6 Cool Fade Haircuts for Black Guys

These fade haircuts are simple to rock, especially by black guys:

Fade haircuts are all the rage nowadays because of how they can give the hair shape and volume. What’s even better about fade haircuts is that they can be done on almost any kind of hair. We have picked out six of the coolest fade haircuts for black guys with tight and naturally curly hair. Check them out here:

Fade Haircuts Style # 1

fade-haircut (1)

Fade haircuts are a fun and stylish way to manage short and tight curls. In fade haircuts, the hair gradually gets shorter as it goes to the top.

With this fade haircut, though, the temples are buzzed, while the hair at the back and the top remain thick and full. The hair at the back and at the top are also cut the same length. Such a simple haircut that packs a lot of punch when it comes to style, don’t you think?

There are many ways to jazz up this kind of hairstyle. But it’s best to just wear it with a high-shine pomade to keep your curls looking soft, shiny, and moisturized. If you’ve already got oily hair, though, you can skip the pomade and just wear your curls in a shiny but matte finish.

Fade haircuts such as this are perfect to wear anytime, anywhere. You can wear it to parties and formal events. It won’t look so out of place in an office setting, either. This haircut doesn’t scream “Look at me! Look at me!”, but it does give the regular fade haircut a simple but stylish twist.

Fade Haircuts Style # 2

fade-haircut (2)

Among the different fade cuts on black guys, this is probably the biggest favorite. It’s a high and tight haircut that keeps all the hair at the top of the head closely cropped and short. The sides and the back are buzzed close to the skin. The overall look is clean and classic, and smooth and precise.

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This is the kind of haircut that requires little to no maintenance, depending on how fast your hair grows and how long you want your hair. But really, it doesn’t get more wash-and-wear than this.

It’s best worn with a suit and tie, or a shirt and a pair of jeans. It also looks right at home in a professional office setting, at a crazy wild party, or at an intense game of basketball.

No hair gel or hair wax? No problem! This fade haircut looks great with or without a wet and glossy finish. In fact, we prefer to wear it dry or with a matte finish. It’s softer and more natural to the touch, which all the ladies love.

Fade Haircuts Style # 3

fade-haircut (3)

Here’s another example of one of the coolest fade haircuts we’ve seen. This one right here is high on style, as well as wearability and functionality. The temple and the back are buzzed tightly, while a full head of hair sits at the top of the head.

The fade haircut is given more depth and elegance by the full beard on his face. But even without the beard, the haircut can stand on its own. No heavy styling is required, and you can literally just step out of the shower, put some clothes on, and head out the door without doing anything else to your hair.

When you do feel like styling it up a bit, you can always apply some pomade or hairstyling wax or gel. They help add more shine and shape to the curls, as well as give your crowning glory the gloss it needs.

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Fade Haircuts Style # 4

fade-haircut (4)

Wearing these kinds of fade haircuts will certainly make you feel like a modern and successful gentleman. Overall, we love the clean lines and the textured look. One can almost feel how textured the hair at the top feels just by looking at this picture.

If you have curly black hair and want this same look, you might want to grow a little facial hair, too. We think it’s just more badass when it comes with a beard. The sides, the temples, and the back will be buzzed close to the scalp, and the top hair will be tapered with just the right thickness and texture.

Fade Haircuts Style # 5

fade-haircut (5)

If you’re looking for fun and stylish fade haircuts, check this one out. First thing you will see is the strong fade at the sides and at the back. The next thing you’ll see is the impressive Mohawk style top hair that can kick ass anytime.

Like all other fade haircuts, the sides and the back are left faded and tightly cropped. To achieve this kind of top hair, your curls need to be longer, so that they can be shaped and trimmed according to the length that you prefer. Longer top hair also means more ways to style your quiff.

With a fade haircut like this, you have to wear it in its natural splendor and let it loose. The top can be easily trimmed and shaped when the length changes. Also, if you get tired of this haircut in the future, you can quickly switch to a shorter haircut anytime.

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Fade Haircuts Style # 6

fade-haircut (6)

How can you resist fade haircuts as cool as this? Check out the precision and the clean lines. Check out that glorious top hair that’s just begging to be touched. Everything about this hair is so good-looking. Period.

When the hair grows out, it will actually look even better. This is the kind of haircut that will also look good with more height and volume at the top. You can just get the sides and the back faded again to keep the look consistent.

It’s also best to wear the hair with some good old styling gel to keep it looking shiny and soft, although a dry matte looks perfectly alright as well.

Fade haircuts can look flattering on everybody. They’re very stylish and functional and are usually very easy to maintain. The trick is having the right amount of confidence to wear it whichever way you want.

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