7 Classic Mens Hairstyles that will Never Go out of Style

These classic hairstyles for men just never get old. Looking for new ideas to style your hair? Check this out:

They’re not called classic for nothing. These hairstyles have been popular for decades, and continue to be popular among the gentlemen, because of their distinct elegance and flair. Get inspired by some of these timeless and classic men’s hairstyles and never fall out of fashion ever again.

Classic Mens Hairstyles Style # 1


When it comes to classic hairstyles, the short cropped hairstyle has stood the test of time. It’s a good-looking hairstyle then, and it’s still a great hairstyle now. It’s a no nonsense hairstyle that can look appealing on most men, because it’s stylish but doesn’t require a lot of styling.

It can be your hairstyle of choice for formal occasions and fancy events. It can also be worn every day to the office or to school. Plus it’s guaranteed to make the girlfriend or wife happy because you always look neat and good-looking.

You can wash it, dry it, and be out the door in minutes, without the need to style it or do anything special to it. It’s really one of the easiest hairstyles that you could ever wear.

Classic Mens Hairstyles Style # 2


Another classic men’s hairstyle that will never go out of style is this short wavy hairstyle. It exudes elegance and understated sophistication. Perfect for the modern gentleman.

It’s also not a complicated hairstyle to achieve. The actually follows the natural growth of the hair. Keep the hair easy to manage by trimming the sides and back, while keeping the hair at the top longer and thicker. Apply pomade or any preferred styling product to your hair. Style your hair with your fingers for a more natural-looking finish. You can also use a round brush to create more volume, and a softer, smoother effect.

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Classic Mens Hairstyles Style # 3


The most iconic men in history, like Elvis Presley and James Dean, have made the pompadour the classic hairstyle that it is today. It takes a certain kind of coolness, and a different level of badassery, to truly rock a pompadour. But it’s a fairly easy hairstyle and anyone can achieve this with the right tools and products. (Just not the incomparable coolness of Mr. Presley and Mr. Dean, though.)

The first thing that you need for a pompadour is the right haircut. Keep it short at the sides and the back. Make sure that the hair at the top is longer. With the help of some strong hold pomade and a comb, brush it up and style it to the height and fullness that you want. Lock the style in place by putting on some hairspray.

Classic Mens Hairstyles Style # 4


The classic combover is making a huge comeback this year. You can see this hairstyle on most men today, especially those who have a strong fascination with anything vintage or with anything that has to do with hipster fashion.

It’s a very clean and elegant hairstyle, so we understand the appeal. But it’s also a very easy to achieve hairstyle which can be worn to any occasion.

To get the best-looking combover, get your barber to cut the sides short and leave the top long. Part your hair off center. Apply pomade or any hairstyling product of your choice. Comb the hair all the way to the other side. Voila, instant perfect hairstyle for the perfect gentleman.

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Classic Mens Hairstyles Style # 5


This is another example of a hairstyle that will never go out of style. The Ivy League haircut has been around for decades and shows no signs of ever going away. Thanks to its classic and elegant look, as well as its versatility and simplicity. It’s a haircut that requires very little maintenance, but it always looks very handsome and polished.

Like all good and easy to style haircuts, the Ivy League haircut should be trimmed short at the sides and at the back. The top will also be short, but with a lot more texture.

Ivy League haircuts are usually parted off the middle, so find your part and apply some light hold pomade. Start styling with a fine-toothed comb. Yes, it’s that easy.

Classic Mens Hairstyles Style # 6


If you want a functional and easy to wear hairstyle that doesn’t scrimp on style, pick this classic buzz cut. It’s very shortly cropped, which means less hair to wash, dry, and style. Since it’s a very short hairstyle, it can also prove to be a very practical one, because it will take a while before it grows out. Thus, saving you money and trips to the barbershop.

A buzz cut is a perfect hairstyle for men who are on the go, and who enjoy a little dress up from time to time, but generally just like simple and beautiful things. It’s perfect for men who like neat and polished looks, minus the drama and the embellishments.

Classic Mens Hairstyles Style # 7


We just can’t get enough of the pompadour. There, we said it. There’s just something about all that hair styled into a pomp that makes us wish rock and roll was still alive and well, and that we still have the famous rock icons with us.

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Like we said, not everybody can rock the pompadour, but you can very well try. Some are able to look awesome in it, but mainly because they’re trained professionals (models). But for the Average Joe, you will have to possess confidence and badassery to truly give the hairstyle justice.

So grow out the top hair. Trim the sides and back. Get the pomp to look full and tall. Keep the hair in place with some hairspray. Ready to get rockin’? Your hair certainly is!

These are time tested hairstyles that have been worn by our fathers, and our father’s fathers. They may get a modern twist to keep up with the latest trends, but the original look remains. Keep the style alive and rock the look the best way you know how.

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