6 of the Best Tapered Haircuts We Have Seen

You can always opt for a better hairstyle with these tapered haircuts we find definitely amusing:

A tapered haircut is a timeless haircut. It’s been around for ages and have gone through different changes and stages. Still the classic look remains. It’s easy to style and easy to maintain. It’s high on style, and never goes out of style. These are some of the reasons why men love this type of haircut.

You may also want to check out some other short hairstyles similar to this like the low fade, high and tight, and the taper fade hairstyle.

There are so many different styles you can do with a tapered haircut. We have selected six of the best tapered haircuts we have ever seen on the internet and listed down the reasons why we’re crazy about them.

Tapered Haircut # 1


There are so many things going on with this tapered haircut, all of them good. We have a tapered combover, as well as a tapered fade. The hair is short and tight around the edges, but slick and full at the top. It’s very stylish and new, while still looking masculine and very, very badass.

Everything just looks so balanced and not a single strand of hair is out of place. Even the beard is perfectly chiseled. We just cannot love this tapered haircut enough.

If you want to wear a haircut like this, you must communicate clearly with your stylist how long, how high, and how close-cropped you want it. If that fails, there’s a screenshot option in your smartphone. All you need to do is take a snapshot of the hair and show it to your stylist. Less hassle, less time. You’re welcome!

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Tapered Haircut # 2


This tapered haircut stands tall and proud. Can you blame us if we feel complete hair envy? Check out the detail at the top. Check out the fade at the sides and at the back. Check out that mean combover. Don’t you sometimes wish you can just download haircuts from the internet and install them on your head whenever you want to?

But we digress. If you want a badass tapered haircut, this is the one. There are so many things you can do with this. You can comb it to the side for a more relaxed and laidback look. You can apply pomade and comb it over to make it look slick and flat. You can even tie it up in a ponytail and wear a little top knot.

Tapered Haircut # 3


We like this tapered haircut for its perfectly polished look and really amazing definition. Do you see a strand of hair that should not even be there? No. Do we think that side sweep combover is so perfect it must have been Photoshopped? Yes. Are we unable to stop looking at the clean fades at the sides and at the back? Yes.

Compared to the other two tapered haircuts, this one looks a little stiff and severe. But we love it because of its clean lines and perfect form. Of course, you can work with this kind of haircut with less styling gel or pomade to achieve a softer and more natural look.

Tapered Haircut # 4


This is another example of a perfectly tapered haircut that we love. The whole look balances out, and you can clearly see the side part even with a full side sweep.

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The sides and the back are closely cropped. They join the top hair in one fluid motion. He’s wearing the top hair on a full side sweep. You can see the definition even if it’s combed over.

The hair doesn’t look busy or over styled. If you comb the top hair a different way, you get a completely new look. If you wear it naturally without the aid of any styling product, it’s a whole new look, too.

Tapered Haircut # 5


We love this tapered haircut for its overall style and look. It’s a very young, fun, and stylish hairstyle that will look great for any day of the year. The textured hair gives it a lot of character. It’s simple and wearable and easy to maintain. That makes it a winner in our books.

The secret is to get a good fade haircut, and then taper and sculpt the top hair according to how long, how short, how tight, and how textured you want it.

With the help of some good pomade and your favorite styling gel, you can comb the hair down or brush it up, depending on what style you like at the moment.

Tapered Haircut # 6


Just like tapered haircut # 3, we love this because of its perfect lines and unbelievable definition. We can stare at it for days, really. We enjoy looking at the perfectly lined side part and the tapered sides and back. The side combover is flawless and dramatic, as well. Everything is balanced and perfectly shaped.

We know that this can be achieved easily with pomade and a really fine-toothed comb. But when it’s sitting right there in front of you, it’s hard not to feel a little bit amazed.

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To achieve this tapered haircut, aside from finding the perfect hairstylist to help you get this look, you also must have the right type of hair. If you have straight and medium thick hair, this will look perfect on you.

A tapered haircut can be your hairstyle of choice. It can be your signature hairstyle. It’s youthful and fun, and very fresh and stylish. You can easily dress it up to look more sophisticated and elegant, or you can dress it down to look more casual and relaxed.

Which is why you need to invest on a good hairstylist who can cut your hair exactly the way you want it. That’s easier said than done, though. You can always ask your friends or family members for a recommendation. You can watch them at work first before you get them to work on your hair. A highly trained barber or hairstylist should know the latest trends and give good advice when you’re not sure about something.

So here’s to great haircuts, and even greater hairstylists. Good luck with your search!

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