6 Beard Growing Tips – from Men with Epic Beards

Here are some tips on how to perfectly grow your beard coming from men who sport this epic face hairstyle:

A beard separates the men from the boys. If you want instant sex appeal and masculinity, grow a beard. There’s something just visually arresting about a man who sports stylish facial hair. Men and women alike will agree on that. If you’re planning to grow and maintain a beard anytime soon, check out these beard growing tips from men who sport the most epic beards.

Beard Growing Tips for the First Timer


How do you know if you should even grow a beard? If you have a naturally boyish face, and you seem to find yourself shaving every day because of all the facial hair growth, you are the best candidate to grow a beard.

Growing a beard is an exercise of patience, and a test of will. A full beard takes weeks to achieve, even longer if you have really fine facial hair. If you’re not a patient guy, say goodbye to your dreams of wearing a full beard and just be happy with a decent stubble.

But if you’re willing to do the work, you’re halfway there. Brace yourself for some itch, though. Oh, there will be itching. A lot of itching, actually. Avoid scratching the itch, especially when new beard hairs start sprouting on your face.

Beard Growing Tips on Facial Hair


When you decide to grow a beard, you must also prepare your mind and body for the beard growing challenge. If you like going to bed late at night, you need to change that and start going to bed early. To have good-looking facial hair, your body needs plenty of sleep.

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You also need to eat a diet that is rich in proteins and nutrients. Eat more fish, like tuna and salmon. Eat more lean chicken. Also include eggs, yogurt, mushrooms, and skimmed or non-fat milk.

Stay away from stress, because stress is a big factor in hair loss. Make sure that you drink plenty of water each day. You can also take some biotin supplements to improve the quality and the growth of your facial hair.

Beard Growing Tips on Trimming


If you will do the trimming yourself, you can use a pair of scissors or a beard trimmer. You should also have a fine-toothed comb, a small mirror to see what you’re doing on your beard up close, and a big one mounted on the wall to see how the whole beard looks.

Do not trim when your beard is wet. Wet hair can appear longer, so it might come as a shock to you when your beard dries and you’re left with a too short beard.

Always choose the setting for the longest beard length on your beard trimmer. You can adjust it to a shorter length anytime. When you trim the hair too short, there’s not much else you can do with it.

Start trimming beard hair that’s closest to your ear, and then work your way down to the chin. Do the same on the other side.

Don’t forget to trim the mustache. Comb it down and start trimming with your scissors, beginning from the middle down to one side of the mouth. Repeat the same thing for the other side of the mouth.

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Use your beard trimmer to trim the hair at the neckline. Shave and not pluck any stray hairs that you will see.

Beard Growing Tips on Moisturizing


To keep it looking healthy and soft, your beard needs to be moisturized. One way to do that is to apply beard oil on it every day. Preferably after every shower. Just one to two drops of beard oil and rub it all over your beard.

And just like the hair on your head, beard hair also needs to be shampooed and conditioned. Shampoo once a week, and condition every day. This way, you don’t strip the beard off its natural oils.

Beard Growing Tips on Styling


When choosing a beard style, always remember that your beard and your jaw should work together to achieve an oval face shape.

If your face is angular or rounded, you should wear a full beard at the bottom to make your face appear longer. The same if you have a long face. You should keep the hair on the sides and avoid growing it on the chin, which actually adds more length to the face.

If you have a square face, you can keep the beard as close to the skin as possible to avoid making the face look even squarer.

If it’s your first time to grow a beard, you can get a professional to style the beard for you. From there, you can just manage the beard easily at home by trimming and shaving.

When you’re not sure what type of face you have, and what’s the best style of beard you should wear, try growing your hair out in a stubble. You can see the hair growth pattern, and from there you can shape it properly to look more flattering.

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Beard Growing Tips on Beard Products


To keep your beard looking clean and healthy, you need to have a beard care regimen in place. First and most important: the beard oil. This is what keeps your beard looking healthy and moisturized. And not just the hair, but the skin underneath, too.

It keeps coarse beard hair feeling soft and smooth, and tangles and snags away.

Beard oil is applied directly on the beard and on the skin, including the mustache. Depending on the weather, you can apply beard oil daily or every other day.

There’s also the beard balm. It has the same benefits as the beard oil, only with more hold. It helps tame, hold, and shape the beard, as well as provides moisturizing properties.

You can also use beard serums, beard pomades, and mustache sculptors to really have one healthy-looking and kickass beard.

Growing a beard is not a bed of roses. There will be challenges along the way that will really test your commitment. But remain steadfast, and all your beard dreams will eventually come true.