6 Sexy Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair

Finding a style for your short wavy hair doesn't have to be limited. Here are some sexy short haircuts that suit this kind of hair:

Wavy hairstyles hold a certain kind of sexy and romantic appeal all uniquely their own, so don’t be so quick to get rid of them yet. They can be styled and trimmed so that the soft curls and waves are not a problem. Instead, they can be something that can complement your entire look, or give you a completely different one altogether.

There are many styling options available for short wavy hair, and we have picked out six of the sexiest and coolest ones for your viewing pleasure.

Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair Style # 1


Wavy hair need not be hidden away under caps and inside unimaginative ponytails. You can flaunt the soft curls and make every other guy wish they’d been born with natural curls instead. One way to rock this type of hair is to shape and trim it so that the curls look tame and tailored.

Keep the sides and back as short as you want to go, but leave the top hair longer and thicker. This is where the styling action will happen, so you want to have more length here for more creativity and flexibility.

You can apply some medium hold pomade or styling wax if you want your hair to stay in place, and if you want a glossier, shinier finish. You can also use hair clay if a natural and dry matte is what you’re aiming for. You’re guaranteed gorgeous curls with any of these hairstyles.

Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair Style # 2


If you have Patrick Dempsey curls, it’s best to keep them short to have that stylish but manageable length. You want to have a short haircut that will be easier to style on days when you have extra time to primp, also on days when you just can’t be bothered to look in the mirror.

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The key to short and manageable wavy hair is keeping it moisturized. Dry hair looks dull, and the waves are less attractive when they are dry and lackluster. Shampoo your hair once or twice a week, but condition your hair every day. This will keep hair clean and soft, and it will help to lock in the moisture that it needs for easier styling.

Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair Style # 3


You can also get this short on sides long on top hairstyle. It’s one of the most stylish and most fashionable hairstyles that you can wear to make your wavy hair appear thinner and less wavy. It’s also a nice hairstyle for guys who want to make a receding or thinning hairline less noticeable.

Make the hair part off the middle, and then keep the hair at the top short and textured. You can add your preferred styling product to make it as glossy or as natural-looking as you want. You can do away with the fine-toothed comb or brush. You can use your fingers to rumple the hair and get that perfectly styled set of soft curls.

Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair Style # 4


Our next hairstyle is perfect for busy young professionals and students who work hard and party even harder. It’s the hairstyle that can help you land jobs, promotions, and clients. It also a hairstyle that’s fun and relaxed enough for after office drinks, Friday night parties, and out of town adrenalin adventures.

The hair is cropped short on the sides and the back, and neatly trimmed at the hairline. The hair at the top is slightly longer and textured to manage the volume. It’s a hairstyle that can save you a lot of time prepping or styling each morning. Bedheads and stray hair are easily managed with just a quick run of the fingers, or with the help of some hair wax and a fine-toothed comb.

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Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair Style # 5


You can always go for the classic and elegant short haircut that will still look fabulous even a hundred years from now, when your future grandkids unearth your photos from your cloud storage. It’s simple and sophisticated, and holds enough style to satisfy the most classic and conservative tastes.

To get the waves in check, keep the sides and back short, and then keep the long hair at the top. The goal is to get the hair at the top to look soft, silky, and light. You can achieve that by using a good hair conditioner, and also by applying a soft hold pomade or hair wax for styling. Don’t apply too much because this can make the hair look greasy or sticky. Too much hairstyling product can also make the hair look heavy and droopy.

Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair Style # 6


Short wavy hair is the perfect hairstyle for men who have wide foreheads and tall hairlines. By letting the hair fall softly over your forehead, you can make the forehead less prominent, and the hairline less noticeable.

This hairstyle is best worn with a little soft hold pomade or hair wax for a more natural-looking finish. You can use volumizing brush for more body or volume, and then apply a little hairspray. You can get the whole manly man look by adding a full set of beard. A good beard is always a good idea, especially if you have no problem growing facial hair.

Wavy hair can be easy to style and maintain if you have just the right kind of hairstyle. The trick is to keep the frizz away and keep the locks moisturized for easier styling. You should also keep your hair soft and shiny so that the hair will truly pop.

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Choose a short wavy hairstyle that will be easy to maintain in terms of washing and styling, so that even when your lazy day happens, you will still look put together. Keep it short and cropped, or keep it long and flowing. Wavy hair can be beautiful both ways. You just need to find that perfect haircut that will bring out its natural beauty.

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