6 of the Latest and Newest Short Haircuts for Guys

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Short haircuts are always simple and functional. However, these six short haircuts clearly show that hair can be short but really stylish, too. Check out our gallery of the latest and newest haircuts you can wear for your short hair.

New Short Haircuts for Guys Style # 1

new-short-haircuts (1)

This is a great short haircut for guys of all ages. All the things that you look for in a good haircut are here. Clean lines, nice fades, strong tapers, and a nice side part. The top hair is short and tight, but not too closely cropped to the skin. You can still enjoy a little bit of length at the top for styling, too.

It’s the perfect hairstyle for college guys, or for young professionals who work with a strict dress code. This kind of hairstyle is one of the easiest to wear and one of the easiest to maintain. You just wash and wear it, add a little styling product for extra sheen and extra hold. You’re all set!

New Short Haircuts for Guys Style # 2

new-short-haircuts (2)

If you like a bit of drama and a bit of attitude in your hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. It’s strongly faded at the sides and at the back. There is a strong side part where the slick combover begins. There’s also a short pompadour happening right there at the front. It’s truly one impressive hairstyle for such a short haircut.

It’s not a difficult hairstyle to achieve, either. You must first get a good fade haircut so that you can style the hair with more ease. Once you have the haircut settled, you can just apply some pomade all over your hair and style it as you wish. Create the pomp as high as you want to go, depending on your mood at the moment. If you want extra hold, you can always apply a little hairspray just to be sure that the hairstyle will remain in place all throughout the day.

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New Short Haircuts for Guys Style # 3

new-short-haircuts (3)

It’s nothing new and nothing that we have not seen before. But the shaved hairstyle is always popular each year we might as well include it in this list. It’s a classic haircut that will not go away anytime soon. It’s a huge favorite among the guys because of its simplicity and stylishness. You can just literally wash your hair, dry it, dress up, and head out the door without doing anything else to it. That’s how low maintenance this short haircut is. So if you are always in a hurry every morning and you don’t have time to style your hair, we highly recommend this haircut.

You can wear this to work or to school, even to fancy parties and formal events. It’s a great haircut for guys who lead very active lives. Perfect for sports and other outdoor activities. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your scalp when you’ll be spending time under the sun. You can easily get sunburn. You don’t want to start peeling all over your head, do you?

New Short Haircuts for Guys Style # 4

new-short-haircuts (4)

Another good-looking short haircut that you can try this year is this short on sides long on top haircut. All the hair at the sides and at the back are shaved close to the skin, leaving the top hair long and thick. It looks like a military haircut, only there’s more length for the top hair for styling.

Fans of hipster fashion and hipster hair will be excited to wear this kind of haircut. It’s short in length but never short of style. It’s also a pretty easy haircut to style and maintain. Just apply some pomade or hair wax, and start styling with a fine-toothed comb, or even just your fingers! Nothing complicated about that, right?

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New Short Haircuts for Guys Style # 5

new-short-haircuts (5)

The Ivy League haircut is also one of the newest and latest haircuts that you need to try if you have short hair. Its look is classic yet modern, elegant yet casual, and simple yet stylish. It’s just the perfect hairstyle for guys who enjoy a little bit of sophistication and ruggedness.

Like the shaved haircut, this haircut does not require a lot of upkeep or styling. You can sleep in it and wake up in it without worrying about bedheads or bad hair days. If you want a little bit of fancy, you can style it with some soft hold pomade or hair wax. You can also comb it to the side to change the look a bit.

New Short Haircuts for Guys Style # 6

new-short-haircuts (6)

Even short hair can be styled to look long and spiky. You can easily achieve this hairstyle by getting a short on sides and long on top kind of haircut, just like this hair on Zayn Malik. The top hair is long and thick, and texturized to look taller and fuller.

It’s a pretty good-looking haircut, and we see this on just about any guy between the ages of 16 to 36. So yes, it is a popular new haircut.

The great thing about this kind of haircut is that you can style it up, and you can also style it down. If you’re in the mood for something slick and shiny, you can just apply pomade on the hair and do a comb over all the way to the back or to the sides.

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If you want something that looks elegant and sophisticated, you can also style the top hair into a short pompadour. If you just want something relaxed and laidback, you can leave it all natural and let the hair fall over your forehead.

These are just some of the latest and newest short haircuts that will look fantastic on most guys. Try out some of these hairstyles and get a new and different look. Set up an appointment with your barber today!

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