10 of the Most Badass Low Fade Hairstyles

Look badass with these low fade hairstyles that make you rock your crowning glory:

Low fade hairstyles are becoming more and more popular among the male population, as well as other hairstyles like the high and tight or the Ivy League haircut. It’s a stylish haircut that’s versatile and easy to manage, and will look great on any kind of hair or face shape. Here are ten of the most badass low fade hairstyles that you can try on your next trip to the barber shop.

Low Fade Hairstyle # 1


Low fade haircuts are usually short and buzzed close to the neck. It’s usually thin and close-cropped at the base and gradually becomes thicker and longer as it goes up the top of the head. The longest and thickest strands of hair at the top for easy styling.

This is a low fade haircut with a combover fade that can be easily achieved with the use of a fine-toothed comb and some good old hair gel. The result is clean and polished, and trendy and stylish. It suits all kinds of personal fashion style and will look terrific on any man of any age.

Low Fade Hairstyle # 2


This is another good-looking low fade hairstyle that is high on style. Instead of a combover, the top is styled and brushed up. This hairstyle works great on guys who have thick and wavy hair. You can keep the curls and waves cut short at the back and near the temples, and unleash their full power at the top of your head. You will need to add a pretty good and reliable hair gel or hair wax in your styling arsenal, as well as a hair dryer and a wide-toothed brush.  If you want more volume at the top, you can always grow your hair long, or you can use the magic of blow dry.

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Low Fade Hairstyle # 3


This kind of low fade cut almost looks like a buzz cut with a Mohawk. The back and the temples are buzzed, and the top is tall and thin. Wear this kind of low fade hairstyle if you have no time to style your hair in the morning but still want to look cool and stylish. Wear this if you don’t like shampoo or conditioner, because there’s not a lot of hair left to wash. Wear this low fade hairstyle if you have thick hair and want to experience what it feels like to have a little less, even just for a month or two.

Low Fade Hairstyle # 4


This low fade hairstyle is quite the hairstyle! It’s one of the hottest men’s hairstyles this year and we completely understand why. It’s clean and crisp, and packs a lot of drama and style.

It starts with a low fade haircut and ends with a pompadour-esquecombover. It’s a little tapered at the top and at the back, and the result is pretty badass. Don’t let a gust of wind ruin your look, though. Protect the hair with hair gel or some pomade. It requires some regular upkeep, but if your hair looks this good, you definitely won’t mind. Yes?

Low Fade Hairstyle # 5


Here’s another stylish and dramatic low fade hairstyle combined with a slicked back combover. The back and the temples are buzzed, and the hair at the top is long enough to be combed over. It’s not straight, which is totally cool, because it adds even more texture to the hairstyle. If you are going through your hipster phase, this is the best hairstyle to compliment your entire look. You can just wear a plain white tee and some jeans and you’ve got it all down pat. Definitely not the wash and wear kind of hair, but a must-have if you are down for anything hip and fashionable.

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Low Fade Hairstyle # 6


This low fade hairstyle is clean and no-nonsense, but it still makes the ranks of the cool and the stylish hairstyles. Unlike combovers, you can simply wash and dry this kind of low fade hairstyle, and apply a little hair gel to keep everything in place. To achieve this look, keep the sides and the back closely cropped, and keep the top tall and long.

Low Fade Hairstyle # 7


If you want a badass low fade hairstyle, take a look this Burst Fade Mohawk for inspiration. It’s truly a work of art. If you can find a barber who can make this happen, don’t ever let him go. But this haircut is pretty easy to achieve. You just need to rock the attitude and keep up the badassery. Always in a good way, of course.

Low Fade Hairstyle # 8


Here’s another cool example of a low fade hairstyle with a combover. The sides and the back are trimmed close to the skin. It gets tapered midway, and the top keeps its long length to make it reach all the way to the back. Depending on the kind of combover you’re gunning for, you can use a fine-toothed or wide-toothed comb. You can even use your fingers if you want more texture and volume. Always use styling aids, like pomade, hair gel, or hair wax.

Low Fade Hairstyle # 9


The low fade plus a combover is really a popular hairstyle this year among the gentlemen. It succeeds in combining the style of yesteryears with the style of today. It’s chic and elegant, yet fun and youthful. Not to mention versatile. You can style it up for fancy occasions, or style it down for everyday stuff.

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Low Fade Hairstyle # 10


The low razor fade undercut is another badass hairstyle. It’s the kind of hairstyle that you only see in magazines and in movies. But you can wear this hairstyle for every day, no problem. Tell your barber to just buzz up the sides and the back real close and leave a lot of hair at the top for the pouf. The taller you want your pouf, the longer the hair must be. For the rest, it’s nothing that a good tub of pomade or hair gel can’t fix.

The most badass low fade hairstyle is the one that looks flattering on your face shape and agrees with your hair. It should also make you feel good about yourself and proud to be wearing such a badass hairstyle. So, have you picked your favorite from the list?

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