6 Long Undercut Styles for Men

These long undercut styles are sexy and fashionable to sport. Here are some examples:

Long hair is always sexy and stylish, but you can still make it look interesting and dramatic. Long hair will look all the more fashionable and trendy by wearing it with an undercut. Here are six cool looks with a long undercut style that will look great on you.

Long Undercut Hair for Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 1

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To give your long hair a kickass look, get an undercut haircut. This will complement your long top hair very nicely. The contrast of shaved hair and long hair will give you a completely different look that you just can’t get from anywhere else. Even without the pierced ears and the tattoos, the haircut will definitely make you look like someone not to mess with.

This haircut is not even difficult to achieve. Simply ask your barber to shave off the sides and the back, and leave the top hair long and layered. From there, you can let your creativity take over. This particular hairstyle is combed forward and styled into a simple but pointy quiff.

Long Undercut Hair for Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 2

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An undercut can also be a great haircut to show off an impressive top hair such as this. The sides and back are shaved close to the skin, and the top hair is just long and glorious curly hair. There’s also a bit of a quiff happening that falls ever so cutely just above the forehead.

This is just the kind of haircut that will work awesomely with guys with long and wavy hair. It manages the volume at the sides and the back, while keeping the long hair highly styled and textured. If you’re not a big fan of styling your hair but want your hair to look great all the time, this is a good haircut for you. You only need to apply some pomade on your hair and style it any way you want.

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Long Undercut Hair for Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 3

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This is another awesome undercut style for long hair. The sides and back are faded, and the top hair is long and full. There’s a strong part off the middle, and the rest of the hair is combed over to the side. It’s a great haircut for college guys and young professionals who want to look great and stylish, while looking professional and very business-like.

This kind of haircut is very flexible and easy to manage. You can apply pomade of hairstyling wax to make it look shinier or glossier for more formal events and fancy parties. You can also wear it soft and all natural, with a dry matte finish.

Long Undercut Hair for Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 4

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You know what else looks great on a long undercut hairstyle? Yes, you got it. A top knot! We can understand if you don’t like trendy hairstyles such as the top knot, but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. This can be the answer to all your hairstyle problems.

But before you can even rock a top knot, you must first grow the hair. Make sure that you have at least four inches of hair on top, or any length that will allow you to do a little top knot. And then you must get an undercut that will cleanly shave off the hair at the sides and at the back. Once you’ve got that all settled, it’s time to do the top knot.

Depending on how you want your top knot to look, you can make the hair look slick and shiny, or you can make it loose and relaxed with a dry matte finish. Just comb the hair all the way to the back and tie it in a small knot. Quick and painless, with loads of style and kickass attitude.

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Long Undercut Hair for Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 5

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If you like hipster fashion, then you must definitely have a long undercut hairstyle. This is just the kind of haircut that will allow you to do different hairstyles and still match your ever changing hipster look.

You can style it up, and you can style it down. You can wear it on a daily basis, yet it can also be stylish and elegant enough for more formal occasions.

Get this haircut by having the sides and the back shaved off. Leave the hair at the top long and full. You can get layers and texture on it, or you can just keep it long and thick.

If you like a shinier or glossier finish, you can apply some pomade or hairstyling wax. If you want the hold but not the shine, you can just apply hair clay on it.

Long Undercut Hair for Men Hairstyle Inspiration # 6

long-undercut-styles (6)

Just like the previous hairstyle, a long undercut is every hipster’s go-to hairstyle. The shaved sides and back provide a perfect drop for the dramatic top hair. You can keep the top hair simple and smooth, if that’s more your style. But you can always make it a lot more interesting and exciting by doing a hairstyle that looks something like this.

The secret to a good long undercut hairstyle is long and thick top hair. Longer hair means more hairstyles, which mean more opportunities to try out different new looks. Just like the haircut on this guy.

The top hair can be styled in so many ways. You can wear it in a slick back hairstyle, or a combover, or a pompadour, or even a top knot.  He can have a high gloss hairstyle, or just wear it natural and soft. It’s also perfect for guys who have straight, wavy, or curly hair. It’s a great way to manage the volume, or create more volume.

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So if you have long hair and thinking of chopping it all off, stop right now and get this long undercut hairstyle first. You can enjoy both the perks of having short hair (because of the undercut) and long hair (top hair), and rock a completely new look altogether!

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