5 High and Tight Hairstyles that Most Women Adore

Here are some great-looking hairstyles that look high and tight, which most women think are highly adorable:

Let’s face it. You take care of the hair to feel good about yourself, but more importantly, to look good for the ladies, too. Good-looking hair can greatly improve your looks, and how much you take care of it reflects on how you take care of the rest of your body, too. That’s a definite turn on!

Here are five high and tight hairstyles that are popular with the ladies, and also a favorite among the gents. Take your pick and start wearing these kickass hairstyles soon!

High and Tight Hairstyle # 1


This high and tight hairstyle never fails to impress the gents and the girls alike. Apart from the fact that it looks neat and well-trimmed, it’s a very versatile style that will look good on any guy.

You’ll look great whether you’re in the boardroom or in the bedroom, whether you’re finalizing mergers or hanging out with your usual Friday guys.

This high and tight hairstyle can make you look presentable and well-mannered enough to meet your girlfriend’s parents, and it can also make you look like a real bad boy when you cruise down the highway on your big bike.

How do you achieve this hairstyle? Keep the top long and the sides a little shorter and closer to the scalp. Use hair gel or wax to style it the way you want. Easy breezy and crazy gorgeous hair for every day and special occasions.

High and Tight Hairstyle # 2


Another high and tight hairstyle that women adore is the pompadour. It’s now making a comeback after Hollywood celebrities started sporting it in movies and in real life. Also because people nowadays are so crazy about anything classic or hipster.

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It’s a big hairstyle to wear. It’s the perfect hairstyle for the perfect gentleman who also has good taste in fashion. To sport a hairstyle like this, you must be used to getting attention, or being looked at, because this high and tight hairstyle is quite a head turner!

You don’t have to look like David Beckham to rock this hairstyle, though. You just need to have the confidence, and of course, the right kind of hair. This works well on straight, wavy, or slightly curly hair. (It will be a little tougher to rock a pompadour if you have really curly or really thick hair.)

Give instructions to your barber to save at least 3 inches on top, and depending on your preference, you can cut the sides at short or medium length. Each morning, make sure you devote some time to blow dry the top hair and to put on some good old pomade to hold everything in place.

High and Tight Hairstyle # 3


Thanks to Tom Hardy, the Prohibition High and Tight hairstyle is making a comeback, and making the ladies swoon in the process. What’s great about this hairstyle is that it’s trendy enough without losing its masculine appeal. It’s stylish and very badass.

The Prohibition High and Tight hairstyle is perfect on straight hair. Works great on fine to medium and thick hair, too. (Sorry for guys with wavy or curly hair!)

To achieve this hairstyle, leave the hair on top at about an inch high. Keep the sides short and fade the hair really short at the nape and sideburns. Use hair gel when it’s wet or when it’s dry.

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High and Tight Hairstyle # 4


The Flair is more dramatic than the Pompadour, but still succeeds in looking stylish and modern. It’s the perfect mainstream hipster hair to compliment your preferred hipster fashion.

This hairstyle works great if you have straight to wavy hair, and fine to medium hair. Like the other high and tight hairstyles, this one has short sides, and the top hair is at least 3 inches in length.

You need to have it long and soft to make that dramatic bump that you can lift and style. While you have more hair at the top, the sides and the back should be thinner or closely cropped.  Style with your favorite hair gel and keep it on one side for that gorgeous effect.

High and Tight Hairstyle # 5


Who would’ve thought that the bedhead you get every morning can make it to the list of the best high and tight hairstyles?

The Bedhead hairstyle is young, fun, and playful. Perfect for students and creative souls and surfer type dudes. If you belong to the corporate world, you might want to look for a different hairstyle. This one right here does not exactly exude the consummate professional.

And despite its name, one does not simply achieve this look by rolling around in bed. It takes a little more effort and creativity to style it and make it look like you woke up like that.

If you have hair that’s naturally wavy or curly, and if you think Harry Styles hair is the best kind of hair there is, you should definitely wear the Bedhead. If you have super fine and really straight hair, perhaps you can consider a different kind of hairstyle.

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It works just like the pompadour, only with a lot more shuffle and movement. You have to grow your hair on the sides and on the top at least three inches long. From there you can style it any way you want, creating much activity within the strands to achieve the look that you just rolled out of bed but not really.

You need some helpful hair aids to achieve this look, like some hair wax or curl defining gel. Other than that, you can just towel or blow dry your hair.

Like all other haircuts for men, you have to work with what kind of hair and what face shape you got. You can have a low fade haircut, but still it won’t suit you. Find the barber of your dreams, and once you do, don’t ever let him go. Choose the hairstyle that best suits your needs and your personal style. Most importantly, choose one that makes you comfortable and confident to wear it.

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