7 Medium Short Hairstyles that are Cool and Low Maintenance

7 Badass medium short haircuts for guys with limited "styling" time

Most men wear medium short hairstyles. It’s the perfect hair length for men who don’t like their hair too close to the skin, or too long to keep covering their eyes and flying all over the place.

Medium short hairstyles are stylish and fashionable, and they are very easy to style and maintain. They’re perfect for busy days and lazy days.

Even days when you have no idea how to style your hair. Here are five awesome medium short hairstyles that you can wear every day without too much styling or upkeep.

Medium Short Hairstyle # 1


Medium short hairstyles such as this makes a man look smooth and suave, and sophisticated and sexy. It’s just the kind of timeless hairstyle that every modern gentleman must wear.

The hair is cut at just the right length, perfectly shaped and trimmed at the sides and at the back.

The top hair is full and long, which makes a pompadour or a comb over look flawless and natural.

Wear this hair with a tux or with a shirt. You will still look every inch the gentleman that you are.

You can just wash this kind of hair, apply pomade or styling gel, and just comb it back or to the side. That’s a salon finish hairstyle you’ve got there!

Medium Short Hairstyle # 2


When you’re blessed with dark and naturally thick hair, you can take your pick from a lot of medium short hairstyles. This hairstyle is long, thick, and perfectly shaped to bring out the curves and angles of the face.

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It’s also the kind of hairstyle that can emphasize your best facial features and transform your look in just a few minutes.

This look is perfect for guys who have thin to medium thick hair.

You can achieve this sexy hairstyle in just minutes.

With a good styling gel and a run of your fingers through your hair, make the top hair soft and full. You don’t want it to look to slick or polished.

Bookmark this page and save this hairstyle for your next hair appointment.

Medium Short Hairstyle # 3


For wavy to curly haired men, this is one of the more popular go-to hairstyles. The curls and the waves are effortlessly managed, and the whole look is soft and textured. The sides and the back are not strongly cropped, and the top hair is thick but properly tamed.

It’s one of the medium short hairstyles that we approve off.

It’s the kind of hairstyle that you can sleep in and wake up the next day looking exactly like you did the night before. It doesn’t take a lot to have it styled.

Just wash it, apply styling gel on it, and then style with your fingers. You’re ready to go!

Medium Short Hairstyle # 4


This is another example of a hairstyle that looks great on guys with medium short hair. It’s highly styled and textured, but it’s actually very easy to wear and maintain. If you have straight to wavy hair, this is a hairstyle that will look good on you.

The layers help trim and shape the hair. It reduces the volume and keeps it manageable as well. The top hair is actually covering the wide forehead, and it does so very effectively and naturally.

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Because the hairstyle looks styled enough as it is, there’s no need to spend a lot of time trying to get it look a certain way.

What you only need to do is comb it or brush it with your fingers to achieve that messed up and rumpled look.

Medium Short Hairstyle # 5


Medium short hairstyles like this are very preppy and clean, even with the messed up look at the top. This is actually one of the medium short hairstyles that are popular among college guys. It’s very fun and young-looking, and you can wear it any way you want.

You can brush or comb it for a cleaner look, or you can just finger comb it for a more rugged and casual look.

The trick is to get the fringes to softly frame your face for that sexy and romantic touch, which is easily achievable by using a great styling gel or hair wax.

Medium Short Hairstyle # 6


Here’s another medium short hairstyle that looks very stylish and sexy. It’s movie star hair that can boost your sex appeal without even trying. If you wear it with a good set of beard, or ear plugs, or even tattoos, your look can transform even more.

You would want to get a good and light tapered haircut like this and keep the hair volume at the top. Once you have it cut the way you want, styling is as easy as 123.

Your styling must-haves: styling gel or wax, volumizing brush, and hair dryer (optional).

To get this look, apply styling wax on damp hair and work it with the brush. If you want extra hold, you can use hair spray and run your hair with the hair dryer.

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Medium Short Hairstyle # 7


Who said that medium short hairstyles can’t work with a quiff? This hairstyle certainly does! The naturally wavy hair is kept manageable by the nice taper haircut. There’s an added appeal because of the sexy and light quiff.

It’s another wash and wear hairstyle that requires little to no maintenance.

The volume for the top hair is achieved by styling with a good and reliable hair wax, using just your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. You can strengthen the hold by using a hair spray and locking everything in.

Not all medium short hairstyles take a village to create. These styles that we have listed look complicated to recreate, but they’re actually very easy to do.

You can wear them every day and always look like a celebrity out for a fun day with friends.

Of course, if you want your hair to be manageable and look really flawless, style and take care of it even on days when you don’t have to. Your hair will thank you for it.

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