7 Casual Hairstyles that will Instantly Increase your Cool Factor

Sporting casual hairstyles has a boost in your cool factor. Here are some examples that will definitely make you a head-turner:

There will be days when you just want to relax, sit back, and not do anything else. Like style your hair. On days like this, you want a hairstyle that will still look awesome even without styling. Here are seven casual hairstyles that require little to no styling that will look perfect even on your laziest days.

Casual Hairstyles Style # 1


A casual hairstyle does not have to be plain and boring. It doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless, either. Your hairstyle can be casual but still exude coolness, style, and elegance in the most understated manner. Much like this hairstyle on our favorite bro Zach Efron.

It’s a shortly cropped hairstyle that’s thin at the sides and back. The top is short and textured, but still allows some flexibility when it comes to styling. It can be brushed forward and rumpled to create volume. It can also be brushed up to build more height and texture.

You can wear it all natural and it will look sexy enough. You can wear it with a little gloss and hold, and it will still look dressy.

Casual Hairstyles Style # 2


Casual hairstyles should be quick and easy. They should not take more than five minutes to style, or require too many styling products and tools to create. This casual hairstyle is simple and stylish at the same time. It requires little to no maintenance, and should be finished way before your favorite Imagine Dragons song finishes playing.

Get a haircut like this if you have thick and straight hair, and don’t want to spend too much time in front of the mirror before heading out. It’s the perfect hairstyle for men who lead very active and busy lives but still want to look their best every single time.

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Casual Hairstyles Style # 3


Casual hairstyles nowadays are more often short on the sides and long at the top. This particular hairstyle is actually one of the most popular because it provides plenty of room for styling.

Whether it’s to walk the dog around the block, or run some errands, or play ball with the boys, or hang out with the honey at the local café, this is the hairstyle of choice for men who like anything stylish and trendy.

For something so hip and trendy, it doesn’t take a lot to achieve. All it takes is some hairstyling wax or gel, and just your trusty little comb. That’s it! You’re all set, and you can take this hair anywhere you want to go.

Casual Hairstyles Style # 4


For men who like it long, loose, and wavy, this is another casual hairstyle that will definitely increase your cool factor. The hair just naturally frames the face and flows in soft and light wisps behind the ears.

The secret to this sexy and casual hairstyle is a very good hair conditioner to keep the waves looking soft, shiny, and manageable.

It’s also best to apply some pomade or hair wax, and run it under the blow dryer to keep the hairstyle in place and make it last the whole day. Otherwise, you can just leave it untouched and natural for your woman to enjoy the softness and silkiness of each strand of hair.

Casual Hairstyles Style # 5


For busy men who enjoy the finer things in life, this is a very popular choice of a casual hairstyle. It’s slick. It’s classy. It’s sophisticated. And it can be achieved in less than five minutes, tops. (Provided you have already showered and washed your hair.)

The hair must be long to be able to get the slick and polished combover on all sides. This hairstyle can also be achieved on fade haircuts with longer hair at the top.

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The first thing you need to do is to apply some medium to strong hold pomade all over your hair. Make sure that you apply it thoroughly on all of your hair. Once that’s done, just guide your hair into a combover until you get your desired look. You can make it as tall or as flat as you want. Lock the style in place by applying on some hairspray.

Casual Hairstyles Style # 6


If you want a casual hairstyle that’s high on style but low on maintenance, get yourself a buzz cut. Nothing can be more casual than a buzz cut. However, if you wear it with a tuxedo, or a suit and tie, or a really dressy shirt, you’ll be surprised how it can instantly elevate itself to something chic and elegant.

You can get a really close shave, or something a lot less close to the scalp like this hairstyle. It’s really a wash and wear kind of hairstyle. No need for styling or primping. You can leave the house without brushing your hair at all, and your friends will still be your friends.

Long and luscious locks can be worn casually as well. You can wear it long and loose around your shoulders, or you can even tie it back in a man bun or a top knot, depending on the length of your hair. Long hair is very chic and casual, but it can easily be jazzed up to meet the requirements of black tie events and other formal occasions.

You can let down your hair for a little fun in the sun, or for brunch with the special lady and her family. With a little pomade or hair wax, you can achieve a sleek look that will completely transform your look from guy next door to dashing debonair. Looking cool with long hair is just naturally, effortlessly easy.

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When choosing the best and the coolest casual hairstyles, more than how you look wearing it, you should also feel comfortable and be confident in it. You should also pick a hairstyle that you can style in different ways, and will still look great even if you don’t style it.

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