17 of the Coolest Medium Length Haircuts for Guys

Looking for some new haircuts to sport? We've rounded up the coolest medium length haircuts for you to choose from:

When your current haircut or hairstyle is just getting plain and boring, you need a cool change. You need a cool hairstyle and an even cooler haircut. Check out our gallery of some of the most awesome and fashionable haircuts for your medium length hair.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 1

medium-length-haircuts (1)

Medium length haircuts just give guys that sexy and fun look which no other haircut can. When you have medium length hair, you can work with more hair and style it into more trendy and flattering hairstyles, which will suit personalities and lifestyles of all types.

Guys with curly hair look even more attractive when they grow out their hair to this particular length. The curls just look softer and more romantic this long. Of course, you have to take care of the curls, so that they always look tame and manageable, and oh so soft. Getting a good haircut that will give the hair a nice shape is highly recommended. As well using a great shampoo and conditioner that can help control the frizziness or the dryness.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 2

medium-length-haircuts (2)

The whole bedhead or disheveled look will just work naturally with medium length, just like this style right here. Depending on how straight or wavy your hair is, you can use some hairstyling products, or just rumple your hair a certain way to get the desired messy look.

The trick is to make it look messy enough without looking like you have forgotten the meaning of brushing or washing your hair. It should look rumpled but appealing enough, and it should not make you look like you really just rolled out of bed and did not bother to check your appearance in the mirror.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 3

medium-length-haircuts (3)

Medium length hair also works perfectly well with layered and textured hair. You can style this kind of haircut any way you want. It’s a great-looking haircut that offers a lot of flexibility and versatility. It can be combed forward, and you can make it look pointy or spiky. It can also be brushed up to look taller and fuller.

You can even wear it in a slick combover, or even a stylish slick back. Depending on the occasion or the event, this kind of medium length haircut can be styled up or down, and you will look sensational each time. One haircut, a lot of different looks. Now what can be cooler than that?

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 4

medium-length-haircuts (4)

Medium length hair also gives you the chance to wear your hair all soft and wispy, just like the hairstyle on this guy. You can keep the style concentrated on the top hair, and then keep the sides short or closely cropped.

If you already have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can easily achieve the soft curls by using hairstyling products to hold the style in place while keeping its all natural look. Hair wax or hair clay can do the trick, depending on whether you want a little shine or just a dry matte finish.

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Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 5

medium-length-haircuts (5)

If you have slightly longer hair, this is another way you can wear it. It’s just the right kind of soft and wispy, which makes you look like a romantic hero in a movie, or a charismatic musician in some faraway dreamy place.

The hair is long but still manages to look nice and perfectly shaped. No wild and unruly hair here, even with regard to facial hair. In fact, even with all these hair present, everything looks neat and nice. It doesn’t overwhelm the face, nor does it hide its best features.

If anything, it only adds more appeal and mystery. Which is something you should always try to achieve when choosing a haircut for your medium length hair.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 6

medium-length-haircuts (6)

Medium length hair is always a fun length to wear, because you can make it look as dramatic and as exciting as you want. If you have wavy hair, or nice and loose curls, you can style it in this simple but sexy hairstyle.

It looks long and silky, and that curly quiff makes it all the more dreamy and romantic. It doesn’t take much to style if you already have a good haircut in place. Plus you can apply some good hairstyling pomades or wax to hold the style in place and make it look as natural as possible.

Some guys prefer the slick and shiny look, while others like the smooth and natural finish. Either way, this is a kind of haircut that will look breathtaking each time.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 7

medium-length-haircuts (7)

This is another haircut that will look awesome with medium length hair. You can keep the sides short, as well as the back. Leave the top hair longer so you can style it like this soft and silky brush up. You can use a volume brush to create just the right amount of fullness, and a fine-toothed comb to make it slick and smooth.

It’s a hairstyle that can look great with any kind of hair; fine, thick, wavy, or curly. You can comb it to the sides or brush it back, and it will still look fantastic. Just get a good part off the middle so that it looks natural and flattering on top of your head.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 8

medium-length-haircuts (8)

Medium long hair also looks fantastic with a sexy and shaggy haircut, just like this one. The hair is long enough to cut in layers, and texturize it to look even thicker and more dramatic. It’s also the perfect haircut for guys who have thinning or receding hairlines, or for guys with round or square faces.

It’s usually also cut short at the sides and at the back. The length is kept long at the top and made to look shaggy. The hair can be combed forward, or it can also be styled tall and spiky. Whichever style you end up wearing will look fun and fashionable no matter what the occasion.

