7 Beard Designs that will make you feel like a Real Man

Ever wanted to grow some beards? These styles will definitely make you feel like a man:

Beards can give even the most baby-faced men a rough, rugged, and more mature look. It can help hide soft jawlines and weak chins, even neck flab. Beards can also protect your face from the heat of the sun, or from the harsh and cold winds of winter. So yes, you need a beard if you want that added protection against the elements, and boost to your appeal and masculinity.

Unlike some of you may know, a good-looking beard doesn’t just happen. Great beard designs that you see online or on other men’s faces require trimming, fading, shaping, combing, brushing, shampooing, and conditioning. Just like the hair on the top of your head. But beards look awesome, no matter how long it takes to grow one.

While you’re waiting for the hair to grow out, here are seven awesome beard designs that are guaranteed to make you look and feel like a real man.

Beard Designs Style # 1


If you’re a naturally hairy guy, chances are you won’t encounter any problem with growing a full beard such as this. Hair will grow in all the right places, with just the right texture and consistency. The challenge will be in waiting for the hair to grow and reaching your desired length.

But good things come to those who wait. While the beard grows, trim and shape the beard regularly so it doesn’t start growing in all directions. You can look great with any beard length, just as long as the beard looks neat, clean, and soft. For a more kickass look, keep a nicely shaped mustache as well.

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Beard Designs Style # 2


Seeing beard designs like this make us regret shaving this morning. It’s thick, short, and perfectly manicured. Just the kind of beard that any one of us can sport one day.

Some guys have the perfect beard structure. Beard hair just naturally occupies the right amount of skin without having to shape, shave, or trim. But be patient, because soon you will also have that thick carpet of facial hair.

A full beard like this requires a lot of upkeep to keep it looking flawless and fabulous. Trimming is required to keep the hairs at uniform length. Also, your beard should be shampooed and conditioned to keep it clean, soft, and shiny.

Beard Designs Style # 3


A beard need not be long and bushy. Some beard designs keep the hair closely cropped and perfectly shaped. It’s the perfect style of beard for guys who are not yet ready for the long beard but can manage a full and thin facial carpet.

This is best achieved by using clippers. Trim your beard once a week, or depending on how fast or how slow the hair grows. Don’t forget to shave that part where the beard meets the neck to keep a consistent and balanced look.

To keep the beard and the skin underneath it moisturized, apply some beard oil after every shower. Beard oil spells the difference between a dry and dull beard and a soft and healthy-looking one, so don’t skip it!

Beard Designs Style # 4


Sometimes, you don’t need such dramatic beard designs to properly rock a beard. Sometimes, all you need is a nicely trimmed stubble to give your face the right amount of hair coverage.

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You can keep a low profile beard and still look like a manly man. Remember, it’s not just the size of the beard that makes you look like a real man. It’s also your level of confidence and badassery.

If you wear a beard with no confidence or boldness, you’re merely just hiding behind all that facial hair.

Beard Designs Style # 5


Some beard designs can also be thick and bushy. It’s the natural growth of hair, and it will differ with each guy. Some beards will have a curly element to them, while some beards will just be straight no matter what length.

If you want the curly or bushy kind, this can be easily achieved by using a good beard brush and applying some beard oil. A boar bristle brush is often recommended as it can improve the texture of the hair and make it healthier, softer, and shinier. It can also help remove dirt that accumulates on your beard, especially if you have a long and full one.

Beard Designs Style # 6


You think you already have a pretty good beard situation. And then you see this muscled guy and his long and impressive face carpet. Suddenly you think your beard is weak and puny.

But hey, it’s perfectly alright to feel that way. Beard designs like this are a league of their own, and it really does command respect. Respect for the beard and the beard owner.

Not all men have the strength to grow a beard this size. It takes months to grow, and you’ll be constantly resisting the urge to trim it or shave it every single day. But once you get past that and start feeling comfortable carrying all that hair around, it will be a walk in the park.

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Beard Designs Style # 7


There are tons of beard designs that will look great on just about any kind of face shape, beard hair texture, and even personality. A beard can make you look less boyish and more gentlemanly. It can make you have stronger angles and features. It can make you look more mature, more sophisticated and distinguished, or even more dangerous and intimidating. A beard can basically make any look possible.

There’s really not one way to grow a beard. Depending on the length and the kind of hair that you’re born with, your beard can just be uniquely your own. A beard doesn’t need to look so serious or formal all the time. Beards can be quirky and playful, too. Go ahead and have fun with these awesome beard designs, and just let your imagination and personality shine through!