5 of the Best Beards as Seen on Famous Actors

We've always adored those famous actors who suit very well in their beard face styles. Here are some of them:

Beards on famous actors are always a good topic of conversation. Who rocks the beard, and who gives beards a bad rep? Which beards are tasteful and sexy, and which ones look like wildlife plastered across the face?

Throughout the years, Hollywood has regaled us with hot celebrities and their bearded looks, which people totally loved or hated. We have picked out five of the best-looking beards on some famous actors on the basis of beard appearance, and how it completely transformed the wearer’s face. Have a look now and you can just Google how they look like without the beards later on.

Best Beards # 1: Jamie Dornan


What is it like being handsome and oozing with sex appeal? We know Jamie Dornan never spends a day pondering on the answers, because he definitely knows how it feels. With or without the facial hair, his outrageously good looks light up the screen and set the hearts of women aflutter. And so much more, if you know what we mean. He is, after all, Mr. Christian Grey.

He looks young and fresh-faced without the beard. And then one day, he stepped out rocking this full beard, and Jamie Dornan fans all over the world were instantly won over. Again.

His beard is thick at the bottom and short at the sides. There’s an impressive-looking mustache, and even a small soul patch going on. What raw magnetism and dangerous sex appeal Mr. Dornan couldn’t pull off in his powerful and expensive Christian Grey outfits, he achieved so easily just by wearing a beard.

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Best Beards # 2: George Clooney


We’ve seen George with and without his gorgeous facial carpet. Frankly, we like it better when he wears it. He looks more the distinguished actor and director when he has a full grey beard.

Next to the Clooney beard, other beards look like babies in comparison. It’s the beard of the accomplished gentleman who has nothing more to prove in terms of career or ambition. It’s the beard of a man who’s comfortable and confident in his own skin.

You, too, can sport George Clooney beard. But of course, you will need a few more years until the grey hairs start to show. The beard is just more attractive that way. Growing, trimming, and shaping the beard will just come very easily. Trust us.

Best Beards # 3: Ben Affleck


The same can be said for Ben Affleck. We first got to know him as a fresh-faced young man oozing with talent and charisma. His face is very likeable and kind. Yes, girls and boys just love him. When he wore a beard, the young man was a young man no longer.

Ben’s facial hair is naturally thick, so just a little growth can give him a full beard like this. Any longer and the beard will make his elongated face appear even more elongated. So yes, this is the perfect beard length for him.

It may look like a walk in the park, growing a beard like this. But it’s actually this beard length that needs constant trimming and shaping. If you plan to grow a beard like this, make sure that you can trim, shape, and shave regularly, every week or so, depending on your facial hair growth.

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Best Beards # 4: Charlie Hunnam


Charlie Hunnam makes beards look badass with hardly any effort. Can you see the difference a beard makes on his face? He looks like a frat guy without a beard. But when he wears one, he definitely looks like the son of anarchy.

The beard is soft and wispy, and it has that scruffy look that’s sure to drive any woman wild. Some guys like the messy beard, while others like to keep it perfectly trimmed and shaped. Either way, it definitely makes you look the part of a manly man.

A beard of this length and size is not hard to achieve. Just let your facial hair grow for two to three weeks and see the growth pattern. If it nicely covers the jawline and your chin, you have a good beard growing.

Best Beards # 5: Aaron Paul


Aaron Paul is another Hollywood actor who’s better looking with a beard. It’s actually kind of difficult now to see him without one, don’t you agree? Maybe he’s just one of those guys who are meant to wear a beard for the rest of their lives. And that’s totally not a bad thing.

It works for Aaron because he has the perfect shape of face suitable for most beard styles. He also has naturally thick and healthy facial hair growth. Of course, the rest is taken care of by a team of professionals whose mission is to keep Aaron Paul’s beard looking like the best beard ever.

You don’t need to be a Hollywood star to get celebrity gorgeous beard. You, too, can get a professional to take care of your beard for you. Better yet, you can do it yourself, just so you can have a better appreciation of beards and its maintenance.

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If you’ve always felt that your look can be a whole lot manlier, it can be the beard that’s missing in your life. Did any of these five celebrity beards inspire you? If yes, we are with you on this beard growing challenge all the way!

But to manage your expectations, not every beard style will work on every guy’s face. Unfortunately, even if you want a beard just like George Clooney’s, if you can only manage to grow a soul patch, it just won’t work out.

What you can do is just let your facial hair grow long enough to see the real facial hair situation. You can get a pretty good idea how the beard is going to shape in the next few weeks. If you’re happy with how it looks now, imagine how happier you will become when it turns into a full beard. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, wait a few more days for the hair to grow. Then you can start trimming and shaping the beard so that it looks good enough for you.