7 New Hair Trends that will leave you Speechless

Want to make yourself look cooler? Then follow these new hair trends and make other guys envious of your style!

There will always be hair trends that will blow our minds, make us do a face palm, or simply render us speechless. As long as there are crazy, adventurous, creative, and brave people in this world, there will always be hair trends that will spice things up each year. We have gathered some of the coolest and most colorful hair trends this year which you can try. That is if you’re bold enough.

New Hair Trends Style # 1

new-hair-trends (1)

We thought we’ve seen the worst and the best of hair trends this year. And then we saw photos of grown men wearing the merman hair trend on the internet. Yes, you read it right. Merman, the male counterpart of a mermaid. And we’re talking about full, thick, and gorgeous hair dyed in different colors of the rainbow. It makes every man who wears it in the color blue look a lot like Papa Smurf, only in reverse.

We cannot see ourselves doing something as wild and as crazy as this to our hair. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the guts and the confidence to pull such a look. Not everyone will look great with indigo hair, anyway. If you feel that rainbow colored hair will suit your look and your lifestyle, go ahead and try it! Definitely a great story to tell your grandkids years from now.

New Hair Trends Style # 2

new-hair-trends (2)

Yes, this is still merman hair, in gorgeous turquoise blue. Turquoise pompadour, down to the turquoise fade haircut, the turquoise eyebrows, the turquoise mustache, and the full turquoise beard. Makes you wonder if the rest of the hair on his body is dyed the same color, too. We’re hoping that it’s not, though. There’s only so much turquoise blue a person can take.

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The pompadour is already an impressive enough hairstyle. But give it a colorful and shiny spin like the merman hair trend, and you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing hairstyle that will completely floor anyone who sees it. If you change your mind about the color, don’t worry. You can easily wash it off and get your old hair color back. Whew!

New Hair Trends Style # 3

new-hair-trends (3)

If you’re not such a big fan of loud rainbow colors on your hair, perhaps you’re more into the combination of dramatic layered hair and strong skin fades. Take this striking hairstyle, for example. Nice and clean fade with a really long, textured fringe falling over the eye. Just how cool can you get?

Because it’s already a highly styled haircut, you don’t need to do any more styling. Save for the little hairstyling wax or hairspray to keep the hair in place. It’s a young and playful haircut, so we don’t recommend it to guys who work corporate, government, or public service jobs. But it’s definitely a hair trend that we wouldn’t mind trying out, if we had the rock star attitude and the rock star lifestyle.

New Hair Trends Style # 4

new-hair-trends (4)

Looks sharp enough to injure, right? It also looks really edgy and badass. If you want a hairstyle that will truly make you stand out, or make people’s heads turn, get a hairstyle like this. It’s your regular short on sides and long on top haircut. There’s a strong hard part off the center, and there’s also a really good low fade at the sides and the back.

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For the top hair, it’s sectioned to look like spires and spikes, which you can easily create with your fingers, a fine-toothed comb, and lots of hair gel and hairspray.

If you don’t have time to style your hair every morning, this is a bad choice of hairstyle. You want the top hair to look perfect each time, so rushing it just won’t do. But you can always comb it down in a slick combover if you’re really running late or just feeling really lazy.

New Hair Trends Style # 5

new-hair-trends (5)

As if the rainbow colored hair is not enough, men are also starting to braid their hair. And not just simple braids, either. They are actually pretty complicated-looking braids, strategically and gorgeously placed on top of the head. As a result, we can’t help but watch YouTube tutorial videos on how to do our own braids. It may come in handy in the future, you know.

This hairstyle will look awesome on a short on sides and long on top haircut. The top hair has to be really long, too. It’s quite challenging to do a braid on short hair, so the longer the hair, the better.

New Hair Trends Style # 6

new-hair-trends (6)

A quiff is always eye catching and impressive, but when you style it in a more dramatic way, it can take your hairstyle to a whole different level. Just like this hairstyle right here. Any higher and the quiff will look like something straight from a science fiction movie.

The secret to a great quiff is the right amount of hold. You don’t want to put too much hairspray and make it look stiff and rigid. You don’t want to put too little, either, and make it look weak and soft. You want to achieve the right balance between firm and soft. Use a little hairspray first, and then just spray on some more as required.

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New Hair Trends Style # 7

new-hair-trends (7)

If this hairstyle does not make you pause or stop you in your tracks to admire the beauty of it, you have a cold heart who does not know how to appreciate beauty. How can you not look and marvel at that curly top hair and curly quiff? If we had curly hair, we’d do this hairstyle in a heartbeat.

The thick and full beard certainly helped make this hairstyle more kickass and badass. Not to mention the tattoos. But just do the hair for now, and the rest will follow.

These hairstyles may look outrageous and out of this world, but you have to admit, they would look pretty cool and unforgettable, too. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

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