5 Cool Skin Fade Haircuts for Guys

Skin Fade haircuts will really make you look cooler but without all the necessary fuss and upkeep.

We all want to have the kind of hair that looks sensational all the time but doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. That’s completely possible with a skin fade haircut. It gives you the fashionable short hairstyle when you need it, with little styling involved.

There are so many styles that you can combine with a skin fade haircut that it almost feels like you’re wearing a different kind of hair each time. Anyone can look awesome in a skin fade haircut. Depending on your hair length and hair texture, you can rock a skin fade haircut in more ways than one. Here are five cool ways how.

Skin Fade Haircut # 1


There are so many ways to wear a skin fade haircut. One way is this preppy and Ivy League hairstyle that’s perfect for young guys in college and young professionals in the corporate world. It’s got that vintage vibe with a very modern twist that hipsters and non-hipsters love.

What we love about this skin fade haircut is the striking contrast. You can clearly see the hair starting out light at the bottom hairline, and gradually becoming darker and thicker. It seamlessly transitions to full and solid hair at the top, where it is nicely parted and swept to the side.

It’s really an easy and trendy hairstyle that’s suited for guys on the go. A little wax here, and a little combing there, and you have a pretty impressive hairstyle in just minutes. It’s truly a fashion accessory that you don’t want to take off ever. This one’s definitely a keeper.

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Skin Fade Haircut # 2


If you’re looking for a skin fade haircut that’s oozing with attitude, check this one out. It’s definitely a showstopper. You’ve got a good fade right there, plus a hard part, and then a kickass side combover. It even has a mean full beard to go with it. You think it would look busy and chaotic, but everything just meshed together beautifully, like they were all meant to be worn together, all at the same time.

It’s the perfect haircut for men who are bolder and more adventurous, and live the more exciting and active lifestyle. It can work on most kinds of hair, but it will definitely look best on straight, and fine to medium thick hair.

To get this haircut on, get a clean and closely faded side and back. Get a thin hard part, and leave the top long and thick. You can comb it to the side, from the hard part. You can also do a combover to the back and change the entire look of the haircut. Yes, it’s very flexible like that.

Skin Fade Haircut # 3


If you have long and wild curls, and are looking for a fun and unconventional kind of haircut, perhaps you would like to try this hairstyle. Your hair will definitely look smaller and better with the kind of shape that this skin fade haircut has to offer.

The sides and the back are faded, and the top is long, thick, and curly. No more frizz, and no more wild and untamed curls with this one. Instead, you want to create fuller and more stylish curls at the top for maximum impact. You can style it with a quiff, or you can simply work on a pompadour. You can even wear it in a slick back, if you’re in a sexy or fancy mood.

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You can use pomade or hair wax if you want the top hair to look glossy and shiny, or you can also apply some hair clay if you want it soft and natural-looking.

Skin Fade Haircut # 4


Because sometimes a simple skin fade haircut is not enough. You need to stand out and make people notice. With this kind of haircut, you’ll definitely be stopping traffic and turning heads. (If we see you out on the streets with this kind of haircut, we will definitely compliment you for your awesome hair and then ask where you had it done and what the name of your barber is.)

But first off, you need to find a good barber who has mad skills with his clippers and trimmers to do a skin fade haircut as kickass as this. Also, you need to be willing to put in the work to keep it looking clean and trimmed. Otherwise, it will just be a haircut with blurred lines and uneven lengths. You don’t want that beauty to disappear just like that, do you?

Get a professional to do the skin fade for you. It can be any design that you want (provided the barber or stylist can do it). Keep the top hair long and thick. You want more length to work with when you want to wear your hair taller, or when you want to do a slick combover. The longer the hair, the better the hairstyle. But keep the hard lines neatly trimmed and you can rock this haircut for a long time.

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Skin Fade Haircut # 5


For those days when you just want cool and functional, but stylish and easy to maintain hair, let this basic skin fade be your go-to haircut. Nothing can be easier to wear and maintain than this. You can wear it to just about anywhere. Even to the dressiest and most elegant occasions, down to the most casual and relaxed affairs.

No need for prepping or styling. Just wash and wear it. But because it’s closely cropped to the scalp, you want to make sure that you have good scalp care regimen in place. Shampoo and condition regularly to keep the scalp soft and moisturized. This will prevent problems with dryness or flaking, which you definitely don’t want on your scalp. Big turn off. You can also check out the Caesar haircut that’s also easy to style.

Skin fade haircuts are fun and stylish as much as they are flexible and fashionable. They are low maintenance hair that’s high on style and sexiness. There’s not one hard rule on how to wear a skin fade haircut. It’s really about style, creativity, and personality.

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