5 Mens Curly Hairstyles that are too Cool for School

Need a hairstyle for your curly hair that is too cool for school? We bet we'll bring that to ya!

Real men have curly hair. Curls add charm and appeal. They can give you the innocent and youthful guy next door look, or they can give you the sexy and mysterious air about you. Here are five men’s curly hairstyles that are way off the charts in the coolness department.

Mens Curly Hairstyles # 1: Coiffed Coolness


Look every bit the gentleman in this hairstyle that shows off your curls and your coolness. From tuxedoes to hoodie shirts, this curly hairstyle can be fancy enough for black tie events, and casual enough for ordinary days. No wonder it’s such a hit among the guys.

The challenge with having curly hair is having to deal with the big and untamed curls. Most of the time, they seem to have a mind of their own. But say goodbye to boring and unruly curls with this clean and tapered hairstyle.

The sides and back are cut short, while the hair at the top is fuller and longer. This the perfect hairstyle to give shape to the hair while keeping the curls stylish and manageable.

Mens Curly Hairstyles # 2: Wild and Free


Sometimes you don’t have to hide them. Sometimes you just need to be proud of your curls and flaunt them. Especially when they look as lovely as Darren Criss’.

You need to let the curls grow out until they’re softly framing your face and touching the back of your neck. Your stylist or barber will follow the natural shape of your curls and cut your hair in a style that won’t look shaggy or unattractive.

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To keep the curls in place, there are many styling products which you can use. These products can also keep your curls looking soft and natural. There’s the styling gel or styling wax for that shiny finish. There’s also the hair clay that will give it a dry and matte look.

Mens Curly Hairstyles # 3: Slick and Sexy


You can also wear your curls tight and at medium length, with a silky and shiny finish. The look is slick and sexy, and it’s the perfect hair for any occasion.

This can be easily achieved using any hairstyling gel or wax. You can do a side sweep starting from the side part, or you can comb it all the way to the back for a slick combover. Make sure that the curls are soft and relaxed. (They don’t have to look like cardboard figures sitting on top of your head.)

What’s great about this curly hairstyle is that you don’t need to be Penn Badgley to look awesome in it. You just need the right kind of curls to rock it.

Mens Curly Hairstyles # 4: Sweet and Tight


When you’re blessed with tight and kinky curls, you can run out of styling ideas, or even worse, patience to style them. Your best solution? Let them hang loose for people to admire! Of course, you might want to tame the hair and add a little shape before you let them loose. This way, it’s a lot more attractive and way cooler than your average ‘fro.

There are many styling products that you can use to keep your locks looking fashion magazine ready. There’s coconut or shea butter that you can apply on your hair when it’s still damp. It helps keep it moisturized and glossy. You can also use a silicone-free conditioner that will help manage the volume without losing all the hair nutrients.

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Mens Curly Hairstyles # 5: Dry and Dapper


If wild curls and kinky locks are not your style, maybe dry and dapper curls are more your thing. It’s the kind of curly hairstyle that will look awesome on just about any guy. Of course, you must possess the right kind of curls to make your hair look as impressive as the hair on this guy.

Some guys are just born with soft and silky curls. If you’re not one of those guys, don’t lose hope. These days, even bald guys can have hair. Achieving natural-looking beautiful curls can be yours with commitment and the help of the best styling and haircare products.

The secret to looking good in any curly hairstyle is a great haircut, and beautiful-looking curls. You can work at getting your hair to look soft and silky with just a few changes to the things you do to your hair when you shower. Like blotting hair of excess water instead of rubbing it with a towel. And sleeping on satin sheets so your hair doesn’t end up frizzy the next morning. Or spraying some hair glaze to keep your mane looking extra-glossy and soft, especially when it hits the lights.

Also, don’t be shampoo-happy. Only shampoo your hair as needed, or if your hair is just extra oily. Whenever you shampoo, you also strip away your hair of its natural oils which keep it shiny and strong. If you feel icky without shampoo, you can use a dry shampoo, and style as normal.

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Avoid brushing or combing your hair when it’s wet. Not only is that a recipe for bad hair days, combing or brushing your hair when wet can cause frizz and damage due to breakage.

Did you know that you can use apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair of dirt and product residues? It actually closes the hair cuticles and restores your hair’s pH balance.

In one cup of water, dilute a quarter of a cup of apple cider vinegar. After your shower, simply pour the mixture on your hair, making sure that you work it from roots to tips. Rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water for best results.

On the occasions that you use a hair dryer, make sure that your hair is protected from the styling heat by using a protective serum.

Curly hairstyles are cool. They simply give you a more attractive and more interesting look than the regular straight hairstyles. And with the proper haircare, you’re guaranteed good hair days every single day!

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