6 Bun Styles that Most Guys can Pull Off

If you want to achieve a cleaner yet artistic look, then try the bun style! These are styles that you can most definitely pull off:

There’s no one look for a man bun hairstyle. You can make this kind of hairstyle uniquely your own and let your personality shine through. It can be worn on top of the head, somewhere just below the crown, and even right there near the base of the hairline. You can make it as tight as you want, or you can wear it loose and messy. It can look great with curly hair, straight hair, or wavy hair. There are just so many possibilities.

The great thing about the man bun is that you don’t need to have super long hair to wear one. Most guys won’t have the patience and the commitment to grow out their hair, anyway. Whether you’re a hipster dude who wants to wear a man bun to complement the look, or just a guy who’s curious what all this brouhaha is about this knot of hair on men, you’ve come to the right place. We have a few great bun styles that will look great on just about any guy.

Guy’s Bun Styles Inspiration # 1

bun-styles (1)

If you have semi-long hair that you can gather up in a short ponytail already, then your hair is ready for a top knot hairstyle. To totally rock the look, get a short on the sides long on top haircut first, just like what this guy is wearing. It will give the top knot a more dramatic and prominent look if it rests on a nicely shaped haircut.

Once you’ve got the haircut settled, apply a little pomade on the top hair for more shine or gloss. And then with a fine-toothed comb, start combing the hair all the way to the back. Tie it back in a small top knot somewhere near the crown using a hair band.

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The position of the knot will vary, though, depending on the length of the top hair. The longer the hair, the more flexibility you have with positioning the knot. It’s best to get at least four inches of top hair for best results.

Guy’s Bun Styles Inspiration # 2

bun-styles (2)

This is another bun style or top knot hairstyle that can inspire guys with not so long hair. Just grow out your top hair a bit, preferably more than four inches, and then get an undercut haircut.

The sides and the back are shaved off completely, leaving only that awesome top knot. It’s so simple to style but definitely one of the most kickass hairstyles that you can wear. All you need to do is tie all the hair up, and that’s it!

Guy’s Bun Styles Inspiration # 3

bun-styles (3)

For the guys who strut around with their full length curly crop of hair, your full man bun awaits you. Unlike the top knot that only works with the top hair, a full man bun gathers up all the hair on your head into one magnificent bun.

It’s usually positioned high on the head, and often loose and messy. Especially if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. Don’t worry, though. People love them loose and messy. It only adds to the sexy and manly appeal.

There’s really not a lot of styling required for a full man bun. You just tie it back, and then up, and then secure the bun in place. Maybe a little hairspray for the little rogues and strays, but other than that, your full man bun is all you need.

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Guy’s Bun Styles Inspiration # 4

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You’ve probably been wearing a pony bun for years, you just don’t know it’s called a pony bun. Just like the name suggests, it’s a ponytail that never came to be, because it became a pony bun. Which actually looks quite great and sexy. And not even puny or weak.

If you have medium length hair, or full length hair, you can wear a pony bun. Like any bun hairstyle, you can position the pony bun anywhere on your head. You just have to have the right length of hair for it. A pony bun can be promoted to a full man bun. You just need to grow your hair a little bit longer.

Guy’s Bun Styles Inspiration # 5

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Even curly hair can make awesome man buns. Your man bun will definitely have a fuller and more textured look because of it. You can wear it in a full bun or a pony bun and it will look just as kickass. You can wear it high or low, and it will still be the first thing that people will notice.

This can be your go-to hairstyle for your curly hair on days when you’re too lazy to style or primp. This can also be a great and stylish way to solve bad hair days or extra frizzy hair. When you want to keep the curls and the long hair but don’t have the energy or the time to make them extra beautiful, a man bun is the best solution.

Guy’s Bun Styles Inspiration # 6

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If you can wear it high on top of your head, of course you can wear it low as well. The low man bun is perfect for guys who want the do but want to keep a low profile. Good luck with that, though, because we still think this kind of man bun is a pretty hot deal.

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For starters, you don’t need to have a lot of hair to make this bun. But you’ll know when you’re pushing your hair too hard. How? The bun will just not happen. If you do successfully gather up all that glorious hair into a bun, just keep it low, near the base of the hairline. You’re all ready to rock and strut your stuff.

Now you know that bun styles are not just for guys who look like actors and models with perfect cheek bones, ripped bodies, and long, glorious hair. If you have the hair, you can wear the style. Make sure that you throw in the right amount of confidence, too.

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