspiration # 6

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When you have sexy and naturally beautiful long hair, you have to let people see it to appreciate it. Not only can it make you look sexier and more masculine, it can also give you a more interesting and more soulful appeal. Why do you think so many musicians, artists, and writers wear their hair long? Exactly!

This is just a very simple but stylish way to wear your long hair. Let it fall around your shoulders in all their natural glory. Keep the ends soft and wispy for a more romantic and alluring look. Make sure that you wash your hair regularly. Because smelly, dirty, and greasy hair is just not the way to do it.

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Hair Ideas for Longer Hair Inspiration # 7

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When you want something edgier and more kickass, you can always style your long hair with layers and textures, much like this shaggy hairstyle. You can notice how the hair differs in length all over, providing a lot of contrasts and drama. It’s also a stylish way to trim the hair so that it doesn’t look big and frizzy.

Wear this kind of hairstyle to the classroom or to the office. Style it up to suit fancy parties and formal events. Dress it down for a nice day out with the honey or some friends. It’s a pretty cool and versatile hairstyle that any guy with long hair can achieve.

Remember that if you love your hair, it will love you right back. If you don’t take care of it, don’t expect to have glorious locks, either.

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