5 of the Coolest Short Haircuts for Men

These haircuts are cool enough to make you want to shorten your hair and achieve these looks:

There’s nothing like a good and nice haircut to make a man look many different things. A haircut says a lot about what you do for a living, what kind of lifestyle you lead, and what your haircare regimen or overall personal hygiene is like. It doesn’t need to look plain and boring, though. You can get a really short haircut and still look trendy and sophisticated. Just take a look at these five cool but short haircuts.

Cool Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 1

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A short haircut does not have to be plain and boring. Yes, the length may prove to be challenging to style. But if there’s a will, there’s definitely a way. Take this short haircut, for example.

It’s quite short and closely cropped at the sides, but there’s a little bit of length at the top for some styling. This length of hair can actually be styled in many different ways. You can do a simple side combover, starting from the hair part. You can also do a slick back hairstyle, and just brush all the hair to the back of the head. This length of hair can even let you style a short but full pompadour.

Make sure that you use the right kind of pomade on your hair, though. There are petroleum and water based pomades available in the market. Although petroleum based pomades have been around for decades and used to style the traditional pompadours, they can be quite challenging to remove when you wash your hair in the shower.

That’s why we recommend the water based pomades, because not only do they give the hair the shine and the hold that it needs, they’re also easy to wash and remove from the hair. They don’t harm the hair with harsh chemicals. Get a recommendation from your barber, or even from people on the internet who have tried many different pomades, so that you don’t have to.

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Cool Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 2

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Most short haircuts are textured and closely cropped, which make them ideal for tall and spiky hairstyles. The sides are often tapered or faded, as well as the back. There can be a hard part, a soft part, or no part at all, too. The top hair will also be cut short, and oftentimes textured to look thicker and fuller.

It’s really a no nonsense haircut. You wash it and you dry it, and then you wear it. It’s perfect for guys who are always on the go and who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair each morning.

But should you require a little more styling than usual, a little pomade will go a long way. You can apply pomade on your hair, and just style it with your fingers to make it tall and spiky. Make it slightly messy and disheveled to get that natural and relaxed look.

Cool Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 3

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A buzz cut is also a great and timeless haircut that’s very popular with so many guys. It’s an awesome haircut that combines good looks and very little maintenance. As you can see, there’s not a lot of hair to wash and style, but you will not be shortchanged when it comes to style and sexiness, either.

Even for a haircut so short and closely cropped, it’s one of the most versatile and stylish haircuts that you can wear. You can wear it for playing sports, or doing other outdoor activities, or basically just any activity that will make you sweat. You don’t have to worry about hair falling over your eyes and distracting you.

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You can also wear the same haircut to black tie events or fancy parties, and it will fit right in. All you need to worry about is the suit you’ll be wearing, or the woman you’ll be bringing.

Cool Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 4

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When you have a short haircut, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear a pompadour. You most certainly can! All you need is a good haircut to complement your pompadour, and a really good pomade with shine and hold.

To make your pompadour so much easier to style, you can skip the shampoo and just use a conditioner. This will keep the hair clean and moisturized, and will basically follow whatever style you create. Apply pomade all over your hair, and then start creating the pomp with a volume brush and fine-toothed comb.

You can add more hold to the hair by applying some hairspray. Make sure that you don’t put too much hairstyling products, especially if you have fine hair, or thinning hair. Too much pomade or hair wax will make the hair look heavy and stringy, and you definitely don’t want that when you’re trying to make your hair look thick and full.

Cool Hairstyles for Short Hair Inspiration # 5

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A good short haircut is functional as it is fashionable. That’s why more and more guys are also choosing to wear an Ivy League haircut. It’s good-looking without trying so hard to be. It’s very youthful and fun, while also giving you that serious and professional look. Perfect for college guys and young professionals who want to look the part of a hardworking and successful man.

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Like all other short haircuts, the Ivy League haircut is also a wash and wear kind of haircut. It does not forego style, but makes it easier and quicker to style. It can be worn every day to school or to work, and it can be styled with pomade or hair wax for a slicker and shinier finish for more formal and fancier affairs.

There will be days when you want something long and sexy, or something cool and stylish. There will also be days when you just want something simple and easy. Short haircuts like these are your best bet, so make sure to bookmark this page when you’re ready to change your look and chop all the hair off.

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