6 Low Top Fades that are Effortlessly Cool

This hairstyle is definitely fuss-free and perfect if you want to achieve an effortless look:

If you like short and fuss-free hairstyles, then you surely must have heard about the low top fade haircut. The sides are cut or buzzed really short, and the hair at the top is short, or also the same length. It looks like a crew cut or a buzz cut. Its distinct look are the shaved sides and the short top, the opposite of the high top fade where the sides are short but the top is a lot longer.

More and more men are opting to go short and wear this kind of hairstyle, mainly because of the comfort and the functionality it provides. It also has an understated sexiness and charm that one simply cannot achieve with longer and fuller hairstyles. Here are six low top fade haircuts that will inspire you to change your look ASAP.

Low Top Fade Hairstyle # 1


If you’re looking to hide greying hair, or thinning hair, or receding hairlines, a low top fade haircut can be the solution to your hair styling problems. It keeps the hair all at the same length and keeps the hair at the top closely cropped. No embarrassing combovers. No carefully executed pomp that no one will dare touch with a pole.

If you’re not crazy about styling your hair but still want to look like a million dollars, you should definitely get this low top fade haircut. You wash it and wear it, and that’s it. Nothing can be more effortless than that. It will also save you a few trips to the barbershop, unless of course the hair starts growing faster than usual.

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Low Top Fade Hairstyle # 2

A low top fade haircut can be your go-to hairstyle to wear to school or to the office. It won’t fail you when it comes to glitzy events and formal occasions, either. It’s a simple and functional hairstyle, but it can be sexy and fashionable should you require it.

It looks flattering on most guys and most facial shapes, but it does tend to make an elongated face look even more elongated. One way to solve that is by growing some facial hair to create the illusion of a shorter or more angular face. Keep the beard short, but you can wear it thick or sparse. You will find that it makes a nice balance to your closely cropped hair.

Low Top Fade Hairstyle # 3


Natural tight curls are meant for the low top fade. It’s a short and clean haircut that can give you a break from all those beautiful but usually hard to maintain curls. It’s usually very tightly cropped, and you can’t even see where the curls begin and where the curls end.

You can choose to enjoy a little length for a little more coverage, or you can wear it just like this for a bolder and sexier look. Both styles don’t require a lot of upkeep, and both looks are winners in our books. There are no surprises with the low top fade, and that’s perfectly fine with us.

Low Top Fade Hairstyle # 4


If you live a very active and very busy lifestyle, what are you still doing not wearing a low top fade? It’s the perfect haircut for men who like to play sports, climb mountains, swim oceans, run marathons, lift weights, and other physical activities which can leave your hair looking all sticky and sweaty. Not to mention unattractive.

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When you’re not busy sweating it out, a low top fade can also be the perfect hairstyle to wear to your client presentations, boardroom meetings, and national conferences. It’s appropriate and professional enough to wear at the office, and even dressy enough for formal black tie company events.

Low Top Fade Hairstyle # 5


Did anyone say effortlessly cool low top fade? We got one right here. But are you cool and brave enough to wear it? First of all, it’s totally badass, and not everyone can pull off badass without pain of embarrassment or humiliation. Second of all, not everyone has a perfectly shaped head like this guy here.

But that’s the great thing about low top fades. It can work at hiding or making the imperfections less noticeable. If you have thin hair or a receding hairline, this is a good haircut that can draw the eyes away from the forehead and focus instead on the shaved sides, or the full beard, if any. You don’t need to be a bad boy to wear this haircut, but you most definitely need to have the confidence and swagger.

Low Top Fade Hairstyle # 6


Show off those tight and hot curls with this cool low top fade. We have some serious hair envy just looking at all those straight lines and perfect fades and perfectly manicured top. There’s a clear hard part and a flawless fade going just above the ears. We can’t help but wish we can do this kind of hairstyle on ourselves, and magically grow back all the hair that we shave if we make a mistake while doing it.

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The top hair is full and thick but still at a short and manageable length. It’s still a low maintenance kind of hairstyle, but you will still have to shampoo, condition, and care for the curls to keep them soft and shiny. But other than that, it’s a mostly wash and wear kind of hair that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

Low top fades are definitely effortlessly cool. Which other hairstyle can you wear that you don’t need to style but still look stylish and fashionable anyway?

The low top fade is perfect for all kinds of hair, but you may have to check the shape of your head to see if you have the right shape of head for it. But don’t worry, your barber or stylist can still give you a short haircut that can still hide the imperfections. Ask your barber today about the low top fade. Maybe now is the time that you start wearing one!

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