4 Awesome Hipster Style Beards

Hipster style beards are perfect for any occasion, and these ones are here to stay:

If you don’t know what a hipster beard is, either you don’t go out a lot, or you don’t spend too much time on the internet. It can also be for the simple reason that you don’t have a lot of friends who can clue you in on the latest men’s fashions (we sincerely hope it’s not this one).

A hipster beard is just like any other beard out there, only that this is worn together with hipster hair, hipster clothing, and hipster accessories. A hipster beard looks awesome with just about any kind of hipster hairstyle, like the pompadour, or the slick back, or the high fade haircut. It provides the perfect balance for your face and the overall look that you’re trying to achieve, and just the right amount of style without having the need to style.

Hipster beards are one reason why more and more men are deciding to grow out their facial hair. There’s a certain charm and quirkiness, not to mention manliness, which a hipster beard provides. Even the most baby faced of the bunch can transform to manly, sexy man. Here are four more awesome hipster style beards that you can copy as soon as the facial hair starts growing out.

Awesome Beards Hipster Style # 1


The hair situation is strong and long in this awesome beard hairstyle. If you must check, yes, that’s a hipster hairstyle on him. It’s short on the sides and long on top, and styled in a way that looks tall and soft.

The beard, on the other hand, looks long, thick, and coarse. Just the kind of hipster beard that’s the most suitable for this kind of hairstyle. The same can be said for the mustache. It’s thick and equally textured, and can stand on its own even without the help of the beard.

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To achieve this kind of beard, you will have to devote at least two months to grow it out and get a decent amount of coverage. It varies with every guy, because not everybody has the same kind of hair coarseness or the same speed of hair growth. But two months should be enough time to assess the beard hair, whether you still need a few more months of hair growth, or whether you can start styling your beard in true hipster fashion.

There’s no special style or pattern that you must follow when trimming this kind of beard. You just need to follow the natural growth and direction of the hair. Keep the mustache hair short to avoid it going inside your mouth while eating or talking. Worse, while kissing.

Awesome Beards Hipster Style # 2


If this doesn’t look hipster enough for you, there must be something seriously wrong. That purple bowtie alone screams hipster loud and proud. But we digress.

This hipster beard is on the shorter side, but it covers all the parts that must be covered with beard hair. Jawline, cheeks, and chin. There’s even a soul patch going on right there, and the mustache looks soft and nicely trimmed. It’s a very nice and modern hipster look that can be worn to the office or to school every day and people won’t give you weird looks.

The beard doesn’t look itchy and coarse. Instead, it looks soft and cuddly. One that your ladylove won’t mind touching or rubbing her cheeks against.

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How exactly do you achieve a beard that won’t scratch or give a rash?

The secret is in maintaining the beard with good beard care products. Keep the beard soft and shiny by washing it with beard shampoo and beard conditioner. After washing, you must also apply beard oil to keep the moisture in.

Regularly trim the beard to keep the original length. Shave the hair at the neckline to keep it looking neat. Do the same with the haircut so everything looks uniform.

Awesome Beards Hipster Style # 3


If you’re shopping for a hipster beard that’s office appropriate, or classroom appropriate, or any kind of appropriate, you can grow a beard that looks something like this.

It’s not an in-your-face kind of beard. It doesn’t look weak or flimsy, either. It’s just enough hair to not be called a stubble, and just enough hair to be considered a short beard. So yes, it’s a very appropriate beard that will pass the requirements of many.

What makes this a hipster style beard is the hipster hairstyle that accompanies it. If you like hipster fashion but don’t like to overdo it, this is how it should be done.

Keep the hair short at the sides and at the back, and then keep the length long at the top. You can style it with a soft hold pomade, hair wax, or hair clay, for that natural dry matte finish. If you want more gloss and more slick, you can also use pomade in medium or strong hold.

Awesome Beards Hipster Style # 4


Hipster beards are epic in their epicness. It’s one thing that you can wear to make people sit up and take notice. If you’re up for the challenge, you can wear this hipster beard that’s long and scraggly. It may look unkempt, but to achieve that unkempt look, regular upkeep is required.

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Beards that are this long are regularly shampooed and conditioned. It’s also combed and brushed like the hair on your head. Furthermore, beard oil and beard balm are applied to keep the hair feeling soft, even if it looks otherwise. So yes, for something that looks messy and scruffy, it requires a lot of maintenance.

If you want to look more attractive or more masculine, growing a beard is the quickest and easiest solution. Beards can greatly enhance your sexual attractiveness, and they can give you the edge compared to other regular, un-bearded men.

You can make your beard as flamboyant or as simple as you want. It really depends on your personal style and personal hygiene. Keep it well-groomed no matter how tired and lazy you are. Always wash and clean your beard to keep it looking sexy and attractive. If you have a nice and clean beard, you can never go wrong.