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Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 9

medium-length-haircuts (9)

Medium length hair looks awesome when it’s tousled and messy. It can give you that instant hot rock star appeal, or that seductive hungry artist charm that knows no limits. Wear this hair with just the right shirt and jeans, and you can already be mistaken for a celebrity. Style it all slick and polished, and you’re ready to walk down the red carpet as well.

Wear it with a full beard and transform your look even more. Look brooding and mysterious, or dark and desirable. Any look is possible when you have a medium length haircut. Make sure that you make it as sexy and as fashionable as possible so that your hair is the first thing that people notice.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 10

medium-length-haircuts (10)

Thick and wavy hair? No problem. Wear it full and fashionable with this hairstyle that will only take you minutes to achieve. For best results, keep it short at the sides and longer at the top. You can style the top hair to look thick and curly, or tousled and sexy, whichever way you prefer.

A good set of beard is highly recommended, but optional. The great thing about this kind of medium length haircut is that it doesn’t need to look too polished to look awesome. You can keep it messy and still look like you just stepped out of the salon.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 11

medium-length-haircuts (11)

Who says medium length hair cannot look clean and elegant? Of course it can! Just look at the hair on Jake Gyllenhaal right here. It screams of sexiness and sophistication. It looks neat without looking too neat. It’s just the right amount of hair without looking like a mountain man. It’s manly and masculine in so many levels, and it’s all because of a perfectly executed haircut.

Get the look if you have thick or wavy hair. Keep the hair volume managed with some good hairstyling wax. When all else fails, you can always put on some hairspray.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 12

medium-length-haircuts (12)

Nothing looks more gorgeous than long natural curls just framing the face beautifully. You can easily achieve this kind of look by growing out your hair, and getting a nicely shaped haircut that will control and look flattering on the curls.

The curls will look even better if you apply some hair wax or hair pomade. This will keep the curls looking soft and shiny. You can also go for a more natural look and use some hair clay or hair spray to hold the style in place.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 13

medium-length-haircuts (13)

One of the coolest medium length hairstyles that you can wear is anything that looks rockabilly or vintage. Medium length top hair is perfect to style a quiff with. It not only looks edgy and fashion forward, it’s a nice way to stir things up a bit when it comes to your hairstyle.

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To be able to achieve this kind of look, you must have long top hair, which you can style into a quiff. You can make it look as pointy or as curly as you want, depending on your taste. But make sure that it looks like a real and honest-to-goodness quiff!

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 14

medium-length-haircuts (14)

Medium length hair is also reason enough to wear a sexy pompadour. It’s a quick and easy way to look stylish and fashionable. You can wear it on casual days, and even on days when you have to dress up and look your fanciest.

You can wear a short pompadour, or you can also wear it tall. With the right kind of pomade or styling wax, you can make the pompadour look as slick or as soft as you want. Don’t forget to use a round brush to achieve the perfect fullness and volume.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 15

medium-length-haircuts (15)

Medium length hair also looks phenomenal on a short on the sides long at the top kind of haircut. Style the top hair as dramatically as you want. Just take your cue from this hairstyle.

The sides and the back are nicely faded. There’s also a strong part just off the middle. And then the top hair is combed over to the side and styled to look curly and thick. It’s a very good-looking hairstyle that will fit right in, no matter who you’re with, and no matter where you are.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 16

medium-length-haircuts (16)

In the mood for some more striking and dramatic hair? Check out this shaved undercut, plus dramatic top hair. There’s a nice part where the hair starts to taper off, and the top hair is styled in a Mohawk, with a quiff at the front. What cooler hairstyle can be than this?

If you want to make a great first impression, if you want to turn heads and get noticed, or if you just want to spice things up and change your look, this is the perfect haircut for you.

Medium Length Haircuts for Guys Style # 17

medium-length-haircuts (17)

Style your medium length hair into this sexy wavy hairstyle with a dry matte finish. It’s cool, it’s fun, and it’s relaxed. Perfect for every day wear to school or the office, and for occasional fancy parties and special events.

This will look best on a short on sides and long on top haircut. Just bring the hair to the height that you prefer and apply on some pomade or hairstyling wax. Use a round volume brush to help you create the curls and the fullness required. Just add on a little hairspray to make sure the hair will stay in place. You’re all set!

Have fun with these cool and awesome haircuts and hairstyles. Change up your look every now and then to keep you looking fun, interesting, and fashionable!

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