6 Medium Long Haircuts that will Suit all Men

If you have a hair that is neither long nor short, then the perfect medium long haircuts are these:

So your hair has reached that awkward length where it’s neither short nor long, and you have no idea what to do with it. Fortunately for you, we have a lot of ideas on how to make medium long haircuts work.

Some guys forego style and start wearing their hair in whatever style they feel like at the moment. But what you fail to realize is that longer hair means more styling possibilities, and more chances to completely transform how you look. Medium long haircuts need not be complicated, though. Here are six hairstyles that can show you a different way of styling your hair.

Medium Long Haircuts Style # 1


If you have thick and long hair, you can start wearing it in this kind of hairstyle. The sides and back are thin and lightly cropped. All the volume, thickness, and length are concentrated at the top, where hair flows loosely. When it comes to styling, anything goes.

You can let it fall on your forehead and work that soft and sexy quiff, just like this guy right here. It’s messy and bedraggled but still so chic and cool.

If you want something else, you can also do a combover to the sides or to the back. You can even comb all the hair back, and then tie it in a little top knot. You have plenty of choices and you only need to get a little creative.

Medium Long Haircuts Style # 2


If your hair is thick and wavy, it’s also the most beautiful at medium length. Get a haircut like this one to effectively manage the curls and keep the volume controlled. What you get is a soft and wispy haircut that will be irresistible to most women.

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Keep your curls looking healthy and shiny, and feeling soft and smooth 24/7. Naturally wavy hair like this tends to look flat and dull if you don’t look after it. Shampoo your hair with a volumizing shampoo and condition regularly to keep your tresses looking gorgeous. You should also use a styling mousse or gel to keep the frizz away during styling.

Medium Long Haircuts Style # 3


You can also just follow the natural shape of the hair and style it accordingly. No need for flashy top hair, or awesome fade haircuts. Just a simple and sophisticated haircut should suffice.

Your natural curls should be your crowning glory. This medium long haircut is perfect because it does not make the top look heavy or the sides bushy. It’s just the right length and keeps the hair off the face.

It’s a professional and elegant haircut that’s well suited for the office, for formal events, and even for everyday wear. It can be worn slick and polished, and it can be worn just soft and natural. Now that’s versatility for you.

Medium Long Haircuts Style # 4


If you have medium long and thick hair, you can have a hairstyle that looks something like this. It’s beautifully cropped and tapered at the sides and at the back. There’s no visible side part, and the hair just flows long and soft towards the forehead.

It’s a very fun and fashionable haircut that younger guys will like, especially if they like hair falling over their eyes. Or if they just really like anything fashionable or trendy.

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This is a hairstyle that will be perfect with straight hair, because it does require a smooth and polished look for the hair at the top.

You can always apply styling wax or hairspray to get your hair to do what you want it to do. If you want a softer and more natural-looking finish, you can also apply some hair clay.

Medium Long Haircuts Style # 5


Style your medium long haircut with a side combover. If you have thick and wavy hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Make sure that you don’t touch the length of the hair on top, but keep the sides and the back faded or lightly cropped.

Starting from your side part, comb your hair over to the other side. Style it according to the height or the fullness that you want. If you want more volume, apply some pomade and work on your hair with a volumizing brush.

Once you get the fullness and the softness that you’re aiming for, apply some hairspray to lock the style in place. You can get a hairspray with a soft or medium hold so that it still looks natural, or you can get one that has a strong hold so that your hair will stay in place for the whole day. Even longer.

Medium Long Haircuts Style # 6


And then of course there’s the combover and undercut combination that’s so popular with many. If you want something really different and cool, you can start rocking this ‘do. But maybe you can skip it for now if you work for a company with rather strict dress code policies.

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The sides and the back will be buzzed. How short will be entirely up to you. The hair at the top will be trimmed and textured to look good together with the undercut. Depending on how straight, or wavy, or curly your hair is, you get a pretty polished combover every time.

You can also comb it to the sides, brush it up, or tie it back in a top knot. It’s a pretty versatile hairstyle that every manly man should try wearing. It doesn’t need a lot of upkeep, and you can be out the door in just a few minutes wearing such kickass hair.

With a medium long haircut, you have more options for some of the best hairstyles that will suit most men. With medium long hair, you can wear it straight, curly, wavy, faded, or buzzed. Choose the best haircut that will showcase the beauty of your hair and make you look even more attractive. A haircut can make or break your look, so make sure that you always get the best one.

Medium Hairstyles