5 Ways to Wear a Spiky Hairstyle (And Still Look Smart)

Spiky hairstyles are still in with a modern twist! Here are a few ways you can style your look with this hairstyle:

You probably think spiky hairstyles belong to the ‘90s, and should always remain in the ‘90s. But we couldn’t disagree more. Many boy bands and teen stars wore this rocking hairstyle then, and it continues to enjoy quite a bit of popularity among the men today. With modern twists and changes, of course.

Back then, the spiky hairstyle was mostly reserved for pop stars who took liberties with hairstyling, which mean they often wore the most outrageous hairstyles. Spiky hairstyles included.

Indeed, history repeats itself. The spiky hairstyle is enjoying a rebirth of sorts as more and more guys wear it as their hairstyle of choice, and try to change the look to make it more stylish and people friendly. It’s a sexy and sharp hairstyle, and it can be styled in more ways than one.

Learn how to rock this hairstyle without looking like a hideous blast from the past by checking out our gallery of spiky hairstyles here.

Spiky Hairstyles Style # 1


To be considered a spiky hairstyle, you must bring on the spikes. To get the spikes, you must have the right kind of haircut. One easy way to achieve this look is to cut the sides short and leave the top hair long and thick. Your barber will texturize the hair without cutting too much length, so that you can easily style it and make it as spiky as it can get.

This kind of spiky hairstyle is best for guys who have thick and straight hair. The spikes will be more pronounced on straight hair. You can comb the hair to the side, and it can easily be styled to stand or go to any direction you want. Let the spikes stick out by applying pomade or hair wax. If you want the hair to stay in place, apply hairspray.

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Spiky Hairstyles Style # 2


It’s truly hard to imagine Harvey Specter wearing his hair in a hairstyle that’s not a pompadour. His pompadours are definitely a style their own. He rocks the pompadour, definitely. However, he also rocks this spiky hairstyle.

To achieve a really nice and sexy spiky hairstyle, you must get the right kind of haircut. Your best bet is the basic short sides and long top hairstyle. This will give you more length to work with at the top to create the desired spiky hair without having to worry about styling the sides or the back.

Depending on how soft or stiff you want the spikes to look, you can use a soft hold pomade or hair wax for a soft and shiny finish. You can apply hair gel if you want the spikes to be hard and solid.

Spiky Hairstyles Style # 3


Nothing can get spikier than this spiky hairstyle. The spike is indeed very strong in this one. Notice the height and the texture. Check out the spikes that look sharp enough to puncture skin, but are really soft and smooth to the touch. If you must wear a spiky hairstyle that looks badass and cool, let it be this one.

Let your hair grow at least three inches, and get a close fade at the sides and at the back. Keep the hair at the top long, and try to create as much volume as you can. Make the spikes look edgy by applying a styling product that has extra strong hold, like hair gel or hairspray.

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This kind of hairstyle can be worn to school, where they allow you to be your creative and artistic self. You may need to tone it down if you work in a traditional office setting and your work colleagues all wear suits and ties.

You’ll be glad to know that a simple combover will do the spikes very nicely, and you can wear a totally different hairstyle that’s just perfect for work.

Spiky Hairstyles Style # 4


If you’re looking for a spiky hairstyle that looks more relaxed and casual, you can try this next hairstyle. It’s fun, funky, and young, and there are many other styling possibilities for when you get bored with the sexy spikes.

Make sure that the sides and the back are short, and that the hair is longer at the top. Build a good height with it using some pomade or hair wax. You can use a fine-toothed comb for this, or just use your fingers to get that natural-looking texture.

If your hair is long enough, you can change the spiky look into a simple combover, or a sidesweep. You can even comb the hair forward and enjoy a flat and slick hairstyle. With this particular hair length, even a short pompadour is possible. Your hair is in good hands with this rocking spiky hairstyle.

Spiky Hairstyles Style # 5


If you want a spiky hairstyle but need it to look simple, presentable, and office appropriate, maybe you can get a spiky hairstyle like this. It’s short, elegant, and clean enough to wear to the office, but also long enough to style it in a way that looks taller and spikier.

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Styling spiky hair has never been so easy. Just apply some hair wax or hair gel, and just run your fingers through your hair. Create spikes where you want them. Try to create some soft wisps and curls where applicable so that the hairstyle doesn’t look too sharp and severe.

Any short hairstyle can be a spiky hairstyle, with the right styling products. A spiky hairstyle can add fun and playfulness to any look. It can also shave a few years off your face, provided you know which hairstyles look flattering on your facial shape or facial features.

Spiky hair is bold and sexy. It may not be your hairstyle of choice to wear every day to work, or to school. But it won’t fail you when you need to change your look a bit and make it more exciting or fashionable.

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