4 Caesar Haircut Styles that make you look Like a Boss

The Caesar haircut has been a trend for quite some time by some Hollywood stars. Maybe it's your cue to follow suit?

We first saw the Caesar haircut and its hairstyle potential during the late 90’s on Dr. Douglas Ross, George Clooney’s iconic character on the hit TV series ER. The Caesar haircut was such a big hit that men all over America copied the same look, the same manner in which women all over America copied the Demi Moore hair in the movie Ghost, or the Rachel Green hair in the TV sitcom Friends.

Just like its name suggests, the Caesar haircut was inspired by Julius Caesar the Emperor and how he always wore his hair short and combed forward. What history books tell us is that Caesar was experiencing loss of hair, so he came up with the hairstyle that will allow him to hide the bald spots. By combing it back to front. Hence, the name.

You may also check out the high and tight hairstyle and see if it suits you! Otherwise, here are four Caesar haircut styles that you can check out which will definitely make you look like a boss.

Caesar Haircut # 1


This is how your modern basic Caesar haircut will look like. It usually starts with a tapered haircut in which the hair at the sides and at the back are cut shorter than the hair on top. The length of the top hair is also tapered.

Another variation can be done by doing an undercut haircut or a fade haircut (low, medium, or high) on the sides and on the back of the head.

When it comes to the hair on top, you will have to cut it 1 to 3 inches in length.

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When it comes to styling, the Caesar haircut is very easy and convenient to style. The fact that there are no solid side parts or full combovers and slick backs makes it the go-to hairstyle for busy men who are always on the go. All you’ll need is an excellent hairstyling wax or gel, and your trusty fine-toothed comb.

Before you get started, make sure that you have shaken off all the excess water from your hair. You need to apply your styling gel or wax on your still damp hair. Just brush it through your hair with your fingers.

When that’s done, you just have to comb your hair starting from the crown down to the forelock. Comb with just one direction. Check to see if any hair is out of place.

Caesar Haircut # 2


This is a classic Caesar haircut without side parts and tapers. The hair at the sides and the back are of equal length with the hair at the top. It has a soft and natural rumpled look, unlike the first Caesar haircut that has sharp fringes and defined lines.

The Caesar haircut is the perfect haircut for the distinguished and accomplished gentleman. It’s also the haircut of choice by men who have wide foreheads, thinning hairlines, or diminishing hair. The textured and fringed hair that is combed down to the front can make the forehead less prominent, as well as other hair problems less noticeable.It’s a nice and stylish wash-and-wear kind of hairstyle that will look great in any kind of setting.

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Caesar Haircut # 3


The Caesar haircut on this fella succeeds in covering up the wide forehead. But even if you have a perfectly sized forehead, you can still sport a Caesar haircut and look great in it. It’s perfect for straight to wavy hair. It’s also an excellent haircut for young guys who like clean and fuss-free hairstyles.

You can get the Caesar haircut to look soft and silky or stiff and straight, depending on your mood. Keep your styling arsenal fully stocked with your favorite hair gel, hair mousse, pomade, and fine-toothed comb. But because this is the Caesar haircut we’re talking about, even without these styling tools, you can still get the perfect hairstyle just by using your fingers!


This is how a modern Caesar haircut will look like if it’s brushed up instead of combed forward to the forelock. The sides are textured and defined. You can see that there’s a side part, and that there’s more hair at the top than there is at the sides or at the back.

When the hair is brushed up, the forehead and the hairline are more prominent. You have a full view of the face. But this doesn’t change the fact that he has an attractive face and good-looking hair. And whichever way he wears it, this haircut will still look awesome.

When styled in a certain way, the Caesar haircut can look young and trendy, even seductive and romantic. It’s a manly hairstyle that appeals to women, and it remains a classic favorite by men, even those who have no idea who Dr. Douglas Ross from ER is.

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When you’re not sure which haircut to get, maybe you can give the Caesar haircut a try. The Caesar haircut looks flattering on almost everybody, regardless of hair color, texture, or shape. It also looks flattering on a lot of face shapes, especially the elongated and angular ones.

More importantly, the Caesar haircut can be the sexy and stylish solution you’re looking for when it comes to your hair problems, particularly male pattern baldness or receding hairlines. With the mad skills of your barber and some really kickass clippers, you can say goodbye to ugly combovers and unnatural-looking toupees.

The Caesar haircut is a truly versatile haircut that gives your face an instant lift, and instantly removes years off it. It’s the kind of classic and timeless haircut that can give a boost to your self-confidence.

Styling it is no hassle, and maintaining it is so easy, as well. It’s the perfect combination of classic and modern. Not a lot of men wear this kind of haircut nowadays. But those who do are pretty satisfied and happy with it.

The next time you visit your barber, ask him about the Caesar haircut. Chances are you won’t even have to ask twice.

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