10 Hot Business Haircuts for Men that Most Women Can’t Resist

These haircuts are irresistible for their style and hotness. Here are some of them:

There are so many business haircuts that you can wear that will not only impress clients and colleagues but also make the women weak at the knees. Check out our gallery of the hottest business haircuts guaranteed to elevate your looks and make you irresistible to the ladies.

Business Haircut for Men Style Inspiration # 1

business-haircuts (1)

You’re not only a beast when it comes to business, but you also look like you belong to the pages of a fashion magazine. Thanks to your hot and happening hairstyle.

It may be short and simple, but it can also give you a sense of sophistication and manliness just when you need it. It’s a no nonsense haircut that’s as sexy as it is straightforward. You don’t even need a lot of styling for this. Just a little pomade or hair wax if you want it shiny and glossy. You’re good to go.

Business Haircut for Men Style Inspiration # 2

business-haircuts (2)

Women like a man who knows how to look good, and look good you certainly will with a pompadour hairstyle. Nothing too tall or too fancy here, mind you. Just a short but really slick looking pompadour that can work for a whole day at the office, and even until dinner and drinks after.

A pompadour is not even difficult to style. You just need your long hair, your trusty little tub of pomade, and your fine-toothed comb. Apply the pomade all over your hair, and then comb it to the direction that you prefer.

Business Haircut for Men Style Inspiration # 3

business-haircuts (3)

Women love curls on their men. There’s something just seriously romantic about curls on a man. They make them look more open and warm, which can certainly work to your advantage when it comes to your business dealings.

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Make sure that your curls are in control and nicely shaped. Get a good haircut that will make the curly hair tame and nicely shaped. Also make sure that the curls are soft and shiny and well moisturized.

Business Haircut for Men Style Inspiration # 4

business-haircuts (4)

Wavy hair is sexy hair, and it’s one of the haircuts that are very popular among the ladies. It evokes playfulness and seriousness at the same time. Definitely plus points for you.

To make the most out of your wavy hair, keep it long at the top and short on the sides. This will give the hair just the right volume. Not too big and not too full.

Business Haircut for Men Style Inspiration # 5

business-haircuts (5)

When it comes to choosing a business haircut, you want one that will look stylish and trendy without making you look like you’re not serious or you don’t care about your job. You want a hairstyle that will command respect and make you confident and powerful. Just like this guy’s haircut.

It’s thick and nicely trimmed, with a nice little slick back going on. It’s effortlessly hip and distinguished at the same time. Get the look by keeping the sides short and the top long, and then styling with some pomade.

Business Haircut for Men Style Inspiration # 6

business-haircuts (6)

A good business haircut should be neat and presentable. It should not be a distraction, but it should also elevate your looks. This haircut is perfect for guys who like their hair short and simple, but stylish and comfortable. It’s a wash and wear kind of hairstyle, but it always looks fun and fashionable. No matter what or where the occasion is.

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Business Haircut for Men Style Inspiration # 7

business-haircuts (7)

A business haircut need not be boring or ordinary. Bring the glitz and the glamour to your regular haircut by styling it in a sexy slick back hairstyle like this. Get a haircut that’s short on the sides and the back. Leave the top hair long.

With this kind of haircut, make pomade your best friend. Together with a fine-toothed comb, use it to style a slick back hair, or a combover, or a pompadour, or even a quiff. This will give your hair the shine and the hold that it needs.

Business Haircut for Men Style Inspiration # 8

business-haircuts (8)

Long sexy curls never hurt anyone, especially not most women. In fact, they just cannot resist a man with a good curly hairstyle. Much like the hair on this guy.

It’s long and curly, but even with the length and the curls, the hair still looks nice and controlled. It doesn’t look like it has a mind of its own. You too can achieve well-behaved curls by using a good shampoo and conditioner. Pick something that’s specially formulated for curly hair. Also use an anti-frizz serum which you can spray on to the hair as needed.

Business Haircut for Men Style Inspiration # 9

business-haircuts (9)

A good business haircut is something that looks classic and timeless. It should be attractive and appealing to everyone. It should make you look like you’re somebody important, with places to go and people to see. Because you are.

Get a haircut that’s short and closely cropped, but short enough that you can still style with pomade and hairstyling wax. It’s very clean and simple, and it doesn’t get more business-like and professional than this.

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Business Haircut for Men Style Inspiration # 10

business-haircuts (10)

Of course you can work with a few curls, especially curls that look as luscious as these. The best kind of haircut for this kind of hair is something that’s short or closely cropped at the sides and back, with a little length and thickness at the top.

You can still see the curls but you won’t have to deal with the volume or the frizziness that comes with curly hair. This is definitely one of the best-looking business haircuts that you can wear. It’s simple yet distinguished, and fun yet elegant.

So have you picked a favorite yet? Take your time, and just look through these hair inspirations again. We know you like all of them. If we could just wear all of these hairstyle at the same time, we most definitely would!

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