7 Badass Fade Haircuts for Black Men

Here are some badass examples of fade haircuts that will definitely suit for black men:

When it comes to fade haircuts, the more visible the fade, the better. Most guys like the fade haircut because of its stylishness and very low upkeep. Others like it because they can do different styles for the top hair, depending on the length and the texture. There are many fade haircuts for black men that look awesome and stylish, which will also suit all types of personalities and lifestyles. Check out our gallery of some of the most badass fade haircuts that you can wear.

Fade Haircut for Black Men Style # 1


With the right kind of fade, you can make a simple haircut look more dramatic and more interesting. A good fade not only leaves your hair nicely trimmed and shaped, but it can also give your face a simple but flattering new look.

If you have really thick, curly, and wild hair, a fade haircut is just what you need. It controls the volume at the sides and at the back, while keeping the length short. Most fade haircuts also allow plenty of room to style your hair, because hair at the top is usually longer and fuller. You can style it any way you want, or just leave it as it is since most black men have already nice and full hair.

Fade Haircut for Black Men Style # 2


We’re big fans of Usher’s hairstyles, because they always look good and he always looks good in them. No matter how simple the fade haircut, it always stands out because he makes sure that there’s something exciting going on at the top of his head.

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A fade haircut looks awesome on really tight curls, especially if taming and styling your curls has always been a problem for you. You can get your barber to fade only the sides and the back, and then you can get creative with your top hair. Keep it simple but nice, so you can wear it to the office, to school, to formal functions, and to fancy parties.

Fade Haircut for Black Men Style # 3


Fade haircuts are very popular because when combined with a different haircut, the hair looks even more badass. If you think pompadours are only for straight to wavy hair, think again. With just the right styling products, even a pompadour is possible.

You need really long hair at the top of your high fade. Style it with a round brush and pomade to get your desired height and fullness. You will need a pomade that has extra strength hold, as well as some hairspray with the same kind of locking power. This way, you can keep the style in place the entire day without the need to retouch.

Fade Haircut for Black Men Style # 4


What can be a more badass haircut than a fade with a Mohawk? There’s simply no other way to describe it. The closer and the higher the fade, the more dramatic the Mohawk becomes. This Mohawk is made even more dramatic by the hard part just off the middle.

For the Mohawk itself, the top hair is definitely not going anywhere. It’s thick, tall, and tight, and you only need to shape it by following the natural shape of the head, from the top all the way to the base of the hairline. Very little styling is needed because the hair can pretty much hold itself without any kind of hairstyling products.

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Fade Haircut for Black Men Style # 5


If you want it clean, stylish, and something with very little upkeep, you can also get this kind of fade haircut. It’s a no nonsense kind of haircut that you can just wash and wear. You literally just have to wash and dry it, and you’re good to go. It’s perfect for work and for school. It’s also stylish and sophisticated enough for fancy events and formal occasions.

You can get your barber to do the fade haircut for you, or you can do it yourself right in the comfort of your home. All you need is a set of good clippers, a large mirror, and a steady pair of hands.

Fade Haircut for Black Men Style # 6


If you want a badass fade haircut, you definitely have to get a high top fade, or more popularly known as a flat top. You don’t see it a lot these days, that’s why when you sport one, you will really be turning heads. Especially heads of those people who wore the same hairstyle back in the ‘90s.

Get a high fade going at the sides and the back. You can make the top hair as high as you want. Make sure that the top is flat, though. Get creative with hair color and dye it a different color to make it truly pop.

Fade Haircut for Black Men Style # 7


Different fades in one haircut can be such lovely things to look at. Just check out this really neat and dramatic fade haircut on our guy right here. The fade at the sides and the back looks flawless. You can clearly see short hair growing longer as it makes its way higher on the head. There’s a dramatic side part right before the top hair gradually tapers off.

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This is a great haircut to keep the curls short and close to the skin. You don’t have to spend a lot of time each morning styling it and making sure that it looks just perfect. It’s just the kind of haircut that you can wash and dry and not worry how it looks for the rest of the day.

Fade haircuts look flattering on almost all guys, that’s why it remains such a popular haircut. You can get a low fade or a high fade and combine it with a low top or a high top, even a Mohawk. Each style will look different, and each look will be equally stylish.

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