7 Cool Hairstyles for Guys with Round Faces

Just because you have a round face doesn't mean you can't have cool hair.

You’ll be surprised how much impact a haircut has on your face and your overall look.

The perfect haircut has transformative powers which can give your self-confidence and sex appeal a major boost.

If you’re not sure whether you have a round face or not, check whether your face has almost the same height and width.

Your cheekbones should be full and the jaw should look rounded. There’s also less angular features or strong lines.

When choosing a short hairstyle for a rounded face, you must consider two important things: height and angles. For maximum effect, you should keep the top long and messy, while keeping the sides short and tight.

Always go for a solid side part. The sides should look tapered or layered, at least.

Also try to avoid having fringes or wearing buzz cuts, because they tend to emphasize the roundness of the face.

Here are seven cool hairstyles that you can rock if you have a round face:

Short Hair for Round Faces Style # 1


This hairstyle has height and volume, and it successfully draws the eyes upwards to the hair instead of the jawline. The sides are cut short and textured, much like the hair at the back. There’s no need to cover up the jawline with facial hair as the hairstyle already works.

The top hair can be worn higher, depending on your taste.

You can use a strong-hold hairstyling gel or wax to create more volume with your fingers or a comb. Alternatively, you can wear your hair natural if you grow a short stubble, so as not to leave the face bare.

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Short Hair for Round Faces Style # 2


The same principle is applied with this next hairstyle. Tall hair, short sides. There’s a little scruff action happening along the jawline for that messy look, and the top hair is brushed up in messy streaks. The spikes are tall and long for added height. They also keep the hair looking light and soft, which provides a face-lifting effect.

If you have a round face, try not to wear your hair too flat or too low on your forehead.

This actually adds more weight to the face and emphasizes your soft jawline. Try to create as much action on top of your head and that will finish off the look very nicely.

Short Hair for Round Faces Style # 3


If you want to wear your hair low, you can get this kind of short hairstyle to frame your round face flatteringly. It doesn’t look top heavy because the hair is cut in layers, and the slightly ruffled hair adds more volume. The sides are also soft and layered, just touching the ears and covering the temples.

The hair is not parted in the middle, and the whole look is balanced out with the small, short beard and thin mustache.

This puts emphasis on the triangle area of the mouth and chin and not the soft jaw. It’s a simple hairstyle that’s very easy to maintain and even easier to style.

Short Hair for Round Faces Style # 4


The next hairstyle shows tall dramatic spikes at the top of the head, which create the illusion of a long face. The square shape of the hair provides angles, which help give the face a less rounded look. There’s also shorter hair around the temples and the ears.

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To recreate this hairstyle, apply a strong hold hairstyling gel or wax on damp hair.

You can finger comb the hair and bring it to the height that you want, creating as much texture as you can at the top and at the back. With this kind of haircut, the more tousled it looks, the better.

Short Hair for Round Faces Style # 5


Like the previous hairstyle, the more volume and height you create at the top, the better. But make sure that it doesn’t look too heavy and too bulky. Getting a layered or textured cut can help you style it easily.

The sides and the back are long but still do not cover the ears. The long stubble that he wears also adds more texture to the face and does a good job in hiding the small jaw.

This hairstyle needs very little styling.

All it takes is hairstyling gel and some finger combing action and you’re ready to go out and have a little fun.

Short Hair for Round Faces Style # 6


You can immediately see the height and the angular shape of the hair. It’s parted way from the side, and the top hair is fashionably messy.

The sides are lightly cropped, and there’s even a short stubble going on down south. In short, all the elements of good short haircut for a round face are here.

A good haircut is always easy to style, but you will still have to devote a few minutes each day to style it a little differently so the look doesn’t get old easily. You can brush it, or comb it back, or sweep it to the side. Be adventurous. Get creative.

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Have a little fun with your hair!

Short Hair for Round Faces Style # 7


Tall hair will always look flattering on a round face.

There’s a very nice side part, and the sides are neatly and closely tapered. But what draws your eyes is the impressive and flawless pompadour that sits on top of his head like a crown.

The pompadour can be easily combed back, or swept to the side, or even brushed up with the help of some good pomade and a fine-toothed comb.

Wearing the right hairstyle for your facial features have a great impact on your overall look.

A hairstyle can really make or break your look. Before you cut your hair, take a look at your face in the mirror and know what shape of face you have.

Do your research and find the style that will enhance your best features and tone down the not so good.

